What To Do Pain In Left Side Of Stomach During Early Pregnancy

Pregnancy is beautiful, risky, and worrisome at the same time. It is a happy feeling to carry a child inside you, but it keeps a mom always occupied and worried. If you are a first-time mom, every feeling will be new for you. You will have lots of mood swings, morning sickness, you will feel tired, and also there may be a pain sometimes in your abdomen area. For example, many women experience pain in left side of stomach during early pregnancy.

Now, there are different reasons for the pain, which require medical attention and which is common is a big decision to make as a mom. Don’t panic, we are here for you. The Blessed Mom has brought to you a perfectly-researched blog, so that you do not panic and just enjoy your pregnancy.

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What causes left side pain in Pregnancy?

Stomach Pain During Pregnancy

Many women ask is left side pain normal in pregnancy? There can be many reasons for left side pain in Pregnancy. We cannot determine the exact reason for the pain, as each pregnancy is different from others. Some of the causes for the left side pain are-

1. Stretching of the uterus-

When you get pregnant, your uterus and your body prepare itself for the welcoming of the baby. During the starting phase of the pregnancy, your uterus does not stretch to that extent. But till you reach 12th week, your uterus gets stretched and grows.

If you are pregnant with twins, then your uterus may grow sooner. This stretching of the uterus may cause a little pain in your abdomen.

2. Gas or constipation-

This is a very common symptom, which happens in early pregnancy. Having a problem with Gas or Constipation starts from the first trimester of pregnancy. As your hormone level changes, your digestion process gets slow resulting in Gas. This gas or constipation may trigger a small discomfort in the stomach, causing a little pain.

3. Miscarriage-

The first three months of pregnancy are very delicate and risky. As your body is adapting itself, to a big change, so the mom needs to be very cautious about her health during these three months. Some of the symptoms, which can let you know about miscarriage are-

  • Vaginal Bleeding
  • Pelvic Pain
  • Lower Back Pain
  • Abdominal Pain

4. Ectopic pregnancy-

This is a very different case. It occurs when the fertilized egg, instead of attaching itself to the uterus wall, gets attached in the fallopian tube. You may feel a sharp pain, on both left and right side of the uterus.

5. Round Ligament Pain-

This problem or pain starts in the second trimester. In women’s pelvis, is located the round ligament, which holds the uterus in place. When the belly grows due to pregnancy, this ligament stretches. Some women feel the round ligament on both sides of the abdomen.

So, the answer is Yes, if you are suffering from mild pain on the left side of the stomach during early pregnancy, it is normal. But if the pain is accompanied by bleeding, then seeing a doctor is recommended.

When to see Doctor, in Stomach Pain During Pregnancy?

Most stomach pain and cramps are common and mild. They are nothing to worry about, but there are some stomach pains, which call for the immediate attention of a doctor. Following are the symptoms:

  1. If you have severe pain at one side, along with
  • Bleeding
  • Feeling faint
  • Brown discharge
  • Pain in the shoulder

This is the sign of Ectopic pregnancy.

  1. If there is a cramp in the stomach and you experience pain for several hours. This pain may or may not be accompanied by bleeding. This is the sign of miscarriage.
  2. If you are feeling a regular contraction pain before 37 weeks. This is the sign of premature labor.
  3. If you are experiencing severe pain in the stomach, with back pain accompanied by bleeding. This can be a sign of placental abruption.

Symptoms not to worry about

Pregnancy symptoms are not all about tension and worry. There are some symptoms which you can ignore, as they are very common and almost every pregnant women face it-

  • Fatigue- As now you are carrying the weight of two human beings inside your body, it is very common if you feel tired. When the baby grows, it takes up a lot of space in the tummy. The energy level decreases, which makes us, feel fatigued. So try to rest as much as you can, this will make you energetic.
  • Vivid Dreams- Many women have faced this, having weird dreams which are vivid, and even scary. The changes in hormones make it difficult for pregnant women to differentiate between reality and nightmares.
  • Confusion- If you feel, you have started forgetting things, don’t worry it is completely normal. As soon as you reach in your third trimester, your pregnancy brain starts working. And this brain makes you forget many things. The stress of baby and of the future makes expecting mom go crazy.
  • Constipation- As your baby grows; it puts pressure on the woman’s rectum and slows down the intestinal muscles. This leads to constipation, also the iron supplements which you take as the prenatal vitamins cause constipation.
  • Mood Swings- Your pregnancy is incomplete without you having mood swings. You can experience a change in your sleep schedule, eating patterns, and also your emotional state. A woman goes through a lot during these nine months, you will notice the change in the mood within the span of minutes.

So, these are the symptoms, which you do not need to worry about. This is a part of pregnancy. So, embrace it and enjoy it!

Tips to manage the pain during Pregnancy

Now, we know the reasons why one can experience the pain on the left side during pregnancy, but how to manage the uterus pain in pregnancy? 

  • If you are just facing a mild discomfort, by taking a mild hot shower, you can ease the pain.
  • You can also rest a little bit and drink some water; this will also give you relief.
  • But if you have sharp pain like stabbing along with bleeding and shortness of breath, then seeing a doctor on an urgent basis is recommended.

After reading the blog, you might be clear about the reason for having pain in left side of stomach during early pregnancy. Always remember, each pregnancy case is different from others, so if any time you feel uncomfortable and severe pain, consulting your doctor will be the best idea.

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