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How To Breastfeed Twins: Natural Tips and Positions

how to breastfeed twins

Being pregnant with twins is something you can thank god for making you this lucky. Yes, twins or double babies means double happiness. As soon as you know that you are pregnant with twins, you must be excited and nervous as well. Many things change when you conceive with twins. Twins mean handling two babies at one time, feeding them, bathing them, playing with them all at the same time. You might be worried about how will you breastfeed the twins? We have got some tips and positions for you through which you can breastfeed your twins at the same time.

It is very common for twin babies to be born prematurely. Breast milk helps them to survive any condition in the world. Being born prematurely, babies digestive system does not get fully developed that’s when Breast milk comes into the picture as it is easy to digest.

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Why Breastfeed Important For Twins?

Breastfeeding twins is the same as breastfeeding your single baby. However, the benefits of breastfeeding are increased for twins as they are mostly born prematurely. Following are the benefits of Breastfeeding Twins-

  • Easy to digest- Since your little one’s digestive system is not fully developed. You should give them Breast milk as it is full of nutrients and also easy to digest.
  • Breast milk provides antibodies- Yes, this is true!  Babies getting breast milk fall sick less. Breast milk helps to boost immunity and also fight off infections from the body.
  • It helps to develop a connection between mother and baby- While breastfeeding, mother and child have a skin-to-skin connection which is great for the baby’s overall growth and development.

Tips For How to Breastfeed Twins

tips for Breastfeeding Twins

This is the biggest ever question. If you feed your two babies at intervals or one by one, you won’t have time for yourself. Therefore, you need to try to feed them simultaneously (tandem breastfeeding). Tandem Breastfeeding means if one baby is awake and you are about to feed that baby, you should wake up other babies too and feed them.

If you feel feeding both babies together is not something you will be comfortable with. Then always try to feed the weaker feeder first and then the other one. Slowly, slowly you will get habitual of breastfeeding them at the same time. Starting weeks may be difficult, as newborns need feeding 8-12 times a day and one session lasts for around 30 minutes.

When the babies grow, their sleep-wake cycle might be different resulting in which you will have to feed them individually.

Comfortable Twin Breastfeeding Positions

Twin breastfeeding positions

During nursing, it is necessary that both your babies are comfortable and getting milk and all three of you are enjoying this without any physical strain. Following are some of the Breastfeeding Positions to try-

1. Upright Latch Hold-

In this breastfeeding position, each of your babies holds to one breast while being seated in an upright position. You could make babies sit on your legs or you can also place a pillow on which the babies can sit. But make sure to hold their head and support their back with your arms.

2. Cradle and Football Hold-

This position demands placing one baby in a cradle position and one in a football position. The baby which you feel latches easily, place them in a cradle position.

3. Double Football Hold-

This position is very comfortable for women who had C-sections. Place your babies on the pillow just below your arms such that the legs are pointing backward. Support their heads and backs with your hands.

4. Double Cradle Hold-

This is one interesting breastfeeding position. Place both your babies in a cradle position where their legs overlap and make an X in the lap. You can sit or lie down supporting their back and head with your hands.

Bonus Tips to Breastfeed Twins

  • Get a feeding or nursing pillow- If you do not wish to purchase a nursing pillow, you can use bed pillows or cushions as props. These cushions are needed to support your back, your arms, and your babies while you are feeding them.
  • Shift breasts- Sometimes it happens that each of your babies chooses a breast on which they are comfortable. But it is recommended, that you should switch your breast for each baby so that, you don’t face problems of breast engorgement and clogged milk ducts.
  • Ascertain their latching is right- Many times mothers do not look out for this thing, which results in sore breasts later. When you have positioned your babies properly, see if the latching is right. Correct latching includes babies’ lips flange out and cover the entire areola. A good latching helps the babies to drink milk properly.
  • Seek support and positions- In the starting days, you may need the help of someone to place your twin babies for the feeding. It is important you seek help, as feeding two babies at one time might be a little difficult, also you need to look out for proper latching.
  • Focus on your health and well-being- Many times new moms forget that they have to look out for their health and well-being too, after all, breastfeeding is one tough job and you need to be healthy and eat healthy food. For good milk to flow, make sure you focus on your health.
  • Take advice- If you can’t breastfeed your twins simultaneously, you should consult your lactation expert or healthcare provider. It is normal for many mothers to have problems in Breastfeeding. And with the twin situation, many face problems.
  • Keep some stored breast milk- There may be times when your babies are hungry but you are not available. Or the feeding time of both your babies does not match. To deal with this situation pump some breast milk and store it so that anyone can feed your baby.

How to Increase the Milk Supply?

It is very necessary that both your babies are getting sufficient milk. Therefore, follow these tips to increase your milk supply: –

Feeding twins is not very easy and it requires some practice. No matter you are feeding them together, individually, or even feeding them with formula milk. The most important thing is you and your babies are healthy and happy. So, never stress too much about breastfeeding. Everything will be okay!

Enjoy this precious time with your babies.

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