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Interesting Celebrity Baby Names for Your Precious Angel

Celebrity Baby Names

Indian celeb kids are as popular as the celebs. Celebrities are experts in entertaining their fans with cute videos of their little ones. Their pics are all over the internet. Their names are equally trending. And for every parent, his/ her baby is no less than a celeb. So, here are some of the best celebrity baby names to glam up your baby’s personality. 

Celebrity baby names and their main features

Why do people love to name their kids after their favorite celebs? Why are unique celebrity baby names so trending? Here are some attributes to consider:


Celebrities enjoy being in the limelight. And all parents secretly hope that their kids become popular. Giving a rare name to your child will grab people’s attention. It will make everyone remember and admire the name. 

Quick identification 

A person’s name is his/ her identity. It will remain the same throughout. Celebs often name their kids by adding parts of the names of both parents in the children’s names. Then people can instantly recognize whose daughter or son the kid is. 

Similarly, it will be easy for everyone to identify your kid. Teachers and classmates won’t forget his/ her name when it’s familiar. 


Celebs and their children are fashion icons. Whatever they wear becomes a style statement. This is one of the perks of naming your child after a famous star kid. When your baby grows up, she/ he will feel confident introducing herself/ himself. 

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Celebrity baby names

Looking for unique celebrity baby names for your darling baby? As a baby name expert, I have the perfect list of names preferred by Indian cricketers and Bollywood celebs for their kids. So, stay tuned to find a name that suits the charming persona of your little one.


Do you know the name of Madhuri Dixit’s son? Dr. Nene and Madhuri address their son as Azaan. The brand name means ‘mountain strength’. 


Haroon is a rhythmic celebrity kid name that is perfect for boys. The name has its roots in the ancient Indian culture and it is a Sanskrit term. Haroon is Konkona Sen’s son. 


If you like watching Bollywood movies, you must be a fan of Karishma Kapoor. Her daughter’s name is Samaira. It means ‘the goddess of feminine beauty’. The name owes its origin to Greek myths. 


Want singer-baby names? We got you covered!

Doesn’t Rahman’s music soothe your senses? The name Rahman has chosen for his daughter is equally poetic. Prophet Mohammed’s wife was known as Katija. 


You already know Aaradhya is the pretty daughter of Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, a woman of ethereal beauty. But very few people are aware of the concept behind the name. Aaradhya is ‘someone worth worshipping’. 


Taimur is a name that needs no introduction. Kareena and Saif’s son wins everyone’s hearts with his funny behavior. He is of noble birth. Naturally, he has a royal name that means ‘a great king’. 


The talented South Indian actor Dhanush has named his little boy Lingaa. It refers to Lord Shiva. If you like religious names, you will fall for this one. 


Looking for more religious names to please your conservative in-laws? Nandan is a fabulous name for worshippers of Lord Shiva. Need another reason to pick this name? Nandan is the only son of Mani Ratnam, the well-known director.


Just like names inspired by cities, Mahika is a modern yet aesthetic name. The Sanskrit word stands for ‘Earth’. Mahika is Arjun Rampal’s baby girl.


Want a celeb girl name that’s easy to pronounce? Divya is actor Vijay’s daughter. This name means ‘divine power’. 


Who does not know Abram? He is the son of the king of Bollywood, Shah Rukh Khan. He is the youngest kid of the actor and the name means ‘exalted father’. 


Some Bollywood celebs even choose foreign names for their kids. For instance, Farah Khan calls her daughter Anya. Anya is a Russian name that stands for ‘grace’. It is a name for a female child. 


Many parents like short names for their kids. Yug is the son of the star couple, Kajol and Ajay Devgan. It is a Hindi word meaning ‘an era’. 


Nysa Devgan is slaying people with her looks these days. She is the daughter of Ajay Devgan and the dazzling Kajol. The word means ‘new beginning or goal’. 


Suhana is one of the popular baby names for Bollywood lovers. Suhana, Shah Rukh’s daughter, recently made her acting debut with ‘Archies’ on Netflix. The name means ‘charming’, which resonates with her character. 


Akira is synonymous with ‘beautiful and radiant’. And if you spend your spare time watching Farhan Akhtar’s films, you may name your girl after his daughter. 


Your quest for an uncommon name ends here. Rasha is Raveena Tandon’s daughter. The first drops of rain are called Rasha. 


Have you grown up watching romantic movies directed by Karan Johar? How about naming your girl after his daughter, Roohi? It is an anagram of Karan’s mom’s name: Hiroo. 


Rani Mukherjee has been entertaining people for decades. Do you adore her charismatic nature? Then choosing Rani Mukherjee’s daughter’s name for your firstborn makes sense. Adira is a Hebrew word meaning ‘the noble one’.


Soundarya is a lyrical name for a girl. Need another reason to finalize this one? Soundarya is Rajnikanth’s daughter. 


Actor Mahadevan has a son. Everybody calls him by the name Vedant. So, it is an awesome male celebrity name. 


The last celeb baby name on my list is Ayaan, an Islamic name chosen by Allu Arjun for his boy. It means God’s gift. 

The Takeaway

Lastly, selecting a name for your baby is a special feeling. With so many stylish Celebrity baby names, do you feel spoilt for choices? With such brilliant suggestions, the name-hunting process won’t have to be stressful. I’m pretty sure you and your spouse have already picked a favorite. 

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Why do celebrities choose unique baby names?

A: Celebrities are a pro at giving beautiful names to their kids. The names are so unique that Celeb baby name controversies are not uncommon. They choose such names to draw the attention of their fans and the media.

Q: How do celebrity baby names influence popular baby name trends?

Such is the stardom of celebs that people imitate everything they do. They are trendsetters. So, be it Hollywood child names or Bollywood child names – these names are bound to be trending.

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