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7 Months Pregnant Symptoms, Baby Development and Body Changes (27-30week)


Welcome to the 7th month, the third trimester of your pregnancy. You may have already started the kicking feeling of your baby. At this stage, your baby has almost grown and now your body is preparing itself for delivery. The symptoms, body changes and baby development in 7th month will be more rapid and intense. You need to be more careful and relaxed now. 7 Months Pregnant Symptoms are very necessary to know.

We have brought to you the details of what all you will witness in this 27th-30th week.

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Symptoms in 7th Month Pregnant

  • You might feel difficulty in walking now. The increasing baby bump puts pressure on your bladder and legs.
  • Because of the baby bump, you might have lower back pain as there is added pressure and the weight also has increased.
  • Get ready for more of the mood swings and anxiety.
  • Now the baby bump has increased, and you might feel abdominal cramps.
  • Till you reach 7th month, your metabolism has increased and this makes your body warmer. The increased temperature of the body causes shortness of breath.
  • Take very good care of yourself, as the growing baby bump shifts the centre of gravity downwards, resulting in frequent urination.

Baby Development in the 7th Month

Congratulations! Your baby has grown to 46 cms. And now your baby is getting stronger day by day. Even if you go into premature labour, your baby will probably survive it. Following are the changes your baby is going through-

  • Your baby’s brain development is at peak now, he is more sensitive to smell, music and sound.
  • Your little one is almost fully developed now; fat accumulation around his body will start in 8th month.
  • You baby weighs more than a kg now.
  • You can feel your baby moving in your tummy more.
  • Baby’s respiratory system is fully developed now; he won’t have any problem even if he comes out.
  • The baby’s hearing has developed now, so now you can talk and sing to him to connect with him.

Body Changes in 7th Month

Now, your body is preparing itself for delivery, so you might see many new changes in the 7th month.

Breast Changes- You will feel your breasts are tender, heavier and denser with darkened nipples. They also, will start producing milk now and you can see leak sometimes. You should always wear comfortable bra for proper support.

Swelling- The increased baby bump puts pressure on your back and legs. The pressure increases the blood supply which causes swelling and puffiness on your hands and legs.

Fatigue- Your body won’t be that energetic now, the extra baby bump will make you tired easily. So, it is necessary to rest as much as possible.

Varicose Veins- Standing for a long time increases the blood supply causing varicose veins.

Stretch Marks- At 7 months pregnant, your baby bump has increased a lot stretching your skin. The stretched skin loses its elasticity which causes stretch marks on tummy, breasts and legs. These stretch marks fade away after birth. Keeping your skin properly moisturized, and having a healthy diet helps to reduce the occurrence of stretch marks.

Food to eat during 7th Month

Though you might be taking care of your health and diet from the last 7 months, now you have to be more conscious. So, include the following things in your diet-

  • Consume omega-3 fatty acids; they help to enhance the growth of the baby. Foods such as eggs, walnuts and seafood are rich in omega-3 fatty acid.
  • Eat fruits and vegetables which are rich in vitamin C and iron. Some of the natural iron sources are eggs, meat, spinach and green leafy vegetables.
  • Include fibre-rich food in your diet, this prevents constipation. Eat more of legumes, whole grains, fruits and vegetables.
  • To avoid heartburn and indigestion, limit the consumption of acidic, spicy and fatty foods.
  • Increase your fluid intake, this will keep your body temperature normal and also will relieve in swelling. Avoid eating sauces, ketchup, pickles, and chips.

Things to think about in 7th-month pregnancy

  • Start planning your labour- Now, is the time you can actually start preparing for your labour. Keep ready your hospital bag. Be ready with the entire phone numbers in your speed dial in case of emergency. And practice being calm. You will feel like crying also as hormones can make you do that.
  • Be prepared, what if your water breaks- If you are thinking that your water will just break, the way they show in movies no it is not. When your water break you will experience a trickle early, most of your water will go when you go into actual labour.

Dos and Don’ts in the 7th Month of Pregnancy


  • Go on long and frequent walks. Avoid sitting in the same position for a long time.
  • Engage yourself in a hobby this will keep you calm and relaxed. You can paint, read books, water plants.
  • Exercise regularly to keep yourself active and fit during pregnancy.
  • Consume iron-rich foods like leafy vegetables, red meat, eggs, fruits etc.
  • Monitor your haemoglobin level, as at this stage there is a chance it can dropdown.
  • Practice breathing exercise and meditation to keep your mind calm and relaxed.


  • The correct sleeping posture is necessary. Try to sleep on the left side to regulate blood circulation.
  • Quit smoking and alcohol completely. Also, avoid passive smoking.
  • Do not try to bend yourself and do not lift any heavy objects.

So, these are some of the changes which you can expect in your 7th month of pregnancy. Just 2 months more and your little one will be with you. Keep talking to him and let him know how precious he is for you.

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