How to Weight Loss After Delivery: Nutrition and Exercise Tips 

The period after delivery is a blissful one. You are grateful to have your baby in your arms. But you also want to get back in shape as soon as possible. How to weight loss after delivery is a thought that often crosses your mind. First of all, congratulations! You have done an incredible job. Now let us discuss how you can lose weight naturally. 

Every mom’s guide on how to weight loss after delivery

How to Weight Loss After Delivery

I remember how frustrated I was when the stubborn belly fat wouldn’t disappear. Luckily, my husband and my dietician assisted me throughout the post-childbirth weight loss journey. Now I am as sexy as I was before getting pregnant. So, as a fitness enthusiast and a proud mother of two darling children, I have the most effective weight loss tips for you.

1. Set achievable goals

Having unrealistic weight loss expectations will cause unnecessary stress. Even worse, it can have adverse effects on your health. So, give your body the time in needs to recover and relax. Have a gradual approach and refrain from adopting unhealthy methods. Losing a pound and a half every week will be a realistic goal after delivery.

2. Get your partner’s support 

Parenthood is not a solo experience. You are not alone in this. So, be it exhaustion from catering to the needs of the baby or postpartum depression – interacting with your spouse is compulsory. Discuss your weight loss plans with him. You can have fun going on walks together and eating healthier foods.

3. Eat a balanced diet

A crash diet is the worst way of shredding some pounds. You will end up being irritated and tired. Moreover, you need nutritious meals as you are breastfeeding. A standard postnatal nutrition plan should have 5 meals throughout the day. Have smaller meals and never skip the sumptuous breakfast.

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4. Get sufficient sleep at night 

Wondering what’s the connection between sleep and postpartum weight loss? That’s because sleep deprivation will negatively impact your efforts to lose weight. New mothers who don’t get 7 hours of undisturbed sleep at night tend to retain the pregnancy weight longer. 

How does this happen? Your body releases some hormones when you are fatigued. These hormones slow down the metabolic rate. You also crave sugar-loaded, unhealthy snacks. Hence, try taking brief naps whenever your newborn is asleep. 

5. Know the right time to start exercising 

Engaging in heavy workouts too soon after returning home with your baby will lead to injuries. You can start aerobic exercises a week after the delivery if you had a vaginal birth. But you must be patient about doing tummy-centric exercises for safety reasons. 

6. Say yes to postnatal yoga 

Postnatal yoga is among the safe exercises after childbirth. Just like prenatal yoga, postnatal yoga has a range of health benefits. It will correct your posture and improve your balance. Your flexibility will increase. You will feel energetic and agile. Yoga classes will also offer an amiable, stress-free environment for you to relax. 

7. Exercise regularly 

Once your doctor gives the green signal to work out, staying determined is essential. You must prioritize this irrespective of having a busy schedule. Walking tops my list of exercises for women with babies. You can take the baby with you in its stroller. You will get a chance to bond with the baby. 

Best exercises to promote weight loss after delivery 

1. Pelvic tilts 

Trying the pelvic tilt several times a day is highly recommended. It will provide strength to your abdominal muscles. You should it on the floor instead of on your bed. 

2. Oblique curls 

Another simple exercise, oblique curls are perfect to promote balance and stability. All women should do this after delivery.

3. Crunches 

How to lose belly fat after delivery? You can do crunches in the morning and evening. However, it will put pressure on your abdomen and cause pain at the surgery site. So, don’t do crunches if you didn’t have a vaginal delivery.

4. Squats 

It is an ideal exercise to reduce fat in the lower body. Doing squats for 6 months will give you celeb-like toned legs. 

5. Swimming

Cardio exercise is important. Swimming will keep your heart healthy without exerting pressure on your joints. And it will soothe your senses if you like being in the water.

6. Kegels 

Everyone knows that Kegels are a great exercise for pregnant ladies. But you should not discontinue them once the baby arrives. Kegels will resolve the issue of pelvic floor weakness. The best thing is that you can do Kegels right after birth. 

Must-have food items after delivery

Not sure what and eat for the well-being of yourself and your baby? You can make small changes in your food habits to notice impressive results. Consuming more fruits and vegetables after delivery is mandatory. You should also have brown rice, eggs, lean meat, nuts and seeds, legumes, fish, and low-fat dairy products. 

What not to eat if you are serious about becoming slimmer? 

Having healthy diets post-delivery also means resisting the temptation of certain foods. Hence, control cravings to relish fried and processed food, saturated fats, alcohol, and sugary drinks to lose weight faster. 

Does breastfeeding make it easy to lose weight?

How to lose belly fat after delivery without hitting the gym? Studies have revealed that breastfeeding burns calories. Your body spends nearly 300-500 additional calories daily to produce milk. 

Breastfeeding also releases hormones that shrink the post-baby uterus. Your belly will flatten faster if you provide breastmilk to your baby instead of formula. So, now you have yet another reason to enjoy feeding your adorable angel. 

Things to remember when resuming exercise after pregnancy

  • You can start doing mild exercises a week after childbirth. Walking is one such beneficial activity. Isometric contractions are helpful during this phase. They will strengthen your pelvis, abdomen, and back.  
  • Your safety comes first. So, moderate or heavy intensity workout is a big no. You must wait 8 weeks after having a caesarean delivery. 
  • You must consult your healthcare provider before following any kind of exercise routine. 
  • Wearing a supportive bra and nursing pads when exercising will be useful if your breasts leak. 
  • Note that you are breastfeeding. It is natural to feel fatigued after exercising for a few minutes. So, stay hydrated and avoid exhaustion. 
  • Immediately stop exercising if you experience any kind of pain.
Good Luck! 

Lastly, knowing how to weight loss after delivery will help you bid adieu to a postpartum belly. But you must not feel depressed if it takes 3 months or 6. Remind yourself that you created life. So, celebrate your womanhood and be kind to your body. Have a lot of fun with your little one and look after yourself!

Frequently Asked Question 
  1. What is the safe time to start weight loss after delivery?

    Physical therapists and gynecologists recommend new mothers to wait at least six weeks after a vaginal delivery. Wait for two months after a cesarean delivery before exercising regularly.

  2. Are there special diets for postpartum weight loss?

Having a nutrition-rich diet will make it less challenging for you to get rid of postpartum weight. Book an appointment with a nutritionist to have a personalized weight loss diet chart designed for new moms.

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