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10 Things To Do Before IVF Make Successful


VF or In Vitro Fertilization acts as a miracle for those women who have been trying to get pregnant but are unsuccessful. Not able to conceive naturally takes a big hit on a women mental and physical health. Knowing about infertility makes your powerless. But these days due to stress and change in lifestyle this situation is common in women. Thanks to advanced medical science, that just with the help of a few tests and treatment, you can get the lifetime of happiness. Yes, IVF has made many couples parents. There are some things to do before IVF. Let’s understand it, in more detail.

When you and your partner have thought about going for IVF, it is important that we try to give it the best possible chance for positive outcome. And for this all you need to do is to take proper care of your body.

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IVF Cycles

You and your partner have made up the mind to go for IVF. IVF is not an easy process and requires a full cycle of preparation and 6 stages. We will help you understand the cycle so that you are prepared.

1. Preparation-

The preparation for IVF begins 2-4 weeks before the IVF cycle. You just need to make some small changes in your lifestyle like eating healthy, being fit etc.

2. Stage 1-

Stage 1 is just a day. Day 1 of your IVF cycle is the first day of your period. Yes, getting the period is necessary for IVF treatment.

3. Stage 2-

This stage can lie anywhere from 3-12 days. In these days, your fertility drugs will start that will awake your ovaries. The drugs help to release more eggs than normal, which helps in the IVF treatment.

4. Stage 3-

In this stage, you will get an injection known as “Pregnancy hormone”. This hormone will help the ovaries to release some eggs.

5. Stage 4-

This is the long stage and can take a day. It comprises of two stages. Before this stage, your partner must already have given his sperm. Your eggs will be harvested and in the second part the eggs will be fertilized within hours. At this time, you will have to take a hormone called progesterone.

6. Stage 5-

In just less than a week, your eggs are harvested, your healthy embryos will be put back in the womb. Don’t worry it sounds difficult, but you won’t feel a thing.

7. Stage 6-

The implantation has been done, now after 9-12 days, you will have to go for a check-up to know whether the implantation has taken your womb as its home or not. The doctor will also prescribe a blood test to check your pregnancy hormone.

Tips for Successfull IVF

Now, you know the whole process of IVF. Let’s get some tips for IVF.

  • Get a Healthy Weight- It is very necessary that you have a perfect weight for IVF. Being underweight or overweight both are the worse condition if you want to go for IVF. Both these conditions can hamper with your ability to conceive.

If you are overweight, it can be difficult for the doctor to monitor your ovaries during the IVF process. And if you are underweight, you may find it difficult to maintain a good proper hormone level to get healthy and mature eggs.

  • Fitness is Important- Fitness is the key for a healthy and active body. It is necessary to be fit for the IVF. Performing daily exercise for just 30 minutes which will increase your heart rate, lower BP and combat diabetes.
  • Cut back on Coffee- Caffeine is not good for pregnant women and also for women who want to conceive. It is necessary you monitor your daily caffeine intake. Consuming an excess of caffeine disturbs your chances of conceiving by 50%.
  • Take care of Age- Age plays the biggest role in pregnancy. According to medical science, conceiving after 30 comes under the zone of complications. If you are thinking to go for IVF, it is necessary to have an age between 30-35. As the chances of successful IVF begins to drop after the age of 35.
  • Reduce Stress- Stress is the main reason for your infertility. It is necessary to reduce stress if you want to go for IVF. It seems impossible to avoid stress these days. But stress affects your mental and physical health a lot. It interferes with IVF and your chances of conceiving.

Some ways to deal with stress are: Yoga, Meditation, Traditional therapy, and resilience- training.

  • Quit Smoking- It is truly said, that smoking is injurious to health. Smoking cigarettes or tobacco has a negative impact on your health and your eggs. It is necessary that both you and your partner quit smoking as it deeply affects fertility.
  • Boost Sperm Health- IVF requires good health of both man and woman. It is necessary to have some good swimmers so that they can fertilize the eggs. Therefore, before you decide for IVF get your partner checked up for proper nutrition and fitness.
  • You can consume Supplements- It is not possible to consume all types of right nutrients. Therefore, supplements came in the picture. There are many Multivitamins, which you can take if thinking to get pregnant.
  • Eat Fertility Enhancing Foods- It is necessary to eat healthily but still, there are some foods which helps to enhance the fertility and also nourish the body. Foods which you should incorporate in your diet are-
  • Eggs
  • Royal Jelly
  • Fish Roe
  • Pollen
  • Nuts
  • Seeds
  • Oyesters
  • Flax seeds
  • Sprouts
  • Raw milk
  • Oats

So, above are some things to remember by, if you are going to take the IVF journey. Remember that IVF is not easy, you need to prepare yourself mentally and physically. Just find your happy place and go with the flow.

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