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Unique Gender-Neutral Names for Your Adorable Baby

Unique Gender-Neutral Names

We know how tough it can be to find a name for your child. Should you go with a traditional or a modern one? Moreover, you don’t know if you’re carrying a boy or a girl unless the baby is born. So, how do you select a meaningful name when your baby’s still in your womb? Why not avoid stereotyping and shortlist some unique gender-neutral names

Preparing a list of nonbinary names is an excellent idea as these names are trending. And who says a unisex name can’t be cute? Here are some gender-neutral baby names you and your spouse will love. 

Why are unique gender-neutral names so popular these days?

A gender-neutral or androgynous name is a name that isn’t specific to a child’s gender. These names are not associated with a specific gender identity. Sensitive couples prefer modern or traditional gender-neutral names for a variety of reasons. Most importantly, they don’t want to stereotype their kid as feminine or masculine. A unisex name also gives a child the freedom and confidence to come out as trans or non-binary. 

And if you want to follow the gender-neutral naming trend, you are at the right place. As a professional name expert, I’ll assist you in the exciting journey of selecting a baby name. And you must select a name with care as it may affect your kid’s personality.

Unique Gender-Neutral Names

Unique Gender-Neutral names with meanings

Spending hours choosing a baby name is a worthy quest. This name will represent your child throughout its life. It will shape your darling baby’s identity. So, here are some monikers that work for any gender.


Noah is a fantastic name if everyone in your family has cultural or Biblical names. It is one of the traditional gender-neutral names for boys and girls. As per the Old Testament, its meaning is “repose, rest.” A person named Noah constructed an arc that saved animals from the Great Flood. 


Evelyn originated from an uncommon English surname. In the seventeenth century, it used to be a boy’s name. Now Evelyn can be a girl’s name as well. It is a combination of two words, Eve and Lynn. Eve means life and Lynn is another word for a lake. 


Do you want to inspire your child to be passionate about literature? Then you can proceed with Harper in remembrance of Harper Lee. Harper Lee is a well-known author revered for his masterpiece, To Kill a Mockingbird. Harper is also one of the rare gender-neutral names. Despite being an old name, Harper has spiked in popularity in the past decade.


Here’s a dreamy name that everyone will admire. Avery stands for “elf power” or “elf counsel”. It is a Norman French unisex name. Easy to memorize and rhythmic to pronounce, is Avery an ideal name for your dear child? 

Additionally, are you a fan of celebrity gender-neutral names? Then Avery is the one for you. 


Another famous gender-neutral name is Riley. The name is common in the United States, Netherlands, England, and other places. It owes its origin to an Irish surname. Intrigued to know what Riley stands for? It has a simple meaning, rye cleaning. 


Logan continues to be among the most popular unisex names since the 1980s. It is a Scottish Gaelic name with a cute meaning: “little hollow”. It is the kind of hole you see at the base of a big tree. 


Every person should practice gratitude. What better way to express gratitude to God than by naming your baby Jayden? This moniker means “grateful/ thankful.” This non-binary name has been around since the 1990s. A lot of people use the spelling Jadon instead of Jayden.


Madison is one of those unique gender-neutral names that started as a name for boys. But now it is among the trendiest girls’ names. The protagonist’s name is Madison in the 1980s movie Splash. Madison might also remind you of New York City’s Madison Avenue. 


Everybody knows a girl or boy named James. You can pick this name if you want a cool name for your baby. James and Jaymes are two fun spellings to give a twist to this unisex name. Want to know its history? James is a Hebrew name denoting “may the Almighty protect”.

Things to consider when exploring cultural gender-neutral names 

Unique Gender-Neutral Names

As an experienced name expert, I share the following name-selection tips with all expecting moms: 

  1. Choosing a name that’s easy to pronounce and write will be convenient for your child and others.
  2. The name you finalize should have a positive meaning. 
  3. Your aim should be to find rare gender-neutral names that can shape your child’s exceptional personality. 

Good Luck!

We hope you liked our suggestions on unique gender-neutral names. Lastly, remember that choosing a name for your baby is an enjoyable couple activity. So, it’ll be more fun if you share your favorite names with your spouse. When you come across the right name, you’ll know it is the one.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are some popular unique gender-neutral names?

A: Searching for unisex names for your little one? Addison (meaning: Adam’s child), Nat (meaning: God’s gift), Max (meaning: great spring), and Marley (meaning: pleasant meadow) are some cool gender-neutral names. 

Q: How do I choose a unique gender-neutral name for my baby?

A: You must consider several factors when choosing a gender-neutral name for your baby. The most important thing is the meaning of the name. You should also take note of its pronunciation and uniqueness

Q: Are gender-neutral names a new trend?

A: It isn’t a coincidence that you are noticing an increase in Blake, Jamie, and other gender-neutral names. Everyone is aware of the gender-neutral naming trend followed by empathetic parents these days. 15% of the babies born in 2022 have unisex names and the liberty to be themselves.

Q: What are the meanings behind certain unique gender-neutral names?

A: There are many gender-neutral names with motivational meanings. For instance, Amari means immortal. Lennon defines a dear one.

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