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17 Best Maternity Support Belts With Benefits Of 2021 (Reviews)

Maternity Support Belts

Pregnancy is one of the beautiful phases in women’s lives, but it also comes with lots of discomforts. Having a whole baby inside you is something that changes your whole body. Yes, with as your baby grows inside you, your belly increases and it shifts your center of weight of the body. That is when you need the best maternity support belt. 

What is a maternity support belt?


A maternity belt is meant to give you support during the pregnancy. They lift up your belly and decreases the pressure on the spine. The maternity support belt offers relief in hip, pelvic, and abdomen pain. There are various types of maternity belts.

TheBlessedMom has shortlisted 17 best maternity support belt, pregnancy support bands and  maternity support belt pros and cons which you can think of buying and using in the pregnancy time

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What is the difference between Maternity and Belly Band?

Initially, people think Maternity and Belly Bands are the same things. But actually, they aren’t. There’s a difference between Maternity and Belly bands.

Belly Bands:

It is actually a piece of stretchable clothing, which you can wear normally to keep your tummy inside and to get the proper fitting of clothes. They come in different sizes and colors, you can use it to cover your belly during the second trimester. Belly band provides coverage rather than support.

Maternity Belt:

The maternity belt provides support to your abdomen when your belly is growing. It relieves the pain from the back and pelvis and makes you comfortable.

What does a pregnancy support belt do?

Many people think that buying Maternity Belt is just a fashion and another add on expense. But as your belly is growing, you would want support to keep you going with your daily activities. Following are the reasons, benefits of why one should wear a maternity belt-

It offers relief from pain and support-

As your pregnancy grows, the weight of your body grows and it becomes difficult to maintain a proper balance of your body. Maternity belt helps you in the support your body weight by distributing it all over the body and also reliefs you from the pain.

Improves our posture-

Many women tend to bend, while pregnant as the body balance gets shifted. The maternity belt helps to improve the posture by giving support to your lower back.

Body shaping post-pregnancy-

A maternity belt can be used throughout pregnancy. You can also use it after delivery to get relieved from C-section.

Pain reduction-

The maternity belt helps in relieving from joint and pelvic pain. It can also be called a pelvic support belt.

Comfort and confidence-

If you are in a comfortable position during pregnancy, it increases your confidence.

What is the best support belt for pregnancy?

After research, we have found the best maternity support belt reviews, pros, and cons of 2020.

1. Bracoo Maternity Belt:-

Bracoo Maternity Belt

One of the best maternity belts made especially to deal with the lower back pain. It fits up to 46 inches circumference and can be even used post-delivery.


  • It helps to reduce the pressure gently from the lower back.
  • It helps to improve posture.
  • The four-way stretch fabric makes it more comfortable and provides elasticity.
  • It can be used as a body shaper post-delivery.
  • Made with Velcro strapping, the belt is easy to wear and also uses it on a regular purpose.


2. Babo Care Maternity Belt:-

Babo Care Maternity Belt
Babo Care Maternity Belt

This maternity belt is a good option for those moms who expecting twins. It helps you to get relieved from back pain, hip pain, and sacroiliac pain. It also helps to correct the posture and is very affordable.


  • It comes in one size only.
  • The belt’s front is made from breathable, moisture, and heat-wicking material.
  • It supports the pelvic, hip, and lowers back.
  • It also helps to correct the posture.
  • It makes your day-to-day work easy.


3. Cabela Maternity Support Belt:-

The worst pain you suffer during pregnancy is pelvic pain. Cabela maternity support belt has been designed in such a way, that it helps to relieve you from the pelvic pain. It helps in providing compression to your groin area, it may feel weird, but it helps greatly in the pelvic floor pain.


  • The belt is breathable and made from soft fabric
  • It is machine washable.
  • It is best to give relieve in the pelvic pain
  • The belt comes with a groin band that helps relieve pelvic floor and back pain
  • This maternity belt is also a great post-delivery. It helps to deal with C-section.


4. AZMED Maternity Belt:-

AZMED Maternity Belt

A maternity belt made to give you relief from the back pain. It helps in putting less pressure on the back and corrects your body posture. Staying comfortable is very necessary during pregnancy so that you can do your daily work and also enjoy pregnancy.

This maternity belt helps to lift your belly, which means little discomfort on your back.


  • It helps in correcting body posture.
  • It gives relieve in pregnancy pain
  • It is soft and lightweight
  • Made with breathable, elastic fiber. 


5. Gabrialla Maternity Support Belt Reviews:-

This maternity belt is perfect for those, who like to be active even during pregnancy time. Baby belly makes it a little difficult for the mom to be to perform any exercise. Gabrialla maternity support belt offers support and gentle compression to stabilize your body weight and also support your back.


