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Symptoms of Pregnancy Early Before Missed Period

Symptoms of Early Pregnancy

The moment we think about getting pregnant, we do everything to get it done right. Like ditching the protection, eating healthy and monitoring our menstrual cycle and also spending more of the intimate time with your partner. But now, you are wondering what are the signs and symptoms of early pregnancy before missed period.

We all know that missing period is one of the sure shot method to know that you are pregnant. But what about the other signs and symptoms, which indicates us before that you are with a child and we usually tend to miss them.

TheBlessedMom has brought to you 15 Signs and Symptoms of Pregnancy. Check it out-

15 Signs and Symptoms of Pregnancy

1. Tender Breasts

You will feel yours breasts will be more soft and tender. This is the earliest pregnancy symptoms. You can feel the change just after 1-2 weeks of conception. Pregnancy hormone make breasts swollen and sore, they feel heavy and tender to touch.

2. Darkening Areolas

This is one of the symptom which you can’t compare with PMS. You may notice the change in your Areolas, they get darkened and the circle part increases in diameter. You can also find tiny goosebumps on your Areolas. This is the early pregnancy signs which many women tend to ignore.

3. Fatigue

With all the hormones changing in your body, you may feel tired and fatigue. Your body will need more rest and sleep to adjust with the changing hormones. The first four months of the pregnancy is tuff and you need to be more cautious in it.

4. Nausea

The first and foremost symptom of pregnancy is Morning sickness and Nausea. You will face this symptom till your first trimester. Mom-to-be feel both nausea and uneasiness in the early stage of pregnancy. Though the severity and frequency of it can differ from women and women.

5. Bloating

You will not like everything you used to eat. Bloating is another important symptom of pregnancy. Due to high level of progesterone, you may feel bloated many times. To get a relief from it, you should walk after eating and also should perform exercise.

6. Sensitivity to Smell

Pregnant women have heightened sense of smell. They also tend to have food aversions due to the smell. This symptom occurs due to the increased level of estrogen.

7. Cervical Mucus

Many of us do not know what cervical mucus is. It is the creamy, sticky, white or pale yellow discharge which happens mostly in the first trimester. The reason for cervical mucus is the increased hormones and vaginal blood flow.

Many women feel this discharge throughout the pregnancy, as the cervix gets softened.

8. Cramps

As the embryo gets planted in the uterus, you may feel cramping just like you feel during your period. Not every women feels it, but it is considered as a positive sign.

9. Elevated Temperature

Not every elevated temperature records to be fever, some of it happens because you are pregnant. If you find your Basal Body Temperature risen for around 18 days after ovulation, this is the early sign of pregnancy. Tracking your body temperature is very easy, so when it gets high you are aware of it.

10. Food Cravings

Hormones play a major role in Pregnancy. It makes you crave for your favourite food and also could cause some aversion to smell. The basic symptom of pregnancy are- heightened sensitivity to smell, pungent taste and food aversions. You may feel all these symptoms in the early months of pregnancy or throughout your pregnancy.

11. Mood Swings

Mood swings are not just confined to Pregnancy, even during PMS you can feel mood swings. Well, mood swings work in a very mysterious way one minute you are laughing and the other minute you can find yourself sobbing. This happens due to the imbalance in hormones which affects the neurotransmitters in the brain.

12. Constipation

The increased Progesterone level tends to constipate your bowel movement. If you find heavy after eating, or find yourself unable to poop these are the early signs of pregnancy. Due to change in hormone level, the pace at which food passes gets reduced.

13. Headaches

One of the most common premenstrual symptom is headache. When you conceive the oestrogen and progesterone hormones increases, which causes a dip in the blood sugar level causing headaches.

14. Shortness of Breath

Shortness of Breath means you require more oxygen and blood as now you are living for two. This symptom accompanies you till delivery. The need for both oxygen and blood increases slowly.

15. Bizarre Dreams

This may sound weird, but it is true seeing weird or bizarre dreams is one of the symptoms of early pregnancy. Many women experience it in the early weeks of conception. It is one of the uncommon and peculiar pregnancy symptom.

What Is the Difference Between PMS and Pregnancy Symptoms?

Well, the above symptoms sometimes clash with the symptoms of PMS. For example- Headache, Nausea, Fatigue, Breast Tenderness all these symptoms are related to both Pregnancy and PMS.

In pregnancy, also you can find little implantation bleeding, this occurs only for 1-3 days. It is a very light bleeding and it does not happen to everyone.

So, until you take a proper pregnancy test. It gets difficult to tell whose symptoms are these.

Above are some of the early signs and symptoms of Pregnancy. If you feel, you have conceived, try to be more conscious than before until you go to doctor and get it checked.

Have you faced these symptoms?


1. How soon to take the pregnancy test?

Pregnancy test won’t show up that soon. You should wait at least one or two weeks after you had sex to take a pregnancy test. If you take test early, it may not detect hCG, so always wait to take a test until you miss your period.

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