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Self Care at Home for New Moms: 10 Self-Care Tips to Pamper Yourself

Self Care at Home for New Moms

Becoming a mother for the first time can be overwhelming. From catering to the baby’s never-ending needs to struggling to lose belly fat – it might seem impossible to get enough rest. When you have repeated sleepless nights and a crying infant in your arms, it is natural to feel frustrated, angry, anxious, and upset. So, to feel positive and happy and enjoy this memorable phase of your life, looking after yourself is as important as taking care of your baby. Hence, this blog is all about self-care at home for new moms to regain energy, enthusiasm, and optimism.

Postpartum Wellness Tips for First-Time Moms

Self Care at Home for  New Moms

Giving birth is a transformative experience and it can be emotionally and physically demanding. Self-care at home for new moms must not be neglected during this phase so, here are some simple self-care activities and tips to love yourself more each day:

1. Sleep whenever your baby sleeps

A newborn does not have a fixed sleep schedule and feels hungry once every 2-3 hours. As you are breastfeeding, you will feel exhausted feeding the baby 8 times throughout the day and night. Moreover, your baby will wake up multiple times in the middle of the night and disturb your sleep.

So, try to take naps when you can during the day to refuel yourself. This is crucial as sleep deprivation does not just lead to tiredness but also affects the quantity of breast milk. Adequate sleep also causes stress relief for new mothers and cures postpartum depression. Therefore, you have to prioritize sleep.

2. Take care of your nutrition

One of the most important new mom health tips is to eat nutrient-rich foods and have 5-7 meals. That’s because you are breastfeeding, and your body requires 500 extra calories in addition to the 1,800-2000 calories you used to intake earlier. Moreover, your baby depends on you for nutrition and so, your foods must be rich in essential vitamins and minerals.

So, stay hydrated and have plenty of fresh fruits, veggies, whole grains, dairy products, chicken, and eggs to nurture your body and ensure optimal nutrition for your little one. You can consult an accomplished dietician to know more about nutrition for postpartum mothers.

3. Look good to feel good

Self-care also encompasses taking care of your mental health after childbirth. As you have taken a break from your job, this is the right time to book salon appointments and rejuvenate yourself at the spa occasionally. If you don’t want to leave the new baby alone, you can opt for salon services at home.

Additionally, make an effort to dress up as this will instantly lift your mood. So, brush your hair, apply a vibrant nail paint, wear a new dress, and admire your beauty. These simple things will boost your confidence immensely.

4. Say yes to postnatal yoga

Unlike other heavy exercises, yoga is considered extremely safe for your postpartum body. So, one month after the delivery, you can start exercising slowly. Postnatal yoga practices will speed up your recovery, promote good sleep, reduce stress, aid digestion, and provide a range of other benefits. You can take the help of a yoga instructor to do asanas the right way and maximize the benefits.

5. Manage time 

As you have just become a parent, initially it will be difficult to make quality time for yourself. However, time management for new momsis of great significance. When you learn to manage your time efficiently, self-care will become easy.

6. Get postnatal massages

Once a baby is born, the womb gradually contracts and returns to its pre-pregnancy size. This takes around 6-8 weeks and postnatal massages will make your womb shrink faster.

However, you must see that the massage therapist is experienced and certified.  That’s because too much pressure on the abdomen can cause bleeding. It is also necessary to keep your urinary bladder empty during the massage. If your masseur applies pressure when your bladder is full, it may end up rupturing the organ and triggering internal bleeding.

Note: Women who had a normal delivery can get the massage even a week after the delivery. But if you had a C-section, you should wait at least 2 months and let the wound heal completely.

7. Accept help 

Parenting is a full-time responsibility and to maintain your sanity, you must take brief breaks. So, never hesitate to ask for help from your husband, in-laws, friends, and other family members.

Appointing a babysitter to assist you is also a brilliant idea. While that person will handle tasks like meal preparation, cleaning the baby, etc., you will have some valuable time to take a long shower, watch an episode of your favorite web series, or go on a dinner date with your spouse.

8. Join a support network for mothers

Being a part of a group of new mommies will be wonderful for you. Those women are experiencing the same things as you are. So, you can make new friends, share your story with them, and they will also be your biggest support system. You will be able to interact with many new moms who will offer you practical advice. Hence, ask your gynecologist to add you to one such group.

The Bottom Line

Motherhood is a bittersweet experience which has its challenges and rewards. By following our home care tips for new mothers, you will be able to cope with the situation better.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are essential self-care tips for new moms at home? 

Self-care for new moms at home involves doing enriching activities, sleeping whenever possible, eating well and eating frequently, taking care of hydration, and exercising regularly.

Q. How can new mothers manage time effectively for self-care?

New moms can hire domestic help or a babysitter to outsource some of their daily chores and make time for self-care. When the baby’s father is at home, you can let him hold the baby for some time while you practice self-care.

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