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Is it safe to use a Computer or Laptop During Pregnancy?


Congratulations! You are pregnant now and also have officially announced it to everyone. Now, the main question is it safe to use a computer or laptop during pregnancy? But pregnancy brings many restrictions and these days we all are surrounded by electronic gadgets. Mobile, Laptop, WiFi routers, Microwave are some of the names without which our day does not complete. Our generation has moved from wired to wireless technology, but have you ever given a thought that these gadgets come with their own side effects. And most importantly, your little angel in the tummy gets affected a lot.

So, if you are a mom-to-be, you will have to be more careful regarding the use of the electronic devices. Talking to your relatives, having a social media presence and working for your office, these are some daily activities which requires endless amount of our time on electronic gadget.

All the gadgets emit electro-magnetic radiation, which can cause harm to the baby. So, let’s understand deeply how much time we can spend on these gadgets and which gadgets should we completely stop using.

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Reasons why to stay away from Gadgets

  • When you are pregnant, try to use smartphones as less as you can. And also keep the phones away from you.
  • If possible, use landline phones over mobile phones.
  • Keep yourself away from gadget radiation and when you are going for a sleep, keep them as far as you can.
  • Radiations coming out from the gadgets affects the unborn baby. But the extent of it is still unknown.

Gadgets to Avoid During Pregnancy

  So, we all know that we need to stay away from phones. But do you realize even wireless gadgets are harmful these days? Following is the list of gadgets which a pregnant woman should avoid or should use less.

1. WiFi Routers-

Something which you might not have thought of. But yes, Wifi routers do affect your and your baby’s health. The little ones have an absorbent brain tissue and thinner skulls, which can get affected by the radiations from wifi routers.

2. Laptops-

Now, the main question is it safe to use a computer or laptop during pregnancy? Well, there are many terms and conditions when it comes to that. If you use laptops and computers in moderation, it won’t affect you. The problem arises when pregnant women stay on laptops or computer for a long time. And the worst case happens when you keep the laptop on your tummy and use it.

When you use the laptop, it gets warmer, and the heat can affect the baby. So, it is better to use a cooling pad or desk to keep the laptop on it. Make it a practice to have a proper posture when you are pregnant, so that the heat does not reach your baby.

3. Microwaves-

Microwaves use electromagnetic radiations to heat the food. These radiations create a field of electromagnetic and also causes low birth weight and birth defects in the baby. Therefore, when pregnant avoid using microwave and also avoid eating food cooked or heated in the microwave, it can be harmful to you and your baby.

4. Bluetooth Headsets-

The recently launched Bluetooth Headsets are very convenient and easy to use. They have made communication very easy, but when it comes to radiations, their radio frequencies are as much harmful as are of the microwave. So, try to stay away or use these gadgets as minimum as possible.

5. Cell Phones-

These days it can be termed as our lifeline. Staying a day away from the cell phone is very difficult and possible. Cell phones have brought the world closer and made our work easier. But still, they are the main source of radiofrequency electromagnetic fields. Using them very much may cause problems in the babies later in life.

Precautions to keep while using Gadgets during Pregnancy

Though you came to know that you should stay away from gadgets, but still there are some precautions you should keep while using gadgets during pregnancy.

  • Distance is the key to everything. Stay as much away you can from the gadgets.
  • When using cell phone, make sure you use headphones. This way you can avoid bringing phone near to brain.
  • Turn off the mobile data, when not in use. The network service like 2G, 3G and 4G emit very high frequency radiations and must be closed.
  • If the Wifi routers are placed anywhere near your bedroom, now is the good time to switch it away from your bedroom.
  • If possible, switch back to the wired internet from Wi-Fi, you may feel like going back. But till your pregnancy it is one of the good step.

So, these are some of the precautions you need to keep when you are pregnant. I agree that technology has made our life easy, but you also need to protect your loved one. Excess of everything is bad, you can use the electronic devices in moderation.

Keep yourself and your baby safe and happy!

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