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100+ Modern and Indian Baby Boy Names from Letter ‘P’

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Choosing a baby name is one of the difficult tasks for every parent. You would want the name to be unique, different and contains a special meaning. The name which you will keep will be your baby’s identity and it will be with your baby for a lifetime. Today, we have shortlisted some 100+ Modern and Indian Baby Boy Names start with P.

It is never enough and always great to have a lot of choices in the baby’s name. So, that you can shortlist the best one and consider it. But searching a good name is again very tiring. Don’t worry we have made your work a little easy.

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P Boy Names Unique

Unique P Boy Names

  • Paulo
  • Patrick
  • Peter
  • Preston
  • Peyton
  • Paul
  • Parker
  • Pedro
  • Philip
  • Palmer
  • Phoenix
  • Princeton
  • Paxton
  • Porter
  • Perry
  • Pierson
  • Presley
  • Philip
  • Paris
  • Phineas
  • Pavel
  • Pryce
  • Pau
  • Paxtyn
  • Pascal
  • Pinchas
  • Parsa
  • Poseidon
  • Piero
  • Patryk
  • Peterson
  • Pesach
  • Pavle
  • Peterson
  • Pike
  • Platon
  • Phil
  • Parsa
  • Paulino
  • Prentice
  • Pasquale
  • Panagiotis

P Boy Names Unique Hindu

  • Paandu- Father of the Pandavas
  • Paaras- One who is precious for the community
  • Paarth- Another name of Arjuna
  • Paavak- Pure
  • Paavan- Pure, Sacred
  • Pahal- Beginning Initiative
  • Palash- Tree
  • Palin- Protecting
  • Panchal- Lord Shiva
  • Priyansh- Lovable part of someone
  • Prish- Loving, God gifted
  • Praneel- Lord Shiva
  • Pranshul- Name of Lord Shiva
  • Priansh- Beloved
  • Parikshit- Name of an Ancient King
  • Pranay- Romance, Love
  • Prathyush- Dawn, The Sun
  • Pranil- Lord Shiva
  • Priyom- Beloved, Loved by all
  • Paarush- Born with quick and active mind
  • Pranjal- Honest or soft
  • Prajwal- Shining, Brightness
  • Parav- Name of a Sage
  • Pranava- The sacred symbol of OM
  • Prathit- Confident, Famous
  • Prabir- King, Chief, Brave
  • Piyush- Milk, Nectar
  • Param- The best
  • Pratik- Symbol
  • Praveen- Expert, Skilled
  • Pratham- Always first
  • Pradyut- Light, Brilliant
  • Purvith
  • Palvit- Name of Lord Vishnu
  • Pinak- Brave, Prince of Earth
  • Piu- A form of Pius
  • Parv- Festival
  • Prashant- Calm and composed
  • Pragnay- Famous, Scholar
  • Purvanshu
  • Prabhav- Effect, Popular
  • Pratish- Hope, Expectation
  • Paramjeet- Highest success
  • Paran- Adore
  • Pariket- Against desire
  • Parimal- Perfume
  • Paritosh- Satisfaction
  • Parish- Angelic
  • Perumal- Lord
  • Pinakin- Lord Shiva
  • Prabhat- Dawn
  • Prachet- Lord Vishnu
  • Pradyot- To illuminate
  • Praful- Blooming
  • Pragun- Straight
  • Prakat- Manifest
  • Pramath- Horse
  • Prana- Spirit
  • Prasad- Offering
  • Prasham- Peace
  • Paresh- Supreme spirit
  • Parijat- A celestial flower
  • Parnal- Leafy
  • Payod- Cloud
  • Prabal- Very strong
  • Prashant- Very Calm
  • Premal- Full of Love
  • Pritam- Lover
  • Priyesh- Loved by God
  • Panistha- Very wonderful
  • Priyak- Loving, Deer
  • Paragata- One who as crossed over safely
  • Parakram- Strength
  • Parisatya- The pure truth
  • Paroksa- Beyond Observation
  • Pramesh- Master of Accurate Knowledge
  • Prakul- Good-looking
  • Parigol- Fairy like flower
  • Parishad- Joyous
  • Prachur- Abundant
  • Pradvik- Hidden
  • Prakalp- Project
  • Praket- Understanding
  • Prannath- Lord of life
  • Pravah- A flow of the river
  • Praveg- Velocity
  • Preshak- Messenger
  • Pulakit- Thrilled
  • Puyah- Goal
  • Prihaans- Lovable Swan
  • Panth- A road
  • Prathul- Plenty
  • Palvish- Courageous
  • Pravish- To enter


So, above are some of the boy names start with p, which you can consider for your baby. Take time in keeping the name, do not hurry. Also, you can ask your friends and relatives for some suggestions and give them the above name.

Which name did you like the best?

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