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How to Get Pregnant for Twins Naturally Conceiving

get Pregnant for Twins

Twin Birth fascinates many women. There are many parents who wish to have twins, while some get scared by the idea of having two kids at the same time. We all have seen two types of twins- Look alike twins and different twins. If you are one of those parents, who wish to have twins. Well, here’s good news for you. These days conceiving twins has become easier than it was in the past. Although there is no sure way of getting pregnant with twins, one can always try it. TheBlessedmom has done some research and found out the ways of how to get pregnant for twins. 

P.S.- They are not scientifically proven, yet they can increase your chances of getting Pregnant for Twins fast.

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How does Twin Happen?

How to Get Pregnant for Twins

In Simple terms, Twins can occur in two ways- when two separate eggs are fertilized when one egg gets fertilized converts into two embryos. Let’s look more further to it-

 Identical and Non-identical or non-fraternal and fraternal are two types of twins.

Identical twins, also known as monozygotic twins happen when one egg is fertilized by one sperm and gets divided into two separate embryos.

This type of twins has the same genetic composition and placenta. Identical twins can also happen to women who are going through fertility assistance methods.

 When two separate eggs fertilized by two egg sperms they develop into Non-Identical twins also known as dizygotic twins. They do not share genetic composition and placenta and are unique. And they are also not of the same gender.

General Odds of Having Twins

From the 1980s, there is a 61% increase in the chances of having twins.  In today’s 21st century, the chances of conceiving with twins are 3% i.e. 3 in 100 among the general population.

Get Pregnant for Twins of Twins without Fertility Treatments

The chances of having twins are very low. Identical twins happen with sheer coincidence. But don’t be upset, there are still some of the factors which define the chances of having twins without any fertility treatment- 

  • Family History/ Heredity–  Yes, here also family history matters. If your family has a history of twins or you are a twin, it increases your chances of conceiving the twins. Again if you have a twin from the mother side, it increases your chances of being a mother of twins. If your partner has a history of twins, this would not increase or decrease your chances of conceiving a twin.

Giving birth to twins depends on the release of the eggs. Therefore, if you or your mother is a twin the chances of your hyperovulation increase.

  • Ethnicity/ RaceYour origin or race has a strong influence on your chances of having twins. If you are Asian and Hispanics, it decreases your chances of producing twins, whereas Africans have higher chances of getting twins, followed by Europeans.
  • Type of body (height/weight)This is a little strange. But taller women have higher chances of getting pregnant with twins then shorter ones. Similarly, heavier women can conceive twins easily than slimmer women.

Women having a full nourished diet have a higher probability to get twins than the women who are on a low-fat diet.

  • Maternal ageAre you worried, because you have just crossed 30? Well, don’t be studies have shown that women’s getting pregnant after 30 have higher chances of getting pregnant with twins. After 35 years, the women’s body produces more FSH (follicle-stimulating hormone). This hormone helps in the egg release, the more the egg release the more are the chances of getting pregnant with twins.
  • More pregnancies The probability of getting Pregnant for Twins increases, if you have had multiple pregnancies before.
  • BreastfeedingWomen who get pregnant while breastfeeding, have more chances of conceiving twins. It is also true that breastfeeding suppresses fertility and prevent pregnancy. However, it is possible to get pregnant when breastfeeding and that too with twins. So, while you breastfeeding your one child, you can think of getting pregnant with twins also.

Get Pregnant for Twins Twins with Fertility Treatments

Fertility treatments provide better chances to get conceive with twins. Although some of the experts discourage the chance of twins via fertility treatment. Some of the treatments are as follows-

  • IVF- In Vitro Fertilization. A fertility treatment women go through for conceiving a baby. This treatment has more chances for women to get pregnant with twins. To increase the chances, you can ask your healthcare expert to place more than one embryo into the womb. Chances are if both of them get implanted and developed, it is likely to be a twin pregnancy.
  • IUI- Intrauterine Insemination, in this fertility treatment sperms are injected into the uterus with the help of a syringe. However getting pregnant with twins through IUI is a little difficult, women may have to take fertility drugs to increase the likelihood.
  • Gonadotropin- This is the fertility drug prescribed by doctors, this enhances the overall health of eggs and their maturity. Gonadotropin stimulates the release of more than one egg, which increases the chances of getting pregnant with twins.
  • Clomiphene Citrate- This is another fertility drug, which women use. This drug increases the chances of getting pregnant with twins like 10%. But the women who already have a higher probability of having twins, this drug increases their chances.

Chances of Having Identical Twins

Your chances of having Identical Twins depend on the genetics factor the most. But apart from it, there are other influencing factors also, which cannot be ruled out.

Twins on your Mother’s side of the family: If you have a twin on your mother’s side of the family, you are twice as lucky as other people to have twins. If you, your mom, or even your grandmother was a twin, it increases your chances of getting pregnant with a twin.

Twins on your Father’s side of the family: In a recent study, it was found that 30 percent of twin dads had blood relatives who fathered twins. A higher level of a protein called insulin-like growth factor (IGF-1) may be the reason for it.

Do certain Sex Positions help conceive Twins

There are certain sex positions, according to people’s beliefs and myths that help you to conceive twins. Although there is no scientific backing to this, you can always try them and increase your chance. So, let us see the poses-

  • Side by side- This can be termed as doggy style, it is thought to increase the women’s chances of getting pregnant with twins as the cervix is more approachable to the sperm in this position.
  • Standing up position- This position helps with the deep penetration, and this can influence the chance of having twins.
  • Missionary position- This is the most common position, where men are on top of women. This helps the sperm to enter easily and produce twins.
  • Rear entry position- This is the doggy style position, where the partner comes from behind, in this position the sperm is more close to the cervix of the woman, increasing the chances.

Other Ways to Increase your Chances of Conceiving Twins

After understanding everything related to the birth of twins, let us understand how can we naturally increase the chances of conceiving. All these methods are just beliefs and there is no scientific evidence backing it.

  • Being older rather than younger help.
  • Having a diet that is high in dairy foods, milk, and meat helps.

Folate increases the 40% chance of having a twin. Increasing folic acid in your diet increases the chances of getting pregnant with twins. You should include the following foods in your diet- Lettuce, spinach, tomatoes, egg yolk, sunflower seeds, broccoli, and liver. They are rich in Vitamin B9.

  • Hyperovulation-stimulating foods: As some foods increase the fertility rate, similarly some foods increase the rate of hyperovulation. Foods like- Cassava, an African wild yam or sweet potato, tofu, whole wheat, and whole grains. Also, you can increase the zinc content in your partner’s diet, this helps in sperm mobility and good health.
  • Gaining Extra Body Weight– Women on a low-fat diet have lower chances of getting pregnant. Doctors suggest having a good calorie diet and proper intake of dairy. Also, women on a vegan diet have fewer chances of getting pregnant with twins. Try to include meat also in your diet.
  • Continue Breastfeeding- Breastfeeding increases the production of prolactin, this increases the chances of conceiving with twins.
  • Birth Control Pill- As soon as you stop having a birth control pill, your hormones fluctuate and take time to get into the proper natural rhythm. This is the time, to try as the hormone flux increases the chances of getting pregnant with twins.
  • Flaxseed oil- This helps to boost fertility and also increases the chances of having twins.
  • Vitex (Chaste tree berry)- This helps to regulate the hormone level, promotes ovulation and release of eggs, and makes the condition favorable for twin conception.

So, these are the ways in which women can try to have twin babies. But remember, they are not the sure-shot method. You can only try and get lucky.

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