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9 Useful Tips to Take Care of Your Infant During Winter

9 Useful Tips to Take Care of Your Infant During Winter | TheBlessedMom

Newborn babies are very delicate and sensitive, they require constant care and support until they become a little strong and their immune system becomes good. The Winter season is considered the toughest season for newborn babies. They get attacked by many viruses and bacteria. There are some useful tips to take care of your infant during winter. The first and foremost thing to do is to maintain the baby’s body temperature. This is where the immunity of the body takes hit as well.

Due to baby’s underdeveloped immune systems, they are more susceptible to infections and seasonal flu. Also, babies’ skin is very soft, which can get dry in winter causing rashes. So, it is very important to take extra care of newborns and infants during the winter season.

Check out the tips-

Problems caused in Winters

The Winter season is very delicate for babies. It is also called the season of the flu, viruses spread very easily in this season making babies sick. Following are some of the typical winter diseases-

  • Influenza and Bronchiolitis
  • Croup as well as Rhinovirus
  • Many types of Respiratory problems.          

Symptoms of Winter Infections in Newborn


It is very necessary to understand the symptoms of winter infections in newborns. If your baby has any Winter Infection, the following will be the Symptoms you need to look for-

  • Severe coughing
  • Baby may have trouble breathing
  • Make wheezing sound while sleeping or after coughing
  • Baby may have runny nose, fever, cough
  • You may feel baby is not that active

Useful Tips to Take Care of Your Infant During Winter

Winter Newborn Care Tips
Winter Newborn Care Tips

1. Use a Humidifier-

If the region you are living in is very cold, it will be a good option to use a humidifier. A humidifier helps to bring moisture in the dry wind, which keeps the baby’s skin soft and smooth. If you are using a heater in your room, chances are it will make the air dry and will affect your baby’s skin. Therefore, install a good humidifier to maintain the moisture level.

2. Moisturize their skin-

Winter is a dry season and your baby’s skin is very sensitive and delicate. To keep the baby’s skin soft, smooth, and supple it is necessary to moisturize their skin. Use a good baby moisturizer it will keep the skin nourished and hydrated too, giving a glow to your baby’s skin.

3. Massage your Baby-

Massaging your baby helps them to become physically strong. It regulates their body temperature, helps them sleep peacefully and also keep them warm. The very act of massage helps to improve the blood flow in the body and boost body immunity. Make sure the room in which you are massaging your baby is warm.

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4. Layer them Up-

The best way to protect your baby from winter is to dress them in layers. Layers help to trap the air and your child won’t feel cold. But remember one thing, do not use more than three layers as it can make your baby suffocate. Also, if you feel your baby’s body temperature is normal, you can remove one layer. Keep a check on baby rash also.

5. Dress Baby Comfortably-

It is not necessary that since it is winter season, you need to keep your baby covered in gloves, caps and socks all the time. Doing so, can restrict your baby’s movement and irritate them. Dress your baby, according to the room temperature and also choose clothes which does not restrict the baby’s movement.

When your baby goes to sleep, cover them with mittens and socks, this will keep them warm.

6. Don’t forget Vaccination Schedule-

Giving your baby vaccine on time is the best thing you can do to protect your baby from any illness. During the winter season, babies are more prone to infections. Their immune system becomes weak and they fall sick very easily. Therefore, it is very necessary to get your baby vaccinated on time. A proper vaccination on time will keep them healthy and strong.

7. Breastfeed your Baby-

Breast milk is very nutritious and contains antibodies. It helps to strengthen the baby’s immunity and also protect him from various diseases. So, if your baby is still small for solid food, it will be good to give him Breast milk. Breast milk provides him with all the necessary and essential nutrients and keeps the baby healthy.

8. Give your Baby Soup-

If your baby has reached that age where you can give him/her solid food or drink other than milk, then it is better to give your baby some soup. Soup helps to keep the body temperature in control and bear the chilling winter.

You can make different types of soup for your baby like Tomato soup, Golden broth soup, and Lemon Coriander soup etc. Also, for the winter season, add some crushed garlic in the soup, this will keep your baby warm in winter.

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9. Spend time in Sun-

It will be good if you place your newborn in sun or let your infant play in sun. Sun is a good source of Vitamin D, which is an essential nutrient to build strong bones and also boost immunity. The sunlight helps to kill germs and bacteria and provides warmth to the baby’s body, regulating the temperature.

Conclusion on Infant During Winter

So, above are some of the useful tips to take care of your infant during winter. If it is your baby’s first winter, then as a parent you are bound to get worried. Therefore, prepare before by taking the above precautions. Maintain good hygiene and also keep your house clean, this will help to build your baby’s immunity.

How do you take care of your infant/newborn during winter?

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