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9 Months Pregnancy Symptoms, Baby Development Changes (36-40 week)

Congratulations! Mom-to-be, just a few more days and your angel baby will be in your hand. You have completed eight full months of pregnancy, till now you have become experts in understanding your baby, and also how to deal with your body changes. But 9 months pregnancy symptoms, baby development and body changes are just slightly different. You may be at the peak of feeling uncomfortable, but just a few more days. So try to focus more on your baby. You won’t believe but your baby is now about 6 pounds and 18-19 inches long.

So, let’s understand more about the symptoms to be faced in ninth month. Check out the blog-

Nine Months Pregnant Symptoms

So, now mom-to-be means you might already be knowing what symptoms you are going to face in this nine month. It’s the high time of your pregnancy, and in just few days you are going to be a mom. But still some of the symptoms which you may not have faced earlier are-


Also called as Baby Drops. This happens in the ninth month, do not get bothered by this, Lightening is actually a good symptom. Once your baby gets dropped into the pelvic cavity, the pressure of the uterus on your diaphragm is relieved. You will be able to take deeper and bigger breaths and your stomach won’t be congested that much.

Pelvic Pressure-

With your baby growing and you have less space in your stomach, it will put all the pressure into your pelvis. The uterus becomes heavy and weighs you down. This pelvic pressure makes it difficult to walk, to relieve yourself from this discomfort, you can try some pelvic exercises, warm baths and a prenatal massage.

Other symptoms which you already might be facing from last 8 months, just the intensity of them in this month will increase-

  • Frequent Urination
  • Backache
  • Mood Swings
  • Itchy Skin
  • Increased Vaginal Discharge

Baby Development and Body Changes: 9 Months Pregnant

Wohooo! Can you imagine you have a live human being inside you which is 18.5 inches long.? Yes, your baby has grown to such a length in nine months. You can compare it with the length of a car shade, or a bunch of bananas. Following are some changes which you can experience in your baby’s development-

Baby’s Position: There is around 93% of chances that your baby is in head-down position, preparing herself for the birth.

Eyelids: Your baby’s eyelids have smooth margins now and they are fully developed.

Sleep Cycle: Baby’s sleep-wake cycle has grown more prominent now. Till you reach your ninth month, you will notice your baby is active more and now has a distinct period of sleep.

  • Your baby’s lungs are fully developed.
  • Baby’s brain is developing very rapidly and your baby is also blinking now.
  • Till you reach week 37, your baby has started losing its wrinkly appearance and is getting more round and pinkie.
  • In the ninth month, the baby’s growth gets slowed down. She is getting her antibodies to protect her from illness.
  • Baby’s arms and legs muscles have grown stronger now. Toenails and Fingernails are in place

What should you expect from your body?

  • You will be able to feel the baby’s movement daily.
  • You will more uncomfortable, although you have reached the limit of getting bigger.
  • Make sure you have packed your hospital bag. As most of the babies get delivered in the first to the second week of the ninth month.
  • Your uterus has taken most of the space. Centre of gravity has shifted.
  • You may feel clumsier than usual.
  • You may switch between fatigue and extra bursts of energy.
  • As your ninth month starts, you will have to visit the doctor every week.

So, these are some of the changes and symptoms you can expect in ninth month. Do not worry about labour pain, just go with the flow. You are a strong woman; your body is built to go through this phase easily. Enjoy these lasts few days with your baby, and feeling it, soon you will be holding your baby.

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