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Unique Pregnancy Announcement Ideas For Your Loved Ones

Unique Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

Here are some pregnancy announcement ideas for parents. So, if you are pregnant! You just received this amazing good news of your life. And now, you are super excited, anxious, worried, and whatnot. But hold your excitement, just the way you are excited about this news, you would want others also to show them your love and excitement.

So, instead of just calling them and sharing the news, let us try something different ways to Pregnancy Announcement Ideas for husband and family.

When To Announce Pregnancy?

Pregnancy Announcement Ideas
Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

Now, the first question which comes is when you should announce the pregnancy. After you have missed your period and saw the results on the stick, you knew you are pregnant. But to confirm the news, you go and see the doctor. After the reports, you are officially Pregnant.

The best time to tell the world that you are pregnant is after 3-4 months. After 4th month, your chances of miscarriage are reduced and you also know about the gender. So, just wait a little more to tell all your close people.

But you can also tell some most trusted and well-wisher people of yours, who always support you no matter what. Just make sure to keep that circle small.

How To Announce Pregnancy?

Pregnancy Announcement Ideas for Parents
Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

If you are a social geek, control yourself before you just go on Instagram or Facebook, and post about your pregnancy. There are certain rules about being pregnant and how to let the world know, and it is a must that you follow them. So, these are the following rules and appropriate sequence to announce the pregnancy-

  • Don’t wait to tell partner- It is very much possible that you guys found out together, but if not, don’t wait to tell your partner. You should call them, meet them, text them the moment you found out. As he will be as excited as you are. 
  • Tell the people you’re closest to first- Now after you have told your partner, the next in line comes the people with whom you are very close. Like the To Be- Grandmom and Granddad, they will be the most excited person in the world to know that they are going to have a grandson or granddaughter.

But as they are the most important person, it is also necessary that they should feel that way. So, it will be good if you tell them personally, they should not know along with the whole other masses or should not find it on social media.

  • Don’t tell if you’re not ready to tell- It is most likely that you will have all your mood swings started before the 3rd month and you will also have to cut down on your smoking and drinking. So, if people around you find it strange that you are not drinking, they would like to know the details, but it is totally up to you to tell them or not. Don’t just spill the beans because you are pressurized. 
  • Keep in mind your audience- Not all people around you are your well-wishers. So, always know the audience before telling them, so that their reactions do not hurt you in any way. Also, if you are planning a surprising way to tell people, always know what possibly could make them understand it and feel excited. 

Ways To Announce Pregnancy

Now, we have found some really cute ways to announce your pregnancy, as it is the most important thing in your life, why not celebrate it and tell people in different ways.

Pregnancy Announcement Ideas For Husband


Apart from you, it was your partner who was waiting to hear these three golden words, “We are pregnant.” So, try something different to tell him, as the expression and happiness on his face will be worth remembering and recording. 

  1. Get the Mommy and Daddy written Tees and leave it at the bedside.
  2. Get a customized egg with “We are having a baby” written on it.
  3. Cover a bottle of wine or sparkling fruit juice with the label, “That we are growing”
  4. Gift him an onesie with a personal message
  5. Bake a cup or cupcake
  6. Order a diaper delivery
  7. Make a homemade card
  8. Proposal pregnancy announcement (get on your knees with a box, and inside the box have the positive test of pregnancy)
  9. Belly paint the announcement (So, when you get close and have your quality time he will come to see)
  10. Fortune cookie announcement
  11. Pregnancy reveal poem
  12. Order a pregnancy book for him
  13. Pizza pregnancy reveal
  14. Say it with a bouquet
  15. Get chocolates with a message on them
  16. Puzzle box for husband
  17. Jumble up the words and let him make a sentence
  18. Scavenger hunt for a husband
  19. Tiny letters
  20. Decorate the room with candles and balloons
  21. Keychain husband pregnancy
  22. Message in a bottle
  23. If your husband like to read a book, have a bookmark for him
  24. Write it out on a board
  25. Frame your sonograph picture
  26. Scratch Me card with “We are Pregnant” message
  27. If you have a pet, let it announce it
  28. Put a bun in the oven with a message written: “I am pregnant.”
  29. Set one extra plate in the table

Pregnancy Announcement Ideas To Parents


Telling parents about pregnancy is one of the most difficult things, as they will be very excited and it will be difficult for them to hold their emotions. So, why not to make the moment a memorable one with the following cute and creative ways to announce your pregnancy-

  1. Send a voice note, if it is not possible to meet them in person
  2. If they are in town, plan a dinner for them and ask them to bring some grocery items like baby food, baby corn, baby spinach. Just make sure they read it before they go out.
  3. Write it up on a wall or on aboard.
  4. Say it with a T-shirt. Gift them grandmom and granddad t-shirt
  5. Write a personalized letter to them, it will be memorable, and they will always keep it with them
  6. Give them gorgeous mugs which have the saying of grandparents on it.
  7. Deliver them a cake, with the message on it
  8. Gift an adorable onesie with the message, “ Will you be my grandpa?”
  9. Give them a scratch card
  10. Send them their fav. wine with a label written, “You are going to be accompanied by your grandchild in a few months.”
  11. Frame your sonography and send it to them
  12. Send them a storybook
  13. Say it with a cookie, write the message “You are soon to be promoted to grandparents.”
  14. Create a cool sign “the best parents get promoted to Grandparents” and let them post it on social media.
  15. Update the family tree
  16. Dresses up your dog as baby, so they notice
  17. Try Grandparents to be a fortune cookie
  18. Use a personalized balloon
  19. Gift them Grandma-to-Be charm bracelet
  20. Buy them the Grandparents to be announcement card
  21. Use a color-changing Pregnancy announcement Mug
  22. Give them a sweet poem
  23. Wrap up your pregnancy test
  24. Have a game night with family and announce their
  25. Add a pair of small shoes to the shoe rack
  26. Gift them a jewelry
  27. Mark your due date on the calendar
  28. Have a skype call, if they are away
  29. Send them flowers with a message on it.

So, these are some of the Pregnancy Announcement Ideas. Try any one of them, and give your partner and your parents a lifetime of happiness.


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