How to Prepare for Pregnancy After 30: Tips and Care

Motherhood is one of the amazing experience which every woman craves for. But these days due to responsibilities, many couples decide to get pregnant after 30, when they get settled properly. Delaying your pregnancy is totally your choice, but as per medical science, you need to take utmost care of yourself if you are planning after 30. So, how to prepare for pregnancy after 30. We have brought to you some of the tips and care which you need to do if you are planning after 30.

Pregnancy after 30, is perfectly safe these days. Medical science has advanced a lot, you can get pregnant after 30 and have a healthy child. You may feel that you are trying, but not getting any result. Well, it may take little time so do not lose your patience and be happy and healthy.

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Tips to Get Pregnant in the 30s

  • Manage your weight- It is very important that you take care of your weight even in your 30’s. If you are underweight or overweight, your chances of conceiving gets affected. Maintaining a healthy body weight can boost your chances of conceiving.
  • Partner’s health is also important- It’s not only about you, even your partner’s health is very important in your pregnancy. They need to be healthy and fit to maintain his fertility. If your partner’s BMI is above 30 than it can result in low fertility rate.
  • Say no to smoking and alcohol- Both partners should avoid both smoking and drinking if you are thinking and planning for a family. Mother smoking and alcoholism is very dangerous for the baby as it can cause developmental defects.
  • Reduce stress- There should be no stress at all for planning a baby. Stress affects the hormones adversely and can also affect your fertility.

How to Conceive Naturally after age 30

Conceiving naturally after age 30 may be little difficult but totally possible. You just need to track record your menstrual cycle and your ovulation days.

The best time to get pregnant after age 30, is around the ovulation days. You can have sex on your ovulation days and 4 days before it, to increase your chances of conceiving.

If you are facing irregular period, and do not have idea about your ovulation than have sex every 2-3 days to increase your chances.

Care to take during Pregnancy After 30

If you are planning, then irrespective of your age, you need to take care of the following things. Every woman goes through some physical changes while they are pregnant. To make those changes easy for you, you need to take care of the following things after 30-

  • Healthy Lifestyle- It is very necessary to follow a healthy lifestyle and a proper routine. An active lifestyle in pregnancy is very helpful. It reduces the risk of many diseases and symptoms.
  • Exercise- Never ever give up on exercise. If you are planning for a baby, you need to be fit and active, and exercise is one best way to do it. Even after pregnancy, you should keep doing exercise, this will help you to deal with the physical changes during pregnancy. Try walking, swimming and yoga.
  • Regular Check-ups- If you are in contact with a gync. Then you should never miss your appointment of regular check-ups. Get the scan and other tests done on time for any concerns about pregnancy.
  • Be careful about medicines- If you are taking any medicines from before, make sure you inform your doctor about it. As not all medicines are suitable for pregnant women. Never ever go for a self-medication.

Pros and Cons of Pregnancy After 30


  • Financial stability- This is one of the factors due to which these days’ people are delaying family planning. Most women are settled in their careers till they reach 30. In 30, you are wiser, capable of saving money and making good decisions.
  • Relationship stability- You get emotionally and relationship wise stable till you reach 30. Many couples wait few years, before they plan so that they get to know their partner very well and become a team before the baby comes.
  • More experienced- In your 30, you are more experienced as you have travelled, worked, lived and gained more knowledge than ever before. You can provide more support to your child in this age.
  • Having a support group- Think it as that if you would have become pregnant in your 25, then you will be the only one to become a mom in your group. For every small thing, you will rush to your parents. Becoming a mom at 30 will give you a support group with like-minded people.


Every situation has both pros and cons. After pros, let’s have a look at some of the cons.

  • Take longer to conceive- You may find it longer to conceive in your 30’s. Ovulation at this stage becomes more erratic, and your fertility starts to come down. So, it may take longer for you to conceive.
  • Need for C-sectionIn your 30’s as per the medical science, complications may arise in your labor pain due to following reasons-

The cervix doesn’t open.

Baby movements are not right.

  • Lifestyle diseases- As you grow older, you may face some medical problems like diabetes, obesity, thyroid etc. And these conditions may increase the risk of premature delivery.

Some Things to know about Pregnancy in your 30’s

In the above article, we discussed everything about being pregnant in your 30’s. Following are some things you should know about getting pregnant, it may or may not be useful to you.

  • The sexual position does not affect your chances of getting pregnant.
  • Men play a very important role. Therefore, make sure you follow a good health routine.
  • Miscarriages are more common these days, therefore, be more cautious and safe.

So, above are some of the facts and figures which you should know if you are planning to have a baby in your 30’s. If in your 20’s you do not feel like having a baby, it is okay. These days many women are happily giving birth after 30. The most important thing is that you should be prepared.

What was your age when you conceived?

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