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How To Prepare Your House For New Baby (Parents To Be)

How To Prepare Your House For New Baby

Your due date is nearing, and a big change awaits you. Welcoming a baby in the world is the doctor’s work but keeping the world safe and secure is the parent’s job. Until the baby arrives the home represents just the couple, but after the newborn home has to be his/her small world.  It is very necessary that you get your home ready for the new child and things to do to prepare for the baby checklist.

But once the baby arrives, you won’t get time to make your home baby proof. So, let’s do it before the hospital alarm rings.

We have made a list of things to do to prepare for the baby checklist.

Things to do to prepare for a baby

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  • Feed Yourself- Feed yourself as much as you can because once the baby arrives, it will be difficult for you to take care of your food and yourself. So, talk to restaurants beforehand, buy some frozen foods, or you can also prepare your own food and store it up in the freezer.
  • Stock up Your Fridge- Buy all the necessary items beforehand, because going shopping with your little ones is a tuff task. List down all the necessary items, and either order them or buy it yourself.
  • Get some Sleep- Try to get as much rest as you can because days will be that you won’t get proper rest, and this will make you irritated. Getting up again and again in the night to feed and soothe your baby will make you very tired. So, try to have a bassinet which you can keep in your room, in this way the baby will be just an arm’s away from you.
  • Clear some Floor Space- You will thank us later for this suggestion. Try to clear the floor space as much as you can. It will be helpful for you to keep the baby’s toys and also when you work, you can put the baby down.
  • Quiet Down- If you have a separate baby room, try to use dark curtains so that the lights do not disturb your little babies’ sleep. Also if you live in a noisy area, try to get a white noise machine or soothing stuffed animal, this way you can cut down the noise from outside.
  • Smooth the Edges- As your baby will grow, you won’t have time to smooth out the edges of furniture. So, it will be good if you take this step before, in this way you can even save your self from getting hurt.
  • Lock it All- Now, is the time to secure any furniture and also lock down the electric sockets. Because once your baby starts crawling and pulling herself up, she would want to explore each and everything. Make sure no loose cords are hanging for your baby to pull them.
  •  Don’t hurry on Baby clothes- It is true many people start bringing clothes before the baby is born. Even in the baby shower, you will receive many baby clothes. But do not hurry to take out the tags and wash them. You never know how big or heavy your baby will be. Have an option to exchange those clothes, at least.
  • Nursing and changing station- Make a proper nursing and changing station for baby. It will be helpful for you when you arrive back home. Things you will need handy are-
  • Burp Clothing
  • Waterproof Pad
  • A quality changing Pad
  • Nursing pillow
  • Baby clothes
  • A place to put used diapers
  • Bath Set up- Many moms don’t think of this as something useful until the need comes. Every mom wants the best for their baby, so obviously, when it comes to baby bathing, we need the best baby products for them.

Some of the essential products checklists are-

  • Baby bathtub
  • Baby towel
  • Baby soap
  • Baby shampoo
  • Knee life savor (very important and useful)
  • Breastfeeding Bottles- Make sure this is the thing you chose by yourself. Because as soon as you come from the hospital, you will need them. So, have the milk bottle ready, also if you wish to pump out the milk have the pump ready, so that there is no hustle at the end. Increase breastfeeding supply.
  • Nursery Essentials- Although you won’t need this until 3-4 months, it is good to have the things in mind or even to prepare for it beforehand. Things like-
  • Beautiful Crib
  • Baby Monitor
  • Baby Clothes
  • Burp Cloths
  • Car Seat– You will need this as soon as you get discharged from the hospital. Getting a comfy seat for your little one is the first comfort you will be giving him/her In life. 

You would also need the baby mirror, as your baby will be sitting at the back seat, and you won’t be able to have a  sight of him/her. To check on the baby, you will have to stop the car and look at the baby. So, to avoid this discomfort, we have the baby mirror for you. It is easy to install and very secure.

  • Prepare your Clothes- Apart from making your world baby ready, you also need to be ready. Have some comfortable clothing for yourself as clothes are the last thing you would want to worry about. Other things which you will need are-
  • Nursing bra
  • Adult Diapers
  • Disposable Panties
  • Have a good panty liner
  • Essential oils for your massage
  • Read more- Reading about pregnancy will always give you heads up about what you will be going through in the coming days. Learn more about how to take care of the newborn baby. Watch some videos, which will help you a lot. It is also true you cannot prepare yourself for everything, but some of the important things you can learn such as-
  • How to use a breast pump
  • How to carry the baby
  • How to bath the baby
  • The temperature of the water and the milk while bathing and feeding the baby
  • How to breastfeed
  • Laundry- Do laundry beforehand. Later, you will just be washing baby clothes. And you won’t get time to take care of other things. So, start washing all your dirty bedsheets, curtains everything. This will make them clean, and also the dust will be removed.
  • Prepare yourself for visitors- As your baby has arrived, you will be loaded with guests, they will even stay overnight. So, you need to be prepared for it beforehand, having extra sheets, toothbrushes, blankets, etc. to ease you from the trouble.
  • Managing daily chores- An organized home can be turned into a mess in just 5 minutes with the little one. So you can organize yourself in some other ways like-
  • For spills- Newborn baby keep spilling things here and there, instead of using paper towels, again and again, it is better to use microfiber cloths, they are great absorbent and are also reusable.
  • Clutter manage- If you have a room up, have a box kept beneath the stairs. You can collect all the items in the box you wish to take up in your room. That way, you won’t have to keep going up and down again and again.

So, these are some of the things to do to prepare for the baby, so that you are ready when the baby comes over. 

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