Red Raspberry Leaf Tea for Pregnancy: Why Should You Drink It?

For centuries, wise grannies have touted red raspberry tea as a beneficial drink to treat everything from menstrual cramps to the common cold. But did you know that it can help you immensely during your pregnancy? According to naturopathic doctors, it is a magical ingredient that can induce labor and promote womb wellness. Intrigued to know more about the benefits of drinking red raspberry leaf tea for pregnancy? Wondering how to incorporate it into your pregnancy diet? Then stay tuned as we are about to explore its health advantages and side effects for expecting moms.

What Is Red Raspberry Leaf?

Red raspberry is a kind of plant that originated in Europe and in some parts of Asia. These nutritious berries are not just sweet and delicious but also loaded with antioxidants. Soon people discovered that its leaves are equally advantageous and can be used in several ways. So, people began preparing refreshing herbal teas with it and they also got relief from various conditions. But why should you rely on a red raspberry leaf if you are pregnant? Let’s find out!

Perks of Having Red Raspberry Leaf Tea During Pregnancy 

Red raspberry tea is a rejuvenating drink that you can use during pregnancy (especially in your third trimester) for the following reasons:

Can shorten labor 

Several women have admitted that red raspberry leaf tea proved effective during their pregnancy and labor. One study sufficiently showed that red raspberry leaf consumed in the form of tablets shortened several women’s second stage of labor by 9.59 minutes on average. Its effects are more prominent during the second stage instead of the first stage of labor.

However, another observatory study proved that women who drank red raspberry tea for the last few weeks of pregnancy reported a short first stage. More high-quality and largescale research needs to be done in this area.

Reduces the chances of birth-related complications 

Some evidence shows that if you drink raspberry leaf tea regularly, you will have a smooth labor with fewer complications. This means your chances of delivering a healthy baby without interventions will only increase. If you use fresh leaves of the raspberry plant when you are 30-40 weeks pregnant, the need to use forceps during childbirth will decrease by 11%.

We have already mentioned the reduction in the duration of pre-term and post-term labor. The amount of blood you lose in your postpartum stage might also decrease. And as raspberry leaves strengthen the uterus, labor can be less painful. However, note that none of these results can be considered statistically significant.

How Does Red Raspberry Leaf Tea Taste?

The taste of red raspberry leaf tea is similar to your regular black tea.

How Much Red Raspberry Leaf Tea is Safe During Pregnancy? 

Now that you have understood how raspberry leaf tea may look after your health once you have conceived, it is natural to wonder how much of it you should consume. Knowing the right dosage is crucial as your body undergoes many changes and you can be allergic/ sensitive to certain things.

The recommended dosage is 237- 710 ml/ 1-3 cups per day. However, the intake of it and other herbal teas should be limited during the initial stage of pregnancy (the first trimester).

Red Raspberry Leaf Tea Side Effects 

Everything you consume during pregnancy will also impact your baby’s development and safety and therefore, doing your homework is mandatory. So, keep in mind that you may experience some side effects during your raspberry leaf use in pregnancy. Because of its laxative properties, you may suffer from loose stool.

Please note that most people don’t experience any adverse effects, and there is no reason to panic. The symptoms are not just mild but also temporary. So, they will subside once you discontinue using raspberry leaf in pregnancy. You should still keep your doctor informed to be on the safe side.

Can You Drink Raspberry Leaf Tea If You Aren’t Pregnant?

Red raspberry leaves have anti-cancer properties as they contain ellagic acid which plays a key role in neutralizing carcinogens. They are an incredible source of vitamins C and B and multiple minerals like zinc, iron, magnesium and phosphorus. These leaves also have flavonoids and tannins which are known as polyphenols. So, having a tea made with clean and dried red raspberry leaves can improve the overall health of any person.

You will be amazed to learn that this tea is immensely beneficial for women and can ease premenstrual symptoms. If you suffer from vomiting, diarrhea, cramps, or nausea before or during your periods, you will get a lot of relief. As 3.3 mg of iron is present in 28 grams of raspberry leaves, this tea will provide your body with iron. So, the chances of getting affected with iron-deficient anemia will reduce with daily usage.

Wrapping Up 

Lastly, when it comes to the health of your baby, you cannot afford to take any chances. So, you should always consult your doctor before trying any herbal remedy. Although traditional lore recommends drinking red raspberry leaf tea for pregnancy, little scientific research has been conducted in this area. The evidence available is mostly anecdotal and therefore, over-intake of it won’t be wise.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q. When should I start drinking raspberry leaf tea in pregnancy?

The efficacy of raspberry leaves is not much during the first trimester. When you are 32 weeks pregnant, it is the best time to commence having red raspberry leaf tea to maximize the benefits of raspberry leaf.

Q. How many cups of raspberry leaf tea should you drink in pregnancy?

Raspberry leaf tea can help during pregnancy, but you must not drink excess of it. Try not to have more than 3 cups of raspberry leaf tea to induce fast labor.


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