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15 Trending Baby Shower Ideas Themes On a Budget 2022

Baby Shower Ideas

Being pregnant calls for many responsibilities which both mom and dad-to-be have to be ready with. But before, you get to indulge in all the baby responsibilities you should really enjoy this beautiful phase, and one of the best ways to do that is to have a Baby Shower Ideas Party. Baby Shower Party is one fun party, where you invite all your relatives and friends and ask for their blessings for the little one. Baby Shower Ideas Theme Party is one of the new trends of 2022.

You can choose any of the themes like Jungle theme, Harry Potter theme, Teddy Bear theme, etc. A theme makes the party planning easier, you can choose from the decoration to food choices to even the attire. If you do not like the theme parties, you can also go for a simple Pink and Blue thematic party.

So, to make your work a little easy, we have shortlisted for you 15 Baby Shower Party Ideas. You can choose any one of them and can customize it according to your taste.

1. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Theme

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Baby is the parents’ star and also the Apple of their eyes. With this classic baby shower idea, you can have this rhyme written all over the place “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, A new little Star is on its way”. To make the party even more lively you can have the moon and stars hung over from the ceiling.

2. Bee Themed Baby Shower Ideas

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I am just in love with this baby shower idea. A totally different way to celebrate your lifetime happiness. Away for the pink and blue color, remember this bee-based baby shower is full yellow and black, You can also have a gender reveal and baby shower both in this one theme.

3. Teddy Bear Baby Shower Theme

Image Credit: Pinterest

Every women’s fav. Teddy bear. So, in her special days make her feel as if she is living her fairytale life by having this Teddy bear theme baby shower party. Teddy bears are the most comforting thing in childhood. So, this Teddy Bear Theme Party will be always remembered and even your child will thank you later for it.

4. Whale Baby Shower Theme

Image Credit: Pinterest

Not everyone would have thought to have this unique and amazing baby shower theme idea. A Whale Baby Shower Theme, well this theme would do more justice if you are expecting a boy. Reason everything in the party is of blue colour. Apart from sailor, ship and anchors you can also decorate the party with waves and other marines.

5. Elephant Baby Shower Theme

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Baby Elephants are the cutest and no animal can do justice with this solo animal party theme. Though you can have a full jungle theme or lion king theme party, but Baby elephants party theme are on trend these days.

6. Wood Theme Baby Shower Ideas

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If you and your partner wants to try something totally different and unique, then go for this wooden theme baby shower. In it, you can showcase different animals, and decorate the place with woods and lots of greenery. A perfect and unique baby shower party for both boy and a girl.

7. The Velveteen Rabbit Baby Shower

Image Credit: Pinterest

Who loves the Velveteen Rabbit? Well, how about a Velveteen rabbit special baby shower party? The Theme itself tells us about the love between child and toy. This book-based baby shower theme will be fun and lively with rabbit cookies and lots of pretty veggies.

8. Rainbow Theme Baby Shower

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Rainbow Baby Shower theme is fun, exciting and perfect way to celebrate the life’s biggest blessing. Have cute colour balloons, treats and toppers. Avoid overdoing it, so that the party theme is not ruined.

9. All White Baby Shower Theme

Image Credit: Pinterest

If white, classy and royal is your choice then you should go for this all white baby shower. Decorate the place with everything white and cream. Mama-to-be can choose a fairytale attire, and on the way is filled with white balloons. This way no one will even notice that there ain’t any colour.

10. A Little Cutie Baby Shower

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No matter the gender, babies are parents’ cutie pie. So, why not have a baby shower with this idea? You can choose any fruit and have cuties written on it, which will make it a fun, bright, and colorful baby shower theme. Decorate the party with bright orange and leafy green.

11. Ice Cream Theme Baby Shower

Image Credit: Pinterest

Ice-Cream Baby Shower Theme Party is perfect if you are having the party in summer. You can also use this theme for Gender reveal. A new and innovative baby shower idea.

12. Under The Sea Baby Shower Idea

Image Credit: Pinterest

We all know life under the sea is very beautiful, with all the mermaids, seashells and fish. Imagine having all this beauty in your baby shower party. You can even match your cupcakes and food with it.

13. Sports Themed Baby Shower

Image Credit: Pinterest

If any of the partners is into sports, then you can have this Sports Themed Baby Shower. It will be innovative and different too. If you are a football or basketball fan, you can have it on your cake and for your centerpieces too.

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14. Lion King Baby Shower Ideas

Image Credit: Pinterest

Lion King Movie is all kids new fav. movie. For a cool baby shower idea, you need to think what babies love the most. With this Lion King Baby Shower Idea, in future you can even introduce your kid just the way Simba gets introduced to the jungle.

15. Candyland Baby Shower Idea

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If you are a fan of the candy crush game, then you really should go for this Candyland Baby Shower Theme. Also, as all the baby’s loves candy it goes with the perfect theme.

So, above are some of the most trending baby shower ideas for 2022. Baby Shower is special for both parents as they are about to celebrate the biggest blessing of their life with their relatives and friends. Therefore, make the party memorable by choosing any of the above themes.

Which Baby Shower Theme you like the best?

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