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Is It Safe to Go for Hair Rebonding During Pregnancy?

We all get bored with same routine and also with same hair style. Rebonding or Perming your hair gives your face a new look. Pregnancy brings a lot of restrictions with it like not to do heavy workout, not to lift up heavy objects, not to run etc. one more restriction is the limited use of chemical products. These days many skin care products or any hair treatment contains a lot of use of chemicals. Chemicals can harm both you and your baby. So, in this delicate phase is it safe to go for hair rebonding during pregnancy?

Hair Rebonding is a series of step which involves the chemical treatment of hair to straighten it. The chemicals break the hair bond, connect it with amino acids and rebuild in another form. So, lets understand more about Hair Rebonding during Pregnancy.

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Is Hair Rebonding Safe During Pregnancy?

Before we make a judgement about whether Hair Rebonding is Safe or not during Pregnancy, let’s understand the procedure of Hair Rebonding first-

  • First your hair is washed with clean shampoo and conditioner.
  • After washing, your hair is blow-dried.
  • Later, a thick coat of chemical hair relaxant is applied on the entire length of hair.
  • This chemical is left on your hair for about 30-60 minutes.
  • After that the hair is washed and blow-dried again.
  • Wait, rebonding process is still not over yet.
  • After this a Keratin lotion is applied on your hair which moisturizes, manages frizz and de-tangle your hair.
  • Now, you can see your hair being straightened.
  • Later, a neutraliser is applied for 30 mins. And washed
  • This rebonding process comes to an end by applying a hair serum.
  • Just for the finishing touch, hair straightener is used to straighten hair again.

You can see, that a lot of chemicals are involved in the whole Rebonding process. Let’s see the Pros and Cons of this process-


  • The reason women go for Rebonding process is that it looks amazing and great. Shiny, silky and straight hair looks great and is also easy to manage.
  • We all want to look good even during pregnancy, and Rebonding is one way of it.        


  • As you have seen above that Rebonding involves a lot of chemicals and heat in the process. Agreed that the chemicals are only on the length of hair, still it can come in contact with you scalp and can enter the bloodstream.
  • During Pregnancy, your skin becomes sensitive. And in the Hair Rebonding process hair relaxants are used which contains a chemical called Lye. Lye can cause skin irritations and rashes.
  • The above chemical relaxants and lotions are strong in smell; they also give away fumes which can cause irritation in your respiratory tract.

Things to Keep in Mind

You have seen both Pros and Cons for Hair Rebonding during Pregnancy. Before, you take a decision regarding it keep following things in mind-

  • Go to reputed salon which uses genuine and high quality product.
  • Consult your doctor first, they can help you in knowing whether you are allergic to any products or not.
  • Get a background check and make sure that the products used by the stylist does not contain lye.

Hair Perming During Pregnancy

Just like Hair Rebonding is done to straighten hair. Hair Perming is done to curl your hair. A lot of chemical process and heat is involved in Hair Perming too. In that also, the structure of hair is changed using hair relaxants and heat. Both Hair perming and Hair rebonding are done on the lengths of hair.

Is Hair Perming a good option during Pregnancy?

Pregnancy is a very delicate phase; you need to be extra careful in it. Whatever you do, affects your baby, so before trying something new think twice. Just like we saw the process of Hair rebonding and it involves a lot chemical, Hair perming also involves a lot of chemical. And coming in contact with chemicals at this stage of your life is not a wise decision.

Also, the chemicals at this stage can irritate your skin, eyes and respiratory tract.

Alternatives for Hair during Pregnancy

Well, during pregnancy you should not go for complete makeover of your hair. But you still can enjoy your hair transformation by Dyeing. Hair dyeing is considered as safe and proved to be quite harmless during pregnancy. Also, apart from chemical hair dye you can opt for vegetable hair dye, it is more natural and organic.

For a new look, you can try a new haircut instead of Hair Perming and Hair Straightening. A haircut, will give you a healthier hair and also new look.

Being pregnant does not mean an end to your beauty regime. You can always stay beautiful and keep your hair healthy, with the help of different option. You just have to be careful while using products as it is necessary to stay away from chemicals. Stay beautiful and enjoy this beautiful phase of Pregnancy.


1. Is Hair Rebonding Safe for Breastfeeding Mom?

Hair Rebonding involves a lot of chemical in the process, but these days the chemicals used ain’t as toxic and harmful, Although the chemicals can go into your bloodstream via scalp and your baby may not like the taste of it.

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