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4 Homemade DIY Pregnancy Tests Are Most Accurate

DIY Pregnancy Test

So you are trying to conceive and get lifetime happiness. You all know what are the initial symptoms of being pregnant. We test it with a pregnancy kit and to be 100% confirm we consult a doctor. But what if you get the vibe that you are pregnant, and you do not have the pregnancy kit at your home? Either you can wait, till you get one or you can test it with some of the amazing DIY Pregnancy Tests. Yes, different types of pregnancy tests at home.

You might certainly be thinking, what are the other ways to know that we are pregnant? Well, there is a Sugar test, Salt test, Toothpaste test, and Soap test. So, let’s try something different and get our news in a different way.

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Homemade DIY Pregnancy Test

DIY Pregnancy Test

1. Pregnancy Test At Home With Sugar

A homemade method to test pregnancy confirmation. This test is done with sugar and urine. It helps to determine the presence of human chorionic gonadotropin also called a pregnancy hormone.

How to take this test?

You can take this test in the following way:

  • For the test, you need to take the urine sample, preferably the first urine sample.
  • Take the urine sample in one sterilized cup
  • Take a few spoons of sugar crystals in one cup
  • Now, you have two transparent cups
  • Pour the urine sample into the sugar cup
  • Wait to see, if the sugar starts clumping if it does then the result is said to be positive.

How does it work?

Research is still going on, for this test. Sugar helps to react with hCG hormone (known as pregnancy hormone) in the urine and gives a reaction. Compounds in hCG make it difficult for sugar to dissolve and forms clumps.

If you wish to try this Sugar pregnancy test, it will be good to try it after you have missed your period. It takes around 2 weeks for hCG to increase in urine after you have conceived.

  • Positive result: If you see sugar forming clumps
  • Negative result: If you do not see any reaction, and sugar gets dissolved in the urine.

2. Homemade Soap Pregnancy Test-

Another amazing and DIY test is to know whether you are with a child or not.

DIY Pregnancy Test

How to take this test?

  • To take this test, you need a small cup and your day’s first urine.
  • And in another cup, you need a small piece of soap (preferably liquid dishwasher)
  • Place the soap and the urine in two different cups
  • Now pour the urine in the soap cup and wait to see the result
  • If you see any chemical reaction happening, that means the result is positive.

How does it work?

Soap pregnancy test is believed to have react with hCG hormone present in urine. hCG in urine and soap reacts to produce foam or bubbles. If you test it with blue soap, it will turn green when comes in contact with hCG.

This is one of the different way to know whether you are pregnant or not. Though to get 100% confirmation, it will be good to visit a doctor.

  • Positive result- If the soap and urine gets all bubbled up
  • Negative result- When you see no such reaction.

3. Salt Pregnancy Test-

Salt pregnancy test is one natural way of finding whether you are pregnant or not. It is one of the popular tests, as it is easy to use and salt is available always.

How to take this test?

  • For this test, you need 1-2 tbsp. of salt in one cup
  • Your day’s first urine in another cup
  • Now, pour the urine in the cup containing salt
  • If you find the mixture turning cheesy or milky, that means the result is positive.

How does it work?

Proponents of salt is believed to react with the hCG compound present in urine. It either changes the color or gets curdled up.

Positive result- When the salt turns into milky or cheesy way, it means you are pregnant.

Negative result- You won’t find any change and the mixture of salt and urine will remain intact.

4. Toothpaste Pregnancy Test-

There is a popular belief that toothpaste reacts with your urine and tells you whether you are pregnant or not. This test is not 100% effective but still gives you accuracy.

DIY Pregnancy Test

How to take this test?

For this test,

  • You need your day’s first urine sample in a cup
  • And a usual white toothpaste in another cup
  • Now, to check the reaction add few drops of urine into the toothpaste cup
  • Wait to see the reaction
  • If you see a change in toothpaste color or if it fizzes, that means you are pregnant.

How does it work?

Toothpaste contains calcium carbonate, which when comes into the contact of acidic urine gives out CO2 which foams. The more the acid content in urine, the more will be the fizz. The result of the toothpaste pregnancy depends on the pH level of urine.

Positive result: It shows change in colour or fizz, which is due to the presence of hCG in urine.

Negative result: If there is no hCG present, then there won’t be any reaction.

So, above are the four DIY pregnancy test, which you can try and get to know whether you are pregnant or not. Still, it is always recommended to get see a doctor for 100% confirmation.

Which homemade pregnancy test are you going to try?

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