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How To Potty Train A Boy In 3 Days

how to potty train a boy

Handling a child and making them learn all the basic etiquettes is one big task. As your baby grows into a toddler, it is necessary that they become more and more independent. How to potty train a boy is one of the tasks, which takes time and patience to achieve. It hinges on physical, developmental and behavioral milestones. Potty training has nothing to do with age. Some children learn about potty training between 18-24 months while some take time and learn it in 3 years.

Even if you start training at an early age, chances are you will reach the milestone at the same time as the other moms. Therefore, we have brought to you some how to potty train a boy tips to make the work easy for you.

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What age should you potty train a boy?

potty training a boy

Well, every child is different some learn early while some take time. You cannot really judge or make out the Potty training age for your child. Potty training actually depends on your child’s physical and mental development. Other things which affect Potty training are-

  • Can your child walk and sit on toilet seat?
  • Can your child understand the basic instruction you give?
  • Can he/she understand when they need to go and tell you.
  • Do you feel your child is interested in wearing big underwear or using toilet?

If you feel, the answers to the above questions are yes, then your child is ready for the potty training. And if you feel, the answer to the above questions are mostly no, then it is best to wait for few more months before starting the potty training.

It is very necessary that your child is motivated, your eagerness for him to learn won’t matter in this situation. While potty training your baby, it is very necessary that you stay calm and contented. Your aggression or impetuousness may have a negative impact on the potty training. You need to follow some steps and devote your time and energy to potty training your child perfectly.

Tips to  how to potty train a boy

1. Make sure your child is ready-

Your readiness for your toddler learning won’t matter, it is necessary that your child is motivated and eager to learn. Do not rush into anything, achieving success in this area is a bit difficult.

2. Buy big underwear as a sign of encouragement-

You can pamper your kid with some fun and engaging underwear and ask them that when they learn about potty training, they can wear it. This can help in the encouragement for them to learn.

3. Get on potty schedule-

Set up a potty schedule for your toddler. Like when they wake up, one hour after they have eaten. This will help your toddler to get on a potty schedule and understand its importance.

4. Create a potty-training song-

If you feel your child is nervous about potty training, you can encourage him by singing some songs. You can also have a good potty training song for you both while you are going to the bathroom. Confused about the song? You can find many of them online.

5. Have naked time-

Many parents have found this tactic helpful. The basic idea is to let your kid roam around naked, this will make them conscious when they have to go to the bathroom as they do not have any diaper covering them. If your child finds it difficult to pull down their pants for potty, try this method, it may actually work.

6. Potty train before bedtime and after waking up-

Try to potty train your child before they hit bedtime and as soon as they wake up. This will help to make a proper potty schedule and will also instill good habits in them.

7. Give your boy some extra time-

Do not compare your body and potty timing with your toddler. Your body and mindset have been trained, give your boy some time and do not rush them into anything. Also, do not compare your child, boys take a little more time than girls to learn for potty. Teach them how to sit and pee, and then start with potty training.

8. Do not make pooping sound scary-

Many parents have the habit of scaring their children for pooping. This can never be the right way, passing a bowel movement may be frightening and scary for your little one. You need to convince and soothe them, and also make sure that passing stool is not hurting them.

9. Don’t expect miracle in few days-

Your baby is new to this thing, expecting a 100% result in just a few days is impossible. Potty training in 3 days may sound exciting, but it can be stressful for your child. You need to give your child the proper amount of time to process the thought and to understand the importance of it.

10. Don’t punish mistakes-

It is possible that even after you have taught your child about potty training, they may not always use it. You should not punish them for their mistakes. Potty training may be struggling and frustrating sometimes, instead of punishing them, explain to them that it’s okay and they should try not to repeat it again.

Conclusion on how to potty train a boy

So, above are some of the tips which you can use to how to potty train a boy. Just remember, your child is new to all these things, and you cannot lose patience while training them. Give them some time, encourage them and be positive they will learn the process.

How did you potty train your child?

FAQ on how to potty train a boy

1. How long will it take to potty train your child?

Potty training is a long process, it may take weeks to months to train your child to potty train. All kids are different, so do not compare your child with anyone not even with their siblings. The length of training may actually reflect the child’s individuality.

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