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Easter Gender Reveal Party Tips Featuring Easter Eggs, Bunny Decoration, and Other Ideas

Easter Gender Reveal Party

Pregnancy is a magical phase in the life of any couple. The highlight of this journey is the eagerness to know if a baby girl or a boy is about to brighten up your home. The moment you learn this, your happiness knows no bounds, and you get super excited to share the great news with family and friends. Just like you, your closest people are equally eager to welcome the new member of your family. So, the best way to do that is by uploading cool pictures on social media or hosting a gender reveal party where you will announce your baby’s gender in front of everyone. And since Easter Holidays are knocking at the door, combining the gender announcement party with the approaching holiday will be so much fun! Need some fabulous suggestions for Easter gender reveal? Then scroll down as we have some amazing ideas that you will love!

Easter Gender Reveal Party Ideas for Would-be-Parents

1. A surprise Easter brunch

The best place and time to share any good news is at the dining table when the entire family is having yummy food together. You can invite your favorite people to have brunch at your place without giving them any hint that it is an Easter gender reveal. Serve yummy dishes to tantalize the taste buds of your family members. When you finally bring out the tasty dessert, hold the hand of your partner and tell it to everyone.

2. A gender reveal egg hunt

An Easter party is incomplete without the Easter egg hunt competition. It gives people a chance to bid adieu to winter and spend quality time under the sun. So, your spring gender reveal party can include the Easter egg hunt. Both children and adults can participate in it and their thrill will double when the winner gets delectable sweets and the test report that contains the gender of the baby.

3. Bake an Easter egg

If you are too busy to host an Easter party or your parents and other relatives don’t live in the same city, why not take to Instagram to make the announcement? All you have to do is bake a cake on Easter Sunday and you can share the photo of the cake on other social media platforms as well.

You can pick any flavor of your choice but make sure you do the frosting right. Write the following words neatly on top of the cake with fresh cream: it’s a girl/ it’s a boy. This way, you will give people the biggest surprise that they will remember forever.

4. Easter egg gender reveal

Looking for some innovative ways to introduce your baby’s gender? Then we have a unique idea for you. You can also design a large egg with a doll inside it. The gender of the doll will depend on the gender of the baby developing in your womb which will become clear when you break the egg at the end of the party. Cracking the egg is bound to amplify the fun as that’s the moment all will be waiting for.

5. Bunny-themed gender reveal

Bunnies are adorable and they are a part of the Easter tradition. So, along with pastel gender reveal decorations, you can also place bunnies in the venue of the party you are planning to host. One rabbit can hold a card that mentions your baby’s gender. You can take the help of your sibling to make arrangements of the party decoration without telling it to anybody as you want to keep this a secret till the last minute.

6. Gender reveal Easter basket

One of the most awesome festive gender reveal ideas is to send Easter baskets to your family. Wondering what are some must-have elements in an Easter basket? Cute and colorful eggs, confetti, foam ducklings, and wheatgrass are the four simple things that will instantly transform a plain basket into an Easter basket.

The most important thing is undoubtedly the silhouette of a little boy or girl. Imagine how you can unleash your creative self while decorating these baskets for your close allies!

7. Homemade Easter candies

From kids to oldies – who does not like the classic Easter candies? But did you know that making Easter candies at home is not as difficult as you think! Not sure how this is related to creative Easter gender reveals? If you are nurturing a boy in your belly, the candies will be blue in color. If a little princess will enter your life, then go with pick candies. You cah give unique shapes to the candies to make them look irresistibly appetizing.

Now the question is: how to make Easter candies from scratch? You will require a few simple ingredients and there are plenty of recipes available on YouTube.

8. Scratch card gender reveal

One of the cutest Easter gender reveal ideas is through scratch cards. This idea is a good one for social media, parties, and email. As everyone will be a winner in the end, all will have a smile on their face. Make sure there is a photographer to capture these lovely moments. When your child grows up a little, you can show him/ her the photos.

9. Girl or boy teams

Once the guests have been fed the dinner, you can arrange a small competition, dividing the guests into two groups: boy team and girl team. On the voting table, there will be two vessels having pink and blue marbles. Beside the vessels, keep two jars with stickers “Boy” and “Girl”. All get to guess if the future parents will have a girl or a boy. The participants can approach one by one and take marbles to cast their vote.

10. Vintage rabbit themed invitation card

When it comes to inviting people to your party, you must send customized cards as this is not a regular party but a gender reveal party during Easter. So, on the card it can be written “She or He will our bunny baby be?”. It will communicate to all the invitees that the party has been thrown to let them know the baby’s gender.

11. Gender reveal with balloons

One of the most popular ways of disclosing the baby’s gender is through a box containing a lot of balloons. The balloons can be pink and blue or any colors of your choice. As it is also Easter time, the shape of the balloons can resemble the Easter Egg.

Fun Fact About Baby Gender Reveal

Be it an Easter-themed gender reveal or a Halloween-themed gender reveal, these parties have recently become popular. An American blogger named Jenna Karvunidis is believed to be the person who began this trend in the year 2008. All we can say is that counting the days for the arrival of a baby is such a special experience. So, fun-filled pregnancy announcements are mandatory so that all can celebrate together.

Gender Easter Reveal Decorations for Your Party

Whether you are hosting the party at a fancy venue or at your home, here are some simple DIY suggestions and decor elements for both outdoor and indoor settings.

  1. Place decorative eggs in different colors and sizes on glass or brass candlesticks.
  2. Keep a vintage basket featuring colorful eggs.
  3. At the dinner table, fold the napkins in the shape of bunnies.
  4. Include carrot-like balloons, Easter wreaths, matching outfits, Easter cards and banners.

The Takeaway

We may conclude by congratulating you as the day when a bundle of joy will be in your arms is not far away. We also hope that you liked our Easter gender reveal ideas because that’s what matters the mostly. Afterall, it is your baby shower and hence, whichever way you choose to disclose your baby’s gender should reflect the depth of your emotions as a parent. You should also take the opinion of your partner as planning these things together will strengthen your bond and make your pregnancy journey more enjoyable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are some unique Easter-themed gender reveal ideas?

Some unusual Easter gender reveal ways are gender reveal cake, egg hunt, scratch cards unveiling the gender, and Easter egg gender reveal.

Q. How can I incorporate spring elements into my Easter gender reveal?

Some of the must-have Spring elements at an Easter gender disclosure party are floral decorations, picnic in the garden, and Easter Egg hunt competition.

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