Pregnancy Meditation: Benefits and Techniques

Meditation one of the best way to relax and calm your mind. It is an exercise that you can even carry on during Pregnancy. In pregnancy, the moms-to-be main concern is about the development and safety of their baby. This causes anxiety and tension and can worsen your health. It is very necessary to have good health during pregnancy, many concerns will come your way, but you need to deal with them by staying relaxed and calm. Pregnancy Meditation is one way of doing it. This blog covers the Benefits and Techniques for Pregnancy Meditation.

Meditation helps you to connect to your body and your baby. You can practice it anytime during pregnancy, doing so it will significantly help you deal with the challenges you face during pregnancy.

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What Is Meditation

Many people do not exactly understand what is meditation. Meditation means some quiet time to breathe freshly and connect with ourselves. It helps us to let go of any worry and the outside world and keeps our mind clear. Meditation is all about finding inner peace, learning to let go, have a mental focus and be in touch with yourself by breathing.

Meditation is an internal part of yoga called as “Dhyaan”. It helps to attain a balance between mind and body.

Can you Meditate while being Pregnant?

Meditating while being pregnant is the best way to connect with your baby, let go of any worry and have time of your own. Meditation helps to reduce stress and give your baby a better life. It keeps you revitalized, relaxed and energized. Meditation keeps you focused on easy labor.

If you are thinking is Meditation safe in pregnancy? Yes, meditation is perfectly safe throughout pregnancy and even during childbirth. It helps you to manage your emotions in a better way and keeps you over-all healthy. Practising meditation in early pregnancy keeps you away from anxiety and stress. It reduces the pain you feel in the third trimester.

So, start meditation it gives your baby a healthy environment to grow.

Benefits of Meditation during Pregnancy

Not alone meditation, but if you have proper diet, prenatal supplements and basic exercise you can have following benefits of meditation during Pregnancy-

  • Have happier Babies- Meditation makes you happy. And a happy mom creates a happy baby. So, give yourself a treat of meditation, and make your pregnancy go smoothly.
  • You will complete your Full term- Meditation will help you to reach your full term. Anxiety and stress can cause preterm labour. Having a full term pregnancy ensures a healthy and fully developed baby.
  • Reduce stress and anxiety level- Pregnancy is already a stressful phase. And stress impacts developing baby, it can also lead to preterm labour and lower birth weights. Meditation and mindfulness help to calm and relax our mind. It also decreases the risk of complications and leads to healthier babies.
  • Boosts immunity- Meditation is very effective when it comes to boosting the body’s immunity. The enhanced resistance helps to keep your body healthy and also protect it from several diseases.

Meditation helps to:

  • Deal with mood swings
  • Stay calm and relaxed
  • Bond with your baby
  • Feel good about your body
  • Improve self-awareness.
  • Helps with Labor- Meditation also helps you to deal with labour pain. It gives you a positive feeling, decreases your fear and helps to endure with labor and pain.

7 Most Effective and Popular Pregnancy Meditation

We have brought to you 7 Most effective and popular pregnancy meditation-

1. Vipassana Meditation-

This meditation keeps you aware of your inner self and your present state. It helps you achieve heightened awareness, of what you feel inward and outward.

2. Sound Meditation

In meditation, making OM sound is very important. It creates a vibration in our body that aims at balancing the energy centres of our body. Whatever you think, directly affects your nervous system and decides the person you are. Having a positive and your own mantra is called positive affirmations.

You can also create your own mantra like “You are strong, your baby is healthy and you will enjoy this phase” this will give you positive vibes and will help you in the pregnancy or labor.

3. Breath Awareness-

As the name suggests, this meditation focuses on your breath and help you to observe its pattern. It eases your muscle tension and lowers the heart rate. This meditation will help you sleep better.          

4. Walking Meditation-

Walking and meditation both are very good for pregnancy. How about if we combine them together. Walking meditation relaxes your mind and keeps it calm. Choose a place to walk and breathe in slowly and concentrate on your breathing and pace.

5. Deep Belly Meditation-

This meditation helps you to connect with your baby. Place your hand on the growing bump and gently cradle the baby. You will feel a warm sensation on your palms. Talk to your baby and pass on the positive thoughts to your baby.

6. Third eye Meditation-

The space between your eyebrows is termed as Third Eye. Behind this is your pineal gland which is very sensitive to light and regulates the wake-sleep patterns. It affects your energy level and is responsible for your well-being and happiness.

7. Progressive Muscle Relaxation-

Mastering this meditation helps you to relax and also give you a good night sleep. Lie down on your bed, tense your muscle, focus on it and then relax it slowly. Focus on one group of muscle and then switch to the other side.

Meditation can help you give maximum benefits; it can be done without any supervision or much practice. Just take care of the following points.

Guidelines for Pregnancy Meditation

  • Practice meditation daily, if possible at same time.
  • Sit with your spine straight and erect.
  • Do not meditate, if you are tired and after a heavy meal.
  • Follow meditation with a stretch of deep relaxation
  • Meditate for 8-10 minutes and then slowly increase it.

So, these are some of the tips and techniques to do Pregnancy Meditation. Meditation gives you immense benefit especially if you are pregnant.

What do you think about pregnancy meditation?

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