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Why to Avoid Banana During Pregnancy? The Risks of Eating Bananas During Pregnancy

Why to Avoid Banana During Pregnancy

When it comes to their pregnancy diet, every pregnant woman tries her best to eat the healthiest food items. Fruits and vegetables are among the most pregnancy friendly foods that expecting moms should consume daily. They are loaded with minerals and vitamins and provide a range of benefits to the mom and baby. And one of the most affordable, easily available, and nutritious fruits is banana. They are a delicious snack, but some pregnant ladies need to avoid them or limit their intake. Wondering why to avoid banana during pregnancy? Scroll down to find out how banana can negatively impact the growing baby in your womb.

Why Shouldn’t You Eat Bananas During Pregnancy?

While there are many advantages of consuming bananas for men and women, having several bananas per day can lead to the following complications during pregnancy:

1. Banana contains potassium

The incredibly popular and yummy snack, banana is a rich source of potassium. While it is important to have enough potassium in your everyday diet, excess of it can give rise to complications during pregnancy. So, it’s better to get in touch with a nutritionist to know the right amount of potassium for your body.

2. The risk of gestational diabetes can increase

Gestational diabetes, a kind of illness that people experience during pregnancy, is a serious problem in many women during their second and third trimester. Studies have revealed that over-consumption of banana is a leading cause behind getting gestational diabetes. As bananas have a lot of carbohydrates, they end up spiking the blood sugar levels. And if you become diabetic, it will harm your baby’s health. So, owing to this side effect, healthcare professionals advise expecting mommies to have safer alternatives like carrots and apples to ensure they get the vital minerals and vitamins and stay fit at the same time.

3. Bananas may trigger headaches

The presence of tyramine in fruits like banana is responsible for triggering migraines. Banana also has amino acid, and the body converts it into tyramine. So, if you are having recurring headaches, it could be because you are too fond of bananas. Moreover, migraine during pregnancy should not be taken lightly as complications may arise.

4. You may get allergies

As pregnancy alters the hormone levels in a person’s body, you may become allergic to foods you weren’t before, and banana is one of them. Allergies resulting from bananas can be severe or mild and pregnant ladies are more vulnerable. There is also evidence that reveals large amounts of unripe banana doubles the risk of being anemic during pregnancy. Hence, it is advisable to discuss with your gynecologist to keep potential allergies at bay. You must also remember that if you are allergic to bananas, you must not egg foods with banana flavoring.

5. You may become overweight

Despite its health benefits, banana can also make you put on extra weight during pregnancy. Plenty of carbs and natural sugars in banana make people gain weight if they have this fruit every single day. While gaining weight consistently is necessary, being overweight will make labor and delivery more painful. So, you should take extra care regarding what you eat during pregnancy.

6. Banana will make you constipated

As bananas are rich in fiber, you may feel constipated if you do not have them in moderation. Gestational constipation is not good and hence, why take a chance? It will be best if you rely on better sources of fiber like chia seeds, leafy green veggies (such as spinach), and oatmeal. This way you can avoid the risks that are associated with constipation induced by bananas.

7. You can have heartburn

Severe heartburn can be extremely discomforting during pregnancy, and it is a common symptom in pregnant women. Eating many ripe bananas can make you bloated as a single banana has more fiber than a pregnant woman’s recommended dietary allowance. So, don’t be surprised if you experience acid reflux after having bananas. If you stop eating them, you will notice that the heartburns will disappear. If, they still persist, you should inform your doctor at the earliest.

8. Bananas can spike blood sugar levels

Bananas are energy boosters and that’s because they are high in sugar. While you may love their sweetness, having a few bananas can instantly spike your blood sugar levels. This explains why moms-to-be, especially the ones who are more at risk of getting gestational diabetes, should not have too many bananas.

You must also remember that having this tasty fruit before you go to bed is a no. It will make you energetic and you will have trouble falling asleep on time. So, for someone who is aware of the effects of excessive sugar intake, banana consumption makes no sense. If you have a sudden sweet craving, you can relish other snacks like berries and apples as they are sweet but low in sugar.

9. Bananas can cause tooth decay

When you are pregnant, your teeth become more sensitive as the tissues surrounding the gum loosen. So, having starchy foods may cause dents in your teeth, and that’s the last thing you want.

10. Latex fruit syndrome

Banana has latex allergens and so, having it in your diet during pregnancy will increase your body temperature. This is not good for the fetus during the third trimester. According to doctors, the fetus becomes more prone to heart diseases if the mother has foods containing latex allergens.

Other Fruits to Avoid During Pregnancy

Not that you’ve understood why you should avoid eating banana during this delicate time in your life, let’s find out what fruits you should eat regularly when you’re pregnant and which ones to avoid during pregnancy.

Apple, watermelon, and orange are some of the best fruits that doctors recommend pregnant women as they will keep you hydrated and are packed with many essential minerals and vitamins that the developing fetus needs.

Papaya, frozen fruits, grapes, and pineapple can have adverse effects on your baby’s health and so, stay away from them. Papaya has latex and it can be dangerous for the baby, even causing miscarriage. As pineapple has bromelain, it can soften the cervix and trigger early labor. The reason why grapes are forbidden is because resveratrol is present in them. This compound can lead to a hormonal imbalance.

Parting Thoughts

We may conclude by saying that consuming too many bananas can increase the risk of preterm labor and birth defects in the baby. So, now you know why to avoid banana during pregnancy. If it’s your favorite fruit and you cannot resist it, consult your doctor and they’ll tell you how many bananas you can eat per week.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the best fruit for a pregnant woman?

Oranges, berries, apples, mangoes, pomegranates, avocados, and dried fruits are some great fruits for expecting moms. You can also include bananas in moderation to have a healthy pregnancy. 

Q. Should I avoid banana during pregnancy?

The wisest thing to do during pregnancy is to stop eating bananas entirely as bananas are high in potassium and sugar. So, many pregnant ladies avoid eating bananas during pregnancy.

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