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Pregnancy Side Effects No One Tells You About

Pregnancy side effects

Pregnancy is one beautiful journey and an amazing phase in a woman’s life. Everyone around you starts caring for you. You see a totally different side of your husband where he takes care of everything. And believe me, you will love all those things. But Pregnancy brings with it some other things also- can be called side effects. Yes, there are some pregnancy side effects no one tells you about. I too found it later, therefore I thought to write a blog for all you expecting ladies.

Pregnancy side effects are nothing but just the symptoms you will go through as you proceed in your pregnancy. There is a living human being inside you, which will grow in later months. Obviously, you will have some physical changes. But these changes are a must and also nothing compared to the precious moments you are about to feel like the kick of your baby when your baby starts to listen and responds to your talk etc.

Check out the blog to know about the Side Effects-

1. Morning Sickness-

Well, you probably might be knowing about this. This is the first sign of you being pregnant. But one thing which you might not be known is that it is not necessary that you get Morning Sickness in the morning only. It could be at any time of the day. The first trimester is a little tough as your body is adapting to the change.

You will get heightened sense of smell, which will cause food aversion and nausea. The best way to deal with Morning Sickness is to eat in small quantity and eat something in every 2 hours.

2. Acne Breakout-

Yes, many women get their teenage skin back when they used to deal with acne and discolouration. Acne breakout is common and temporary it happens by the increase of natural oil, produced by the skin due to hormonal changes. But don’t worry you soon will get that Pregnancy glow also.

3. Swollen Breasts-

Believe me, this is the worst side effect. Due to increased blood flow, your breasts will swell up and will also become bulky. I remember my time, they used to be so heavy that they have started to pain. Yes, they may pain a little bit too, massaging them is one way to deal with it. Also, a good time to invest in some supportive bras.

4. Headaches-

With all the above change, how can headache be left behind. Headaches during pregnancy are worst, as it is not allowed to take any medicines and you just have to deal with it. Due to huge change in hormonal fluctuations you can have headache.

5. Vaginal Discharge-

Yes, this is very common. At the beginning of 6th week, you will have a heavy and lots of discharge. Well, to deal with this you can buy some panty liners.

6. Don’t forget your period date-

Although you won’t have period for next nine to tenth months, but you will have cramping whenever your period date comes and this will happen every month. So, be prepared for it. Period date won’t leave you even for these nine months.

7. Constipation-

This side effect will come in picture during later months of your pregnancy. As your baby grows, there is very less space left in your abdominal and it gets very difficult to poop properly. Well, doctor will give you some relief medications for it.

8. Hot Flashes-

This particular symptom drove me crazy. One moment I was feeling very hot and the other moment I would be freezing. This symptom is common during menopause and during pregnancy both. It happens because of the rollercoaster ride of hormones. There is no cure for this, you can just open a window or go out in fresh air, no matter if it’s snowing outside.

9. Bad Breath

Another embarrassing symptom of Pregnancy. Well, this symptom last for the whole nine months and it is no fun. To deal with this you can brush your teeth 2-3 times a day and use a mouthwash.

10. Serious Food Aversion-

Oh! The main reason of Morning Sickness. Food aversion is one serious problem during pregnancy. It gets impossible to eat as you just keep having the smell of that particular food. I had food aversion from Chapatti i.e. wheat flour, It became so difficult for me to eat something.

11. Stuffy Nose-

This will remind you of winter season even if you are in summer season. A stuffy nose is a pretty common issue, your nose is completely plugged up and you cannot do anything of it. You cannot drink alcohol, or even have a good medication. To deal with this, you can drink of lots of plenty fluids.

12. Leaking when you laugh or sneeze-

That’s right your worst nightmare is here. Whenever you laugh hard or sneeze hard, you can pee a little bit that happens because of the pressure down there. Due to lot of pressure, sometimes urine comes out. For this, the best is that you practice Kegels this will help to control the problem.

13. Your Feet gets Bigger-

Yeah in pregnancy your brain shrinks and your feet gets bigger. But this is not something temporary, it will be permanent. It happened to me during my last trimester.

14. Hip Pain-

You will have hip pain in the early and in late pregnancy, most probably during night. Even when you lay on your side, you can feel your abdomen stretching. For this problem, you can bring your legs close to your chest, this will give you relief.

15. Heartburn-

You will feel this effect severely during your third trimester. In third trimester, your baby has grown 80% and this has left very less space in your stomach leading to heartburn.

16. Itchy Skin-

Yeah! You won’t be able to keep your hands off your stomach, not because of baby. But because your skin has expanded a lot and due to expansion it loses its elasticity leading to the dryness of the skin and dryness makes skin itchy. The best way to deal with this is to moisturize your skin as much as you can.

17. Frequent Urination-

Well, how can we forget about that. This effect made me feel that I should sit in the loo with my laptop. With the increased pressure on your abdomen and you drinking lots of fluid, frequent urination will only be the side effect. This is one of the earliest symptom of pregnancy and it continue till delivery.

So, above are 17 Weird side effects of pregnancy which no one will tell you. These side effects are temporary and there are ways to deal with it. You just need to focus that you should be happy and cheerful and try to enjoy the phase as much as you can.

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