7 Must-Have Postpartum Essentials Every Mom Needs After Birth

Expecting moms often emphasize preparing for their baby’s homecoming but neglect to prepare for their recovery after birth. When going through the postpartum period, you have to take care not only of your baby but also of yourself. No matter how difficult or easy your birth was or whether you had a vaginal or c-section delivery, you will feel uncomfortable and sore. Moreover, your recovery can also be messy and take time. During postpartum, your body will be delicate and vulnerable, and thus, should be cared for with Postpartum essentials.

It’s wise to stock up on all the products you need for the postpartum period to address your pain points and make the transition into motherhood seamless.

However, not sure what to have. Don’t worry! This article discusses all the essential items you can need post-labor.

Postpartum Essential Checklist

You might be excited to prepare for your newborn. But self-care is also essential; thus, you should stock up on all critical items you will need for your postpartum when nearing the end of your pregnancy. Below discussed is the postpartum essentials checklist you will need after giving birth:

Postpartum Essentials

1. Maternity Pads 

It doesn’t matter whether you delivered your baby vaginally or via c-section; you can have some vaginal bleeding and discharge, known as lochia. The lochia is how your body discharges the extra blood and tissue in your uterus, which can continue for weeks.

Properly caring for yourself during this period can help increase your comfort level, prevent infection, and promote healing. And for this, you will need maternity pads. You should stick to maternity pads and not tampons post-delivery. It’s because the lochia discharged by your body contains bacteria, and blocking it with tampons or menstrual cups can push bacteria into your uterus, causing severe infection.

On the other hand, maternity pads are large, thick, and specifically designed to handle the heavy flow of postpartum bleeding.

2. Large, Disposable Underwear

During postpartum, you might experience heavy bleeding. And you are more likely to bleed through your regular underwear post-delivery period. So, one of the critical postpartum essentials for new moms is a stockpile of dark-colored, large, disposable underwear.

Get comfortable and large underwear to hold the extra-large maternity pads. They are more likely to get soiled, so it’s better to have dark-colored, disposable undies. Some brands offer underwear designed for postpartum moms and absorbent “period panties.”

3. Ice Pack

Now that your vagina will experience a heavy blood and fluid flow during the postpartum period, it’s more likely to swell. The easiest and most effective way to relieve your vagina is by applying ice to the area, particularly in the first 24 hours after giving vaginal birth. You can use reusable ice packs, adult cooling diapers, or ice chips.

4. Postpartum Massage Oil

Postpartum Essential

Your body will be uncomfortable and sore after giving birth and can feel aches and pains during the postpartum period. The best way to relieve your body from soreness, pain, or aches is to massage it using an all-natural herbal oil.

You can easily get organic lavender, sunflower, mustard, or any other soothing massage oil. Your postpartum essentials kit must have postnatal massage oils that can help reduce numbness, stimulate blood circulation, and relieve sore muscles and pain.

5. A Squirt Bottle

After a vaginal birth, treating your vaginal area as gently and cautiously as possible is crucial. So, instead of wiping your vagina with toilet paper after urinating, you should use a squirt bottle to rinse the area.

Also known as the peri bottle, the squirt bottle is fantastic because its unique design allows an individual to hold it upside down for easy water flow. You need to fill it with lukewarm water. Next, gently squeeze the squirt bottle to release water over your perineum while and after urinating. Warm water over your perineum will make it more comfortable for you to pee, boost blood flow to promote healing, and gently clean the vaginal area to prevent infection.

6. Sitz Bath

After giving birth, your vagina and perineal area will be in dire need of solace. And one of the excellent postpartum essentials for a mom, in this case, is a sitz bath.

Add 3-4 tablespoons of herbs and warm water to the muslin bag and place it over your toilet. Sit in the hip height warm water and let yourself soak for 10-20 minutes. It will help ease your vaginal soreness and swollen perineum.

Other Postpartum Essentials

In addition to the above-discussed postpartum essentials, you should consider stocking up on the following:

  • Pain relieving spray to ease your pain and discomfort.
  • Loose maternity clothes to provide comfort to your swollen and tender stomach.
  • A pair of slippers with non-slip socks or non-skid soles to walk and help your body recover post-delivery.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Q.1 Why it’s important to have breast pads during the postpartum period?

A: After birth, your body goes through a hormonal process letting your breast be filled with milk. Your breast might feel warm, tingly, and hard to touch. With cooling breast pads, you can protect your clothing from leakage and relieve your sore nipples.

Q.2 What pain relievers can I have post-delivery?

A: The most common pain relievers that new moms can take are epidurals and spinal blocks, opioids, nitrous oxide, or pudendal blocks. However, it’s recommended to consult your doctor before taking any medication.

Q.3 How having a stool softener can make your postpartum journey easier?

A: After going through the pain of childbirth, a whole new challenge awaits you, i.e., the first post-birth poop. It might hurt slightly, but you can get through it by taking a stool softener. Talk to your doctor and know what stool softener you can take for a smooth bowel movement.

Bottom Line 

Preparing for your postpartum journey is as important as preparing for your baby’s homecoming. Knowing what you require for your postpartum journey and getting the postpartum essentials after birth can make your postpartum recovery much faster and more seamless. Preparing beforehand can positively affect your physical, mental, and emotional healing. So, get the above-discussed postpartum essentials to take care of yourself during this physically and emotionally stressful phase.

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