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8 Safest Ways to Handle a Newborn Baby

How to handle baby

Having a newborn baby calls for a different level of specialization, which you can’t learn until done practically. Today, we have brought 8 safest ways to handle a newborn baby. If you are thinking that what’s the big deal in this? Well, it is newborn babies are very delicate and sensitive. They do not have the strength and cannot do things on their own. They need your love, care and warmth. When you actually hold a newborn baby you are nervous and scared as they are very tiny.

In the starting nurse will guide you on how to handle your baby. But at last, you need to learn this on your own. So, we have brought to you a proper guide on how to safely handle your newborn baby. Check it out-

Things to do before you pick up your baby

  • Wash your hands- Baby’s skin is very sensitive. Whenever you are about to pick up your baby, make sure you wash your hands properly, as you keep touching many places and germs can easily get transferred from your hand to your baby’s body.

Your baby’s immune system is still in the developing stage. Therefore, it is your responsibility to stay hygienic and stop spreading the virus.

  • Be comfortable- It’s not just about holding baby; you may need to calm the baby also. Therefore, before you hold up a baby, make sure you are completely comfortable, as holding a baby and doing multi-task is not really possible.
  • Offer support- Your little one is very delicate, you need to give them complete support. So, always support their neck and head properly and then hold up their rest of the body.

How to pick up the baby?

To hold a baby, first, place your one hand under their head and neck. They are the most delicate part and you need to give them support. Then place your other hand beneath their body i.e. the bottom region. Raise the baby towards your chest, and never remove your hand from the back of their neck and head.

Baby care tips for New Moms

Let’s understand what are the other positions in which you can handle your baby.

1. Shoulder Hold-

One of the easiest and safest positions to hold your baby. Many times when you have to burp the baby, you will use this position.

  • Baby’s body will be parallel to your body.
  • Rest baby’s head on your shoulder, so that she can see behind.
  • Offer support on baby’s head and neck with your hand.

2. Cradle Hold-

This is a very common position, it is quite simple and natural.

  • Your baby will be parallel to your chest region.
  • Place the head of your baby on the crook of your elbow.
  • Move the hand from neck to bottom. Head will be supported on the elbow.
  • Bring your baby close to you. In this position, your one hand is little free and you can use it to cover baby properly.

3. Belly Hold-

A perfect holding position if you want to relieve gas from your baby’s stomach. Even your baby enjoys this hold.

  • Lay your baby on your hand with stomach down.
  • Head will rest on elbow.
  • Legs will be on either side of your hand.
  • Keep your other hand on baby’s back, so she feels secure.
  • Gently stroke her back.

4. Hip Hold-

This position is allowed after three months after your baby has complete control over her neck and head.

  • Make your baby sit on your hip bone, with legs on your either side.
  • Wrap your one arm around the baby to support.
  • Baby can look forward as well as backward too.

5. Face-to-Face Hold-

Another perfect position to make your little one laugh as you can easily interact with them.

  • Support your baby’s neck and head with one hand.
  • Another hand will support the bottom.
  • Hold baby, such that baby’s chest is facing you.
  • You can see your baby and talk to them.

6. Chair Hold-

A chair hold is very comfortable to hold for parents. But, you can try this position only after three months, when they can handle their own neck and head.

  • Hold you baby from bottom such that baby’s back is against your chest.
  • Place one hand on their chest, so that there still is support.
  • If your sitting then, you need not give support on bottom.

7. Football Hold-

You might be aware of this position, as you use it frequently to feed your baby.

  • Support your baby’s neck and head with your hand and rest of the body resting on your forearm.
  • You can adjust baby’s neck and head accordingly.
  • Curl up your little one’s body towards you.
  • Move your baby close to your chest.
  • Support baby with other hand.

8. Lap Hold-

If you are bottle-feeding your baby, you can use this position to entertain your baby and also to keep track.

  • Place your feet firmly on the ground while sitting.
  • Your baby’s head to rest on your knees with face towards you.
  • Place your hands beneath head to offer comfy support.
  • Feet to be tucked in your waist region.

How to hold the baby after feeding?

After you have fed your baby, the next important thing is to have your baby burp so as to release any gas trapped inside the stomach.

  • You can hold the baby in upright position. The main purpose is to keep your baby straight until they burp.
  • Pat her back gently.
  • Do not bounce or jiggle your baby, until they have burped.

How to hold the baby during the shower?

Bath times are fun times for the baby. But you need to be careful while holding them so as to prevent any drowning or swallowing of water incident.

  • Lower your baby into bathtub, by holding her with one beneath her bottom.
  • Other hand should support shoulder, neck and head.
  • After you have settled your baby comfortably in bathtub, remove your hand from beneath bottom.
  • Use that hand to wash your baby, and with the other hand keep her head above water level.     

How to hold a baby to stop crying?

This position or technique is called “The Hold”. It has always worked to make babies stop crying. This position you can try only when your baby is not heavy and is under three months.

  • Pick your baby, fold her arms across her chest.
  • With one hand hold her neck and head, other hand is supporting the bottom.
  • Keep your baby at 45-degree angle, and move the hip part slowly. Do not exert any pressure or make any sudden movement.        

Bonus tips

Your baby cannot speak, so it is necessary to look for the signs your baby is giving you and understand her. It is possible that your baby is crying too much or is being fussy. For this, look for the following signs-

  • Baby’s head should always be free so that they can move it around.
  • Skin-to-skin contact is necessary. It will help keep baby warm and also will increase bonding.
  • Not sure you can hold baby? Chose the safest position that is sitting position.
  • Never hold baby if you are cooking something or holding something hot.
  • You can try for nursing pillow, if holding baby for too long for breastfeeding.
  • If you want to wake your baby. Touch her cheeks or tickle her feet gently.
  • Never show any negative emotions to your baby like anger or frustration, this might create negative impression on your baby.

So, above are some of the Safest ways to handle a newborn baby. Carrying a newborn baby is all about creating a bond between you and your baby. So, be happy about this phase.

How do you handle your baby?

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