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Rare Beautiful Names with Meaning: Boy Names & Rare Girl Names with Meaning 

Rare Beautiful Names with Meaning

For every parent, finding the best name for their adorable baby is the most challenging task. That’s because we want to come up with a unique name. Moreover, the name you choose will stay with your kid throughout his/ her life. how can it not be meaningful, easy to pronounce, and soothing to the ear? So, if you are searching for rare beautiful names with meaning, we have a list of unique girl names and boy names for excited parents like you.

Unique Girl Names with Meanings for Your Dottie Darling 

Once the baby arrives, the first thing that comes to the mind is bestowing a befitting moniker on the little one. To make the decision simpler for you, we have curated a list of some classic names with rare meanings:

Rare Beautiful Names with Meaning

  1. Adia

Looking for a short name for your pretty girl? Adia is a German name for a baby girl and its meaning is ‘noble’.

  1. Alazne

Being of Spanish origin, this unusual name means miracle. And being blessed with a girl child is no less than a miracle.

  1. Alette

Seeing their children fulfil their dreams is the proudest moment for any parent. And when your child’s name is Alette (meaning: the winged one), how can she not fly high?

  1. Aneira

Is your daughter a winter baby? For someone born in winter, Aneira is perfect baby girl name that means ‘snow’.

  1. Belleann

Belleann, one of the classic names with rare meanings, is a combination of two names, namely, Belle and Ann. While Belle is a French word meaning beautiful, Ann is a Hebrew name with a religious connotation, and it means ‘the grace of God’.

  1. Carys

A baby is a symbol of the love shared by a couple. So, you may name your girl Carys as it is the Welsh term for love.

  1. Clover

Naming a girl child after flowers is not uncommon. But while names like Rose and Lily are common, you can pick ‘Clover’, an English flower with a sweet fragrance.

  1. Darya

Want your daughter to be an independent and strong woman like her mommy? Darya is a Russian name meaning ‘the good ruler’.

  1. Echo

If you are a fan of rare names from mythology, echo is the one for you. According to Greek mythology, she was a mountain nymph Zeus frequently visited.

  1. Eudora

You consider your daughter the greatest gift of God. Named after a Greek goddess, Eudora is another name originating in ancient myths and it means ‘generous gift’.

  1. Eloise

Eloise is an adorable French name which means ‘healthy’.

Rare Beautiful Names with Meaning for Boys

The name you use to address your baby boy will be his identity forever. So, these rare names for boys are meant for picky parents who want only the best for their boys:

  1. Adjo

Adjo is a name of Nigerian-African origin. It is a masculine name that means a righteous person.

  1. Banks

Looking for rare names inspired by places? Banks, which was an English surname, is now also used as a first name and it stands for ‘by the bank’.

  1. Cree

Cree can be a popular name for your lively and mischievous boy. It’s meaning is ‘highly spirited’ and is named after a Native American tribe.

  1. Daven

Daven is a Hebrew name, the meaning of which is ‘beloved’. This name’s uniqueness lies in its simplicity.

  1. Gus

Gus is the shortened form of Augustine or Augustus. It stands for the word ‘majestic’ and is therefore, a powerful name. An abbreviated feminine form of Augustine is August, another trending name.

  1. Hernan

Life is an endless series of adventures and that’s what this name denotes. Hernan is among the rare poetic names for boys.

  1. Lyle

You want a cool name for your boy that his teacher and classmates will admire. Lyle is another word for an island and this name has an irresistible charm.

  1. Indigo

This historical names significance is immense as the East India Company used to compel Indians to cultivate indigo.

  1. Terence

Who says boys can’t be soft-hearted and sweet? If you want your son’s nice behavior to be his identity, name him Terence, meaning ‘tender’.

  1. Rey

Rey is a Spanish name meaning ‘kings’. Although this traditional name is a gender-neutral name, it is more common as a boy’s name.

Tips to Find a Rare and Uncommon Name with a Lovely Meaning 

When it comes to picking a baby name, there is no strict set of rules. Every parent has diverse preferences and tastes that influence the selection. However, here are some general tips that you must remember when you are exploring names for girls and boys.

  1. The name should be unique without sounding too absurd or irrelevant.
  2. Don’t opt for a name that’s too common as you want your child to stand out.
  3. Before you finalize a name, say it multiple times to be sure that it’s rhythmic and you can pronounce it easily.
  4. Don’t forget to check the meaning of the name as you don’t want a negative meaning attached to the name.
  5. Lastly, choose a name for your baby girl that’s uncomplicated and short.

Wrapping Up 

So, did you find the perfect name for your precious angel? If so many excellent suggestions on unique baby names have confused you, take the help of your partner to finalize one that will match your kid’s personality.

Frequently Asked Questions

 Q. What are some rare and beautiful names for baby girls?

There are many Arabic, Hebrew, Old English, and Greek names for baby girls. Emaline, Lena, Ariel, Mia, Nemi, Petra, Violet, and Bella, are some beautiful rare female names you can consider.

Q. What are the meanings behind popular rare names?

A name can have a beautiful meaning that will enhance its beauty and can even have cultural name meanings. This is the reason why parents should always check a name’s meaning before selecting it for their baby. |

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