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Summer Barbie Themed Birthday Party Decorations and Ideas to Celebrate Your Daughter’s Birthday

summer barbie themed birthday party

Want to surprise your baby girl on her birthday by throwing a party she will remember forever? Then what could be more memorable than a Barbie-themed party? Contemplating on how to create an exciting Barbie extravaganza that will win the heart of your little one? Then here’s your step-by-step guide to plan the most happening summer Barbie themed birthday party.

Summer Barbie Themed Birthday Party Checklist

summer barbie themed birthday party

As promised, here’s your ultimate checklist where you will find the simplest yet most aesthetic Barbie party ideas for your birthday girl.

1. Select a perfect venue and date

Irrespective of the type of party you want to throw, finding a suitable venue and selecting the date are the first two things that need to be sorted. As far as the date is concerned, opting for the weekend makes sense. It will be convenient for you as well as the guests.

Now let’s move on to the venue. If you want an indoor venue, you can use your spacious living room or look for a community hall in your neighborhood. If you have an outdoor summer birthday party in mind, a local park or your backyard can serve as an ideal location. A Barbie beach party or a pool party is an equally exhilarating idea if you live in a beach city.

2. Design Barbie-themed invitation cards

Want to make the invitation cards extra special? Then what could be better than handmade cards? The best part about these cards is that you can also make your daughter take part in it. Just take pink-colored blank cards and draw attractive designs on them. Mention the date, venue, and time clearly on each and every card.

3. Plan the menu for the Barbie theme party

The main thing that people love about parties is the delectable food. As the host, it is your responsibility to ensure that all guests return home with their tummies full. But how do you craft a Barbie-themed menu?

For appetizers, you can easily glam up the table with strawberry-flavored drinks, pink lemonades, pink veggie starters, strawberry smoothies, and pink shrimp salad. In the main course, include dishes that look irresistible and taste scrumptious at the same time. Grilled salmon served with peppercorn sauce, pink pasta (prepared in beetroot sauce), and a pink pizza (having feta and beetroot) are some palatable options.

Of course we didn’t forget about desserts. So, strawberry milkshakes, pink cupcakes, and raspberry macarons are some of the items that can be served. Remember that the presentation will enhance the look of the food and for that, you can use a pink tablecloth, pink cups, and pink plates.

4. Order Barbie party decorations

The decorations for a Barbie birthday party won’t be the same as a bachelorette party decoration. The decor should be such that it will transport all to the magical world where Barbies inhabit.

Begin with incorporating shades of white and pink, and perhaps a hint of gold or silver for some sparkle. You can take white, silver, and pink balloons for creating a balloon arch at the entrance area. Barbie dolls can be kept at the tables as centerpieces.

You can order the girl birthday party decor online. Once you have the pink birthday party supplies like party banner and party sunglasses, don’t feel shy to unleash your creative self.

5. Organize activities and games

As it is a kid party, you must invent ways to keep the children entertained and engaged. You can divide the kids into groups and see which group can dress up their dolls faster. It is a great game that will allow kids to evolve their fashion sense.

As guests will be in Barbie attires, a fashion show is another awesome game that will make everyone happy. Hiding Barbie accessories around the venue and making guests search for them is a cool way of organizing a treasure hunt game. The one who succeeds at finding the most accessories will obviously be the winner.

6. Select Barbie themed party return gifts

As it’s a kids birthday party, take-home gifts are a nice way of expressing gratitude towards guests. Mini dolls, Barbie stickers, coloring books, and Barbie accessories are some fabulous gift ideas for a doll theme birthday party. These party fervors will give everyone the impression that you are an excellent host and they will love to attend your parties again.

7. Order the right cake

In any birthday party, everyone looks forward to the cake-cutting ceremony. A classic choice is a Barbie doll cake featuring a full-sized doll in the middle and the cake will be shaped like a lavish gown around the doll.

You can even pick a simpler design by ordering a cake shaped like Barbie’s face and her beautiful golden locks. It is charming and elegant. You can also bake Barbie-themed muffins and cupcakes for your little guests.

8. Buy a pink Barbie dress

Once the venue, the menu, and cake are planned out, how can you forget the outfit? After all, all eyes will be on your daughter, and she must look as stunning as a barbie. So, you can pick an all-pink gown for her along with a tiara and stilettos.

You should also let the other guests know in advance that it will be a Barbie-themed party so that they have enough time to figure out what to wear. Also, who says the dress code is only for the little guests? Pets and parents can also participate in the dress-up game. After all, we all have a barbie within us who’s restless to shine.


There you have it, the ultimate guide to organizing a Barbie theme party. From the initial planning to the Barbie party supplies – we have covered every detail to ensure everything about the party is perfect.

So, what are you waiting for? Start making the arrangements to avoid last-minute rush. You should also hire a professional photographer as you’d like to capture some candid moments and frame them.

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