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9 Good Parenting Tips during Covid-19 Pandemic

Let’s face the reality, we all were not prepared for this Covid-19 Pandemic. Instead, last year in 2020, we thought this virus is only for few months and then everything will be back to normal. Who would have thought that in 2021, we will be facing the new second more deadly wave of Covid-19? This time is equally difficult for both parents and children. Therefore, we have brought up some Good Parenting Tips during the Covid-19 Pandemic. The time where we are locked up inside a home had to wear a mask when we go out, and also to maintain a social distance day by day it is getting tuff to stay calm, healthy and happy.

This Covid-19 crisis has affected the people globally. Where each one of us had a proper routine, this disease has made us sit in the home. We being adults, understand that it is the need of the hour. But how to tackle children, who cannot even go out and play. This is the reason children are becoming more frustrated and have started having anger issues.

So, let’s see how we can keep our children busy and happy in these times. Check out the blog-

1. Have a Proper Routine-

It is very necessary to setup a proper routine for your kids. Having a proper daily schedule is an effective way to tackle your child’s anxiety. Do not be very strict with your routine, have a room for flexibility. Making a routine and having your child stuck with it, instils a discipline nature in your child.

Set up a schedule like- Wake up, eating, getting ready, reading something and then doing some fun activities.

2. Exercise and Stay Fit-

Your child used to exercise in school, this made him fit and healthy. Now, since they cannot go to school, it is our responsibility to keep them fit and active. It is not necessary to go outside for exercise; you can have a fun workout at home also.

Play some music, and ask them to run around the hall until the music stops. Skipping ropes, spot-running and jumping these are some indoor exercise which your little one can do.

3. Spend time in Nature-

If there’s a park where you live and it’s open. You and your child can go to the park and spend time in nature. Ask your children to look around and notice the difference between trees. This will keep them engaged. You can get out on the terrace or balcony without leaving home. Getting some fresh air and vitamin D is very necessary for proper growth.

4. Ask for their help-

You can also ask your little one to help you and yes it is something good, which they should learn. Helping around in daily household chores is a good habit which children should have, also it will reduce your workload. If you are thinking what good can come to child, by helping around well it helps to increase the child’s concentration, sense of order, self-confidence and independence.

5. Watch movies with them-

Well, every children likes to watch movies. They surely miss their movie theatre days. There are lots of kid’s movie, which they will enjoy like The Lion King, Kung Fu Panda, Finding Nemo, Ice Age and The Jungle Book etc. You can also create a whole movie theatre ambience by having some popcorn and closing the curtains. This way they will enjoy the movie time more and will be excited for it.

6. Indulge them in Arts and Crafts-

Many children love the arts and crafts. Making something new and creative, bringing out their creativity, will help them grow a lot. They can paint, draw or colour. You can show them, how to create a masterpiece with vegetable cut out and leaves. Let them play with Non-toxic paint, play dough and slime all these help in increasing their sensory development.

7. Read Together-

If you feel your child is into reading, then you both can read together. Pick a book with great pictures and textures, this will help create an interest in them to read it. You can also make them dress up and enact their fav. Part of the story, this will bring back their school memories.

8. Play Games with them-

There are many games which you can play with them indoor. Either you can play one game daily or can select a game day where everyone can play. Games like- Chess, Carrom, Pictionary, Ludo or Snakes and Ladders can make you child in no time. So, enjoy these games and become a kid again.

9. Encourage a new hobby-

This is a precious time for them to learn something new. You can engage your kid into any new hobby like singing, dancing or playing an instrument. This will keep him busy and he will also learn something new.         

Other things that you can do are

  • You can help them bond with their peers by socializing them (digitally).
  • Help them make something of their own like give them any DIY projects.
  • They can something good from the lego set.
  • Help them in making a family tree, this way they will also learn about their relatives.

So, above are some ways through which you can keep your child occupied and active. Have a daily routine and fix to it. Do not change their, nap and lunch time again and again. Being home all day, can make your children lazy and gloomy. Therefore, it is very important to keep them occupied.

How do you keep your children active and occupied at this time?

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