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30 Unique Baby Names Start with H: Girl Names & Baby Boy Names that Start with H

If you and your spouse are in the process of choosing a name for your newborn, there are many factors you need to keep in mind. From the meaning of the name to how poetic it sounds – every little detail is important. Another major piece in this interesting puzzle is picking the initial letter for your baby’s name. Most couples decide the first letter based on the initials of their first names. Irrespective of your reasons to pick H, here are some unique baby names start with H.

unique baby names start with h

Uncommon H Baby Names for Your Girl Child 

Here are 10 baby girl names that start with H:

  1. Hadiya- If you are a fan of Arabic names, then Hadiya might be the one you fall for. The meaning of it is ‘guide to righteousness’ and it is an uncommon name.
  2. Hannah- This is among the uncommon H baby names and Hannah is also a cool name. That’s because it spells the same forwards and backwards.
  3. Hallie- What will you call an adorable girl with the prettiest smile? Hallie is a sweet name and has a lovely meaning: one who lives in the meadows.
  4. Hazel- We all know that color names are trending and the name Hazel will do justice to a cute girl with hazel eyes. If you are a nature lover, the name also has connections with the hazelnut tree.
  5. Hope- Selecting a spiritual name for a girl is a smart way to encourage her to lead a spiritual life. In that case, Hope is a top baby name, and you already know what it means.
  6. Henrietta- Some parents prefer fresh H baby names and Henrietta is one such. It is a fanciful name and certainly the best name for a girl who has a brother named Henry.
  7. Hyacinth- Hyacinth is a delicate flower and naming a girl after a flower is considered lucky. So, go with this one as you want your dear daughter to be the epitome of grace.
  8. Hera- Hera was a Greek goddess and your daughter is born to achieve greatness. The meaning of this word is ‘protectress’.
  9. Hadriana- If you need unusual H name ideas for your daughter, you will like Hadriana which is similar to Adriana. It has religious significance as it means ‘blessing of God’.
  10. Hadassah- Hadassah is an elegant Hebrew name that will make your girl stand out. It also has a nice meaning: myrtle tree, and you have to admit that it sounds quite rhythmic.

Unique Baby Names Start with H for Baby Boys 

If you have still not found a perfect baby boy name, refer to this list given below:

  1. Hackett- Rhyming with Beckett, Hackett is an interesting name for a fun-loving boy. The meaning of this German occupation name is ‘little hewer’, someone who cuts stone/ wood.
  2. Hamsa- One of the rare H names for babies is Hamsa and it’s a Hindu name. It means swan and for the Jews, Hamsa is the protective hand.
  3. Hampton- Hampton is a stunning place in Long Island with alluring beaches and eye-soothing scenery. So, Hampton is a geographical name for boys.
  4. Hayes- An American baby boy can be called Hayes. Earlier, it used to be an English surname and the meaning is ‘hedged area’.
  5. Henry- Everyone knows someone named Henry, and yet the boy-next-door vibe of this name makes it a popular choice. This vintage name means ‘estate ruler’.
  6. Holt- When it comes to picking modern baby H names, you have to consider Holt. It is a one-syllable name which has a beautiful meaning: son of the unspoiled forests, thus encouraging the baby to connect with nature.
  7. Holden- Holdon is an English term that represents hollow valleys. Holdon can be a literary name for your newborn as it featured in The Catcher in the Rye.
  8. Heston- There is no scarcity of creative H names for children, and Heston is a classic example. Moreover, Heston was the surname of the Hollywood icon Charlton.
  9. Hiroki- What would you call a handsome Japanese baby? We say you name him Hiroki, meaning ‘great tree’, ‘ample hope’, or ‘vigorous’. His friends can nickname him ‘Hiro’.
  10. Hugh- Hugh is one of the contemporary H baby names that denotes ‘intellect’ or ‘mind’. It is a fantastic choice for a boy with English and German roots.

Gender-Neutral and Trendy H Names for Newborns 

Not sure about the gender of your baby but you still feel like picking unique names beginning with H? We have some more popular H names for you and the best part about them is that they are gender neutral.

  1. Harbor- As opposed to Harper, Harbor is a watery name that can be given to a boy or a girl. With such a name, your baby is bound to be a water baby.
  2. Harland- A rhyming word for garland, Harland is a German name for boys and girls and it means ‘rocky land’. It also sounds similar to Holland, a major tourist place.
  3. Hunter- Selecting the perfect baby name does not have to be a hassle. Simply go with Hunter which can be for any gender. While earlier it was mainly a boy’s name, now it is a girl’s name as well.
  4. Hilton- A cool surname, Hilton, has to be on our list of unisex names. It is a geographical name meaning ‘settlements situated on the hills’.
  5. Halston- For fashion-forward parents, Halston is one of the most innovative H names for infants. It is a royal name and there was a renowned designer named Halston.
  6. Honor- Ever since Jessica Alba named her fight-born girl Honor, the not-so-common name quickly took off. It is a short and simple name, and your baby will feel honored to be addressed by this name.
  7. Hadley- Old-fashioned names have their own charm and Hadley is yet another gender-neutral name that might impress you. Its meaning is close to a heather field.
  8. Hazen- Hazen is a name that works well for both genders and it means ‘hedged area’. It is of English origin, and the gender-neutral name has a romantic, nebulous feeling.
  9. Hunter- Looking for a macho name for your strong and brave girl/ boy? Then say yes to Hunter which translates into ‘one who hunts’.
  10. Hany- Hany is among the original H names for boys/girls and it’s a superb choice for a joyous child. The Muslim name means ‘a person who always stays happy’.

Wrapping Up 

We hope you have a great time going through our list of unique boy names that start with the letter H as well as girl names. So, which H names for baby boys and girls did you like the most? Have you finalized an English baby name or a Greek one?

Q. What are some unique baby names that start with the letter H?

Harper, Hayden, Harley, Hector, Halle, Hugo, Heather, Hadley, Harold, Heath, Harlow, Hendrix, Hans, Heidi, Hal, and Hezekiah are some unique baby names start with H.

Q. How can I choose a distinctive and memorable H name for my baby?

Selecting distinctive H baby names need not be a struggle once to shortlist names based on their meanings. The name should have a positive meaning and it should be easy to spell and pronounce. Lastly, it should reflect your kid’s personality.

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