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My First Tooth Party Decoration, Tooth Cake, & Other Ideas

my first tooth party

Did you just notice that there’s a tiny tooth in your baby’s mouth? Then we can imagine how thrilled you are right now! You can’t stop wondering how pretty your baby looks and you have already clicked a hundred photos and videos. At the same time, you are thinking of hosting a My First Tooth Party.

But what kind of party will it be and how much will it cost you? What arrangements do you need to make to make it a success? It is natural to have many questions and we will answer them all. Hence, scroll down as we have shared some brilliant ideas to ensure you have a fabulous baby tooth celebration.

My First Tooth Party Definition

In many cultures, parents commemorate the first tooth coming of their newborn by hosting a baby’s first tooth event. It is a unique tradition that has gained popularity in recent years due to the influence of social media.

Baby’s dental development is an indicator that the baby gets sufficient calcium and is growing fine. So, it definitely calls for a celebration and it generally happens when the baby is 1 year old.

First Tooth Arrival Traditions

People belonging to different cultures have interesting ways of celebrating baby teeth. Many believe that whoever spots the first tooth gets to buy the child its first every walking shoes. There are other fun traditions and the idea behind them is to have fun together.

The ancient Germans and Scandinavians used to tie a wolf’s fang around the neck of the baby on a piece of leather. They were of the opinion that this custom would promote the growth of healthy and strong teeth.

Baby Tooth Keepsakes

Your close friends and family members will shower your baby with blessings and presents on the day of the baby tooth celebration. Silver colored jewelry is among the most obvious choices as it is considered a holy sign. That explains why you will find plenty of silver boxes online where you can keep your baby’s first tooth as a memory. You will also be surprised to know that many mothers end up making ornaments with the milk teeth of their babies once they fall off.

First Tooth Party Ideas

As a first tooth party is not the same as a birthday party, you have to think out-of-the-box. You need to create a balance between customizing some things and working on DIY projects. Here are some of the things you should get sorted:

1. Send out the invitations 

First, you should prepare the guest list as you want all your favorite people to be present at your cutiepie’s 1st tooth party. For people who live close, you can visit them personally as that’s considered the warmest form of invitation. For those family members who live in other cities, you can call or send them the invitation card by post. If you have a theme in mind, tell your guests beforehand so that they can dress up accordingly.

2. Get done with the first tooth party decorations

Now let’s talk about the best part which is the decorations. Some of the must have decor elements for a tooth party are balloons, paper buntings, tooth cupcake toppers, first tooth party decoration gold glitter, first tooth banner, and tooth fairy pillow. You can order decorative things from Amazon for the tooth party and other occasions like baby shower. Not sure if the right products will be delivered to your doorstep? Whenever you purchase tooth birthday party decoration items online, you should check several factors like free shipping, the delivery date, customer reviews, and ratings.

The entrance should feature a tooth shaped sign board with the message: “His/ Her First Tooth Celebration”. To keep the children entertained and busy, you can also invent a few games that they will enjoy. For instance, a photo booth has to be part of the decoration where all will click selfies for their Instagram. You can make quirky props (like toothy smiley, mustache, etc.) that even adults won’t be able to resist.

3. Ask someone to play the role of the tooth fairy

If a tooth fairy themed party is what your heart desires, go ahead with it. You just have to request your sibling or friend to dress up like a tooth fairy and surprise your baby. The tooth fairy visit will be the biggest highlight of the evening as all guests will be surprised and curious at the same time to find out the real identity of the person.

4. Serve delectable food

A baby first tooth party is incomplete without mouth-watering foodie delights and so, you have to make a list of delicacies you’d like to offer the guests. We suggest you have a separate menu for kids comprising of items that children love. French fries, Oreo cookies, fruit sticks, cute muffins, and baby burgers are some great options. For adults, you can keep both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes on the menu so that all go home satiated.

5. Get creative with the tooth party cake

Whether it’s a tooth arrival celebration or your baby’s first birthday – a cake is mandatory. As far as the flavor of the cake is concerned, you can take clues from your kid’s food preferences as it’s his/ her special day.

For example, if your kid enjoys eating fruits, you can order a pineapple or a mango cake. If your baby is a fan of chocolates, a chocolaty cake is all you need to cheer the little one up. Just make sure there’s an adorable tooth on top of the cake to let people know what the party is all about. You can either showcase your creativity or buy the first tooth cake topper to simplify your job.

6. Call a photographer

All will gather to have fun and create wonderful memories. So, it will be nice if you can hire a photographer who will click emotional and funny candids. As kids grow up pretty fast, you are going to preserve these photographs for an eternity. So, it makes sense to appoint a professional who will capture the moments most beautifully.

7. Return gifts and tooth party favors

How can you say good night to all the lovely children who sang, danced, and played with your little one without giving them something as return gifts? The whole idea behind giving return gifts is to make people smile and therefore, they don’t have to be expensive. You will find many DIY tutorials on YouTube to make gift hampers commemorating children’s dental milestones. Hand-made fridge magnets, cute tooth shaped coin purses, toothbrush holders that look like teeth, and crayons are some examples.

8.  Distribute sweets

If you lack funds at the moment or do not have the time and energy to throw a grand My First Tooth Party, you should not feel pressurized. You can simply send sweets to your near and dear ones along with a picture of your baby in which the first tooth is visible. It is a low-cost yet thoughtful way that everyone will appreciate.

The Bottom Line 

We hope you liked our My First Tooth Partysuggestions and you can’t wait to begin the preparations. Then what are you waiting for? Get the tooth party supplies and don’t forget to make an estimate of the expenses. You should also discuss all your plans with your spouse so that he can help you set up the venue and buy all the necessary stuff.

Lastly, congratulate yourself as you are about to have another responsibility as a primary caregiver: infant dental care.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q. What are some creative ideas for celebrating a baby’s first tooth?

Inviting a tooth fairy, sending kids away with cute return gifts, ordering a 1st tooth theme birthday party baby cake, preparing dishes that look eye-catching and edible, and decorating with tooth-shaped props, and lots of colorful balloons are great ideas for a first tooth party.

Q. How can I make my first tooth party special and memorable for my child?

To make the tooth party memorable for your baby, decorate with balloons, keep lots of toys, and get the baby a beautiful outfit. Truth be told, your baby is too small to remember the first tooth party and therefore, you should take many pictures and show those to him/ her occasionally.

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