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15 Meaningful and Beautiful Baby Girl Names that Start with L

Baby Girl Names that Start with L

For any parent, their daughter is the greatest love of their life. So, we all want to find the best name for our little one who has made us immensely happy. If you have decided that your daughter’s name will have L as the initial letter, it won’t be too challenging for you to find a name. That’s because there are many unique baby names with this alphabet, and we have simplified your quest by curating a list of the best baby girl names that start with L.

L Girl Names that Are Short and Sweet

baby girl names that start with L

Is the naming ceremony of your baby around the corner and you are clueless about which name to finalize? Then look no further as here you will find the most aesthetic L names.

1. Lily

Naming girls after flowers is a common practice as daughters are as delicate and mesmerizing as flowers. Lily, beginning with the letter L, is an aromatic flower, and it is the symbol of purity. Aren’t those compelling reasons to name your innocent daughter Lily?

2. Laosie

Don’t want to settle for a usual name? Then we are certain that you will like the name Laosie. The name is of Irish origin as Ireland has a country called Laois. Laosie also has an interesting pronunciation: LEE-sha.

3. Lotus

Lotus is a sacred flower which is offered to God in many cultures. Choosing such a name for your daughter would mean that God is always blessing her. Moreover, in Greek mythology, the flower is a sign of enlightenment and hence, your daughter will be revered as an enlightened soul.

4. Luna

Although a common name, Luna can never go out of fashion. It is among the top 100 baby girl names as in Latin, Luna’s meaning is ‘the moon’. Luna is also the name of a gorgeous Roman goddess who is known for her kindness and mercy. Additionally, the name has a mystical and romantic appeal.

5. Leah

If you are a devout Christian, you can select a Biblical name for your only daughter. Leah is one such ancient Hebrew name mentioned in the Old Testament. And if you have watched Star Wars, how can you not be a fan of the dazzling Princess Leah?

6. Layla

Arabic names are trending as they are extremely rhythmic. So, we had to include Layla in our baby name lists who is the protagonist of a timeless romantic tragedy: Layla and Majnu. The name gained popularity in the 1970s.

7. Love

Love is a popular L name and yet, nobody can ignore its charm. Your daughter is the living embodiment of the deep love you and your spouse have for each other. So, could there be a better name like this that will let your daughter know what she means to you?

8. Lena

If you want to name your girl after someone who has achieved a lot in life, Lena is the perfect name. Lena Waithe was the first woman of color to take home an Emmy Award. She was an advocate of women empowerment and equality. As far as its meaning is concerned, Lena means radiant and pretty.

Some More Popular Baby Girl Names that Start with L

Still not sure which name will be ideal for your darling child. Keep reading as we have more incredible suggestions for you.

1. Lucy

In Latin, there was a popular name Lucia, and from Lucia came Lucy which is an English name. Both Lucia and Lucy mean the same thing: ‘light’ and the name is also sacred as Saint Lucia was a martyr in the fourth century. So, what are your thoughts on this name with an empowering namesake?

2. Lydia

If you’re a literature lover, you must have read Pride and Prejudice, Jane Austen’s bestselling novel. In this book, one of the Bennet sisters was Lydia who was a strong-willed and playful girl. So, it can be a befitting name for your playful child.

3. Londyn

Do you prefer modern names with a cool vibe? Then Londyn is a name that will instantly grab your attention. Yes, you’ve guessed it right! Londyn is a chic variant of London, the capital city of England. Undoubtedly, this gender-neutral name is apt for a cosmopolitan kid.

4. Lesia

Looking for a lovely L name with a positive meaning? Why not go ahead with Lesia as it means ‘noble’. The name has its roots in Old Germany and other variants of this name are Alice and Alisia. It can also be a good nickname.

5. Leto

Some unique girl names that start with L stand out because of their rarity. Leto’s origins can be traced in ancient Greek myths. Leto was Artemis and Apollo’s mother, and she was the epitome of wisdom and strength. So, if you select this name, you can be certain that your girl will be fearless and wise.

6. Llewella

Who does not like Welsh names?  Welsh feminine names are so aesthetic that everyone will be keen to become friends with a girl named Llewella. Need more reasons to go ahead with this girl’s name? Llewella means ‘leader’ and hence, this name will motivate your daughter to focus on her leadership qualities.

7. Leslie

Leslie is a name – the symbolism of which cannot be overlooked. It’s a beautiful name meaning a garden. Earlier, Leslie used to be a Scottish surname for people who were from a town called Leslie. Now it is a unisex name and there are several renowned personalities like Leslie Odom Jr. and Leslie Mann in the entertainment industry.

The Final Thought

Now that we have shared so many wonderful baby girl names that start with L, do you feel spoilt for choices? Irrespective of the name you find appealing, you should also take the opinion of your partner.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is a cute girl name that starts with L?

A cute name is mandatory for an adorable baby. Luna, Lilly, Luna, Lydia, Lucia, Leah, Lillian, and Layla are some of the cutest names with nice meanings for your little angel.

Q. What are rare L names for girls?

A: Laken, Larissa, Laren, Laoidheach, Langley, Laquisha, Lourdes, Latoya, and Lubov are some uncommon baby girl names starting with L.

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