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Whats The Symptoms Of Pregnancy First Three Months

symptoms of pregnancy first month

You missed the period and now the first thought to come into your mind is, Are you Pregnant? Pregnancy no doubt is the most beautiful phase in a women’s life, but it comes with many different symptoms. To know whether you are pregnant or not the surest way is to see the doctor and check for it. But if due to your work and routine commitments, your doctor’s schedule is a bit delayed. Do not worry, TheBlessedMom has brought you through its experience and well research whats the symptoms of pregnancy first month, which can tell you that you are pregnant.

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What’re The Symptoms Of Pregnancy First Month

Early symptoms of pregnancy first month
symptoms of pregnancy first month

1. Sore Breasts:

This is something that a woman can feel instantly. Any changes in Breasts are very noticeable for us. A woman’s hormones change very soon as soon as she conceives and because of these changes, we can feel soreness, tenderness, fullness, heaviness, or tingling sensation in our breasts. The changes in the breast can last a few weeks according to the hormones.

2. Cramps and Bleeding:

Women often get misunderstood by this symptom. Some think it is the cause of late pregnancy and some think it is the cause of PMS. The cramps occur cause of the hormonal changes; you will also notice a white discharge from your vagina. It is completely harmless and natural. Because of the implantation, your uterus is now expanding itself to be prepared for the next nine months, and this change causes cramps. This is the symptom of pregnancy in one week.

Bleeding is the implantation bleeding, and this occurs when the fertilized egg attaches itself to the uterus lining; this can occur from 6 to 12 days after the egg is fertilized.

If there is a bad smell or itching during the discharge, we recommend you to see the doctor as it may be because of the yeast or bacterial infection.

3. Backache:

This happens because of the hormonal changes, as your body is preparing itself for the baby, it makes some internal changes which results in backache. Some women experience backache throughout the pregnancy.

To get relieved from the backache, you can always try Yoga.

4. Fatigue:

Fatigue is a very common and natural sign of pregnancy. As your body is preparing itself for the pregnancy, it is working hard like pumping more blood, growth of milk-producing glands in the breasts. This symptom mainly occurs during the early weeks of pregnancy, as the body is producing more hormones called progesterone, supporting the pregnancy. 

All these changes in the body make us feel tired and our body needs more sleep.

5. Pregnancy Nipples:

Seeing your popular area to be dark these days? Don’t worry; these are also the symptoms of being pregnant. Pregnancy affects the hormones called melanocytes, and this is responsible for the color of the area around the nipples. During pregnancy, the areola- area around the nipples tends to get darker.

6. Nausea:

We all know about this symptom. This symptom can start from 2 weeks to 8 weeks of pregnancy. It is also termed “morning sickness.” After two weeks of pregnancy, the hormone progesterone which grew up in 1 week, tends to slow down the body process like digestion, which causes nausea and morning sickness.

7. Bloating:

If you are trying hard to fit into that skinny jeans and your tummy isn’t allowing you, it may be because of two reasons- first, you are pregnant, second during PMS. When the progesterone levels rise, it makes your tummy feel fluffy. But if you are suffering from PMS, the tummy will come to its natural size when the period starts. If still, the bloating appear, chances are you are pregnant.

8. Peeing More Often:

This is an early pregnancy symptom. It is often misguided that frequent urination occurs when the child grows and presses the bladder, but peeing more often starts early. As your uterus grows up, it puts the pressure, and also, since the kidney functions more like more blood flow to the kidney, it results in frequent urination.

No need to worry about it until you feel a burning sensation during urination. Do not cut back on the fluids.

9. Cravings:

This can be called the earliest sign of pregnancy. Due to the changes in the body, you feel tired and this is because your body is utilizing all your carbs. Therefore, your body needs more carbs and you feel a craving to eat your favorite food.

10. Headaches:

Increased blood volume and changes in hormones give a few mild headaches to pregnant women. To overcome, these headaches it is recommended to drink more fluids and try to have a proper sleep.

During pregnancy, migraines become less frequent. As pregnancy progresses, fluctuating hormones tend to make the headache worse, and estrogen level stays stable.

11. Constipation:

The reason for your Bloating is also responsible for your constipation problem. As pregnancy proceeds, hormones changes in the body, and this causes constipation and makes our stomach full of gas.

To avoid the above problem, it is good never to stop exercising and also try to go on a walk.

12. Mood Swings:

The most common symptom in the first trimester. Due to the changing hormone level, our mood and blood pressure keeps swinging. This leads to stress and other internal problems.

13. Basal Body Temperature:

Basal body temperature means the temperature of the body while you are resting. It tends to increase when you are ovulating and gets normal when the period starts. The increase in the temperature is just half a degree to one degree. But if the temperature does not decrease in more than two weeks, it is better to look out for the pregnancy stick.

To measure the basal temperature, you need a special thermometer. A regular measuring thermometer won’t tell you the difference.

14. Nose Nuisances:

When your whole body is changing, how can the nose the most delicate part do not get affected? A bloody nose, postnatal drip, and congestion are very common problems in pregnancy symptoms. Increased blood volume puts pressure on delicate vessels, causing the nuisances in our nose and never forgetting the hormones.

15. Crying:

Because of the hormonal changes in the body, you are more vulnerable and emotional. You may find crying yourself even at the toilet paper ads.

How To Relieve Yourself  From The Above Symptoms?

The above symptoms are the most common and early symptoms of pregnancy. Although you cannot escape from the changes, you can try to soothe and calm yourself, so that you enjoy being pregnant:-

  1. Have a proper diet and proper fluids. Although there may be changes in your food choices, never skip a meal, eat whatever you wish to.
  2. A pregnancy sling can help support your abdomen.
  3. Do not wear any tight items of clothing. Make yourself comfortable in the clothing.
  4. Exercise, try yoga under trained professionals, you can also walk for 30 minutes, you will feel relaxed and happy.
  5. Wear a bra that provides good support when your breasts turn sore.
  6. Eat fiber to avoid the constipation problem.
  7. Eat in small quantities to avoid nausea and heartburn.

So, these are some of the early symptoms of pregnancy first month. Although to be sure of this good news, it is recommended to visit the doctor when you feel doubt about pregnancy. Are you having any doubts regarding the pregnancy? Please comment, we will try to help you.


  • Do these symptoms occur to every woman?

No, every woman’s pregnancy is different; some women may experience all the above symptoms while some may not. It depends on the body to body.

  • When should I go to see the doctor?

If during any of the above symptoms, you feel itchiness or burning sensation, it is good to visit the doctor.

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