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13 Pregnancy Superfoods to Help Your Child’s Brain Develop

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Every expectant mother hopes for the best for her unborn child. Pregnancy Superfoods to Help Your Child’s Brain Develop. If you want a healthy birth and a strong start for your child, you must take care of yourself during your pregnancy. When it comes to helping a baby’s brain develop, some meals are better than others. We’ve compiled a list of 13 superfoods for pregnant women that will aid in the development of their child’s brain.

Foetal brain development begins 28 days after conception and lasts until the third trimester at the latest. As a result, a baby’s brain continues to grow during the entire pregnancy. During this time, your diet has a significant impact on the development of your child. In other words, why not feed yourself and your unborn child something that is good for both of you.

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Moms-to-be should eat these Pregnancy superfoods

Eating a variety of fruits and vegetables will help moms-to-be meet their daily nutrient needs. Fruits and veggies contain vitamins and minerals that support a developing baby’s brain. They also provide fibre, which helps keep digestion moving smoothly.

1. Blueberries

There are several superfoods that are good for mom and baby. One of them is blueberries. Blueberries are high in antioxidants, which protect cells against damage caused by free radicals. Free radicals are unstable molecules that can cause cell damage. Antioxidants neutralize these harmful compounds.

2. Lean meat

Additionally, lean meat is an excellent source of protein for pregnant women. Zinc and iron, which are found in lean meat, are essential for the development of the brain. Iron aids oxygen flow to the brain, which is critical for brain health.

Pregnant women should avoid eating raw meat; instead, they should bake or roast it.

3. Cauliflower-

In addition to being good for both mother and baby, cauliflower has been proved to be beneficial. Foetal growth and development depend on the presence of high levels of vitamins K, folate, and fibre, all of which are found in abundance in spinach.

4. Fatty Fish-

An omega-3 fatty acid is abundant in fish. And this nutrient is essential for the brain development of your infant. If you are a pregnant non-vegetarian, you should consume salmon, as it aids in the development of an intelligent child.

Just ensure that you never consume anything uncooked; fish should be prepared properly.

5. Avocado-

It is also called as one magical fruit as it is very nutritious and healthy. Avocados are filled with Vitamin C, antioxidants, iron and vitamin B6. They help to reduce and fight your morning sickness and also prepare your body to absorb nutrients from other vegetables and fruit. One of the best  Pregnancy Superfoods to Help develop your child’s brain.

You won’t believe but just half a cup of avocado is rich in 22 milligrams of choline which plays an important role in brain development.

6. Greek Yogurt-

Protein is very much necessary for the proper development of the foetus. It helps to form healthy nerve cells for the cognitive development of the baby. Probiotic food like Greek yoghurt helps to provide calcium and iodine to baby and mother both these nutrients are necessary to reduce the possibility of low birth weight.

7. Apples-

Not everyone is able to eat Apples during pregnancy. I remember mine, I couldn’t even see Apple, it used to give me a nauseous feeling. Obstetricians agree that apples are the finest pregnancy superfood for women who are able to consume them. They are rich in quercetin, which helps to increase brain development. It also reduces morning sickness.

8. Lentils-

Lentils are available in many different forms; you can choose the one you like the most. They are rich in protein, fibre, and iron. Lentils are easy to cook and are also healthy.

You can have it in the puree form or little soup form.

9. Green Leafy Vegetable

Green leafy vegetables like spinach, are rich in folic acid which helps to keep the baby’s brain protected from any tissue damage. Folic acid found in vegetables helps to reduce the chance of neural tube defects, left clip and preeclampsia during pregnancy.

Therefore, always make sure that you have enough green leafy vegetables during pregnancy to avoid any deficiency.

10. Almonds-

This need not be told, as we know that Almonds are one of the best 13 Pregnancy Superfoods to Help Your Child’s Brain Develop to develop brain cells and also to enhance memory. They are filled with magnesium, vitamin E, protein and omega-3 fatty acids. Consuming 4 soaked almonds daily will keep your skin and hair healthy and will also help your baby to develop intelligence.

You can also eat walnut, they too are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids and help in developing brain cells.           

11. Pumpkin Seeds-

Often expecting moms are told that they should not eat anything raw, and I agree. But in this case, Pumpkin seeds can be eaten raw too. They are the food which is loaded with zinc and zinc is known to promote brain cells. It also helps in the cognitive processing of information.

You can consume Pumpkin seeds raw or can add them to a salad or in any gravy vegetable. They are a good source of antioxidants too.

12. Milk-

Not many are able to eat dairy products during pregnancy. But milk is necessary for the calcium and iron content in your body. A deficiency of these two nutrients can lead to mental growth retardation and also affects the overall growth of a baby.

Drinking milk two times a day helps to develop cognitive function and also boosts a baby’s brain development.

13. Eggs-

Eggs are high in protein and low in calories. It is one of the best food to eat during pregnancy. Studies have proven that expecting moms who used to eat eggs have aid in brain development and it helps to enhance memory too.

Boiled eggs are good to eat and are also rich in an amino acid called choline. So, you can consume eggs in breakfast or for lunch too.

So, above are Pregnancy Superfoods to Help Your Child’s Brain Develop Diet plays a major role in pregnancy. If you want a healthy and smart baby, it is necessary that you eat properly. Make sure that you are consuming nutrients like iron, vitamin D, folate, choline and iodine. These nutrients are a must for expecting moms.

What did you eat during your pregnancy? Please share with us.


1. In which month does baby brain development starts during pregnancy?

A Baby’s brain development starts in the first trimester i.e. the third week of pregnancy. As pregnancy proceeds and comes in the second-trimester brain, tissues are formed and in the last trimester, the cerebral cortex gets formed. So, the baby’s brain keeps on developing throughout the pregnancy.

2. How to improve a baby’s brain development during pregnancy?

Apart from eating above mentioned food, there are other ways which help to develop baby’s brain during pregnancy-

  • Listening to music
  • Reading story book
  • Colouring
  • Exercise

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