  • It is made up of polyester, cotton, and lycra.
  • It can be easily worn under maternity clothes
  • It is flexible, comfortable and adjustable for everyday use
  • The belt comes with a pocket, which helps in offering cold and hot therapy.
  • It helps to increase the blood flow, reduces pain, and helps loosen the muscles. 


6. Soft Form Maternity Support Belt:-

This nylon and cotton mix maternity band supports the lumbar and abdomen region and helps to relieve the back pain.


  • It helps to alleviate the lower back pain
  • It is made up of the multi-layered lining of nylon and cotton.
  • It is latex-free
  • The belt provides proper ventilation and gentle compression.
  • It gently supports the abdomen, without exerting any pressure. 


7. Ingrid & Isabel’s Bellaband:-

It is one of the best belly band, made from nylon and spandex it is soft and stretchable. It can be worn full length or folded for extra support.


  • It is made up of nylon and cotton.
  • It is machine washable
  • It is stretchable and helps to give proper support to the abdomen.


8. TOROS Group Maternity Support Band:-

TOROS Group Maternity Support Band

TOROS Maternity Support Band helps the moms to do the exercise properly. It covers the hip and belly area properly so that you do not feel any discomfort. It is designed to be worn daily and helps to reduce the stress from the lower back area.


  • It is comfortable
  • It is a pain reliever
  • Its elastic fabric helps to relieve from the hip and pelvic pain
  • It is easy to stick and difficult to tear off
  • It can be comfortably worn under maternity clothes
  • It is ideal to wear during pregnancy and also post-pregnancy
  • It helps to correct your posture and offers support to weak abdominal muscles.


9. Bentibo 2-Pack Maternity Belly Band:-

If you are a workout freak mom to be, this maternity belt is a must for you. Bentibo-2 belly band offers great flexibility and support to your back while you are trying to do the workout. It does not let you sweat much and keeps you cooler.


  • It is made up of nylon and spandex.
  • Made with an easy, soft, and breathable cloth.
  • The silicone rubber does not move from place to place, even during a workout.
  • The belt provides enough compression to the abdominal muscles
  • Best to wear every day and also keep you cool
  • It also helps in correcting your posture and give support to weak abdominal muscles.


11. NEOtech Care Brand:-

NEOtech Care Brand

Some women’s skin is very sensitive. Wearing the belt on bare skin may give them rash or skin irritation. Wearing a heavy elastic, velcros may damage your skin. NEOtech care belt is made by keeping in mind the women’s sensitive skin. 

You can easily wear them above your cloth and it can adjust according to the growing belly. Made for women with lower back pain, the band distributes the pain equally all over the body.


  • It is best for lower back pain.
  • It is designed to be worn over the clothes
  • It is made up of breathable fabric
  • It helps in lifting the abdominal and puts less pressure on the spine.


12. Yosoo Maternity Belt Reviews:-

A belt made to provide immense support to hip and back. It helps the women to get relief from all the discomforts during pregnancy. The material of the belt is lightweight and breathable. Just the one disadvantage of this belt is it has to be hand-washed. 


  • Hand washing only
  • The belt is good for use for both pre and post-delivery
  • The material is breathable, lightweight and also comes with an adjustable Velcro
  • It helps to provide hip stability and relieves from any discomfort.


13. Zenda Naturals Pregnancy Band:-

A band made up of breathable fabric helps to relieve the women from any back pain or abdominal pain during pregnancy.


  • You can wear them all day without any discomfort.
  • The adjustable wrap fit perfectly and adjusts according to the belly size
  • It helps to relieve any pregnancy pain
  • It also helps to reduce joint fatigue.


14. Enjoy Colorful Life Maternity Belt:-

This maternity belt consists of double-layered laminate, which helps in moisture absorption and perspiration. It helps to alleviate the back pain, by diverting the pressure on lower back pain.


  • It’s zero pressure’ support offers great stability to the abdomen.
  • It comes with Velcro, which is adjustable and also supports ligaments
  • It is available in free size
  • Made up of highly elastic material and breathable fabric
  • Wash it gently and let it dry naturally. 


15. Vikka Breathable Maternity Belt:-

Even suitable for postpartum stress, this breathable maternity belt is made up of cotton, nylon, and spandex. It helps to relieve the back pain and also improves the posture.


  • It is lightweight, fully adjustable, and made up of breathable fabric.
  • It is available in one size
  • It is suitable for postpartum use
  • It comes with an adjustable Velcro strap. 


16. Prenatal Cradle Plus V2 Supporter:-

Prenatal Cradle Plus V2 Supporter

This maternity belt is a little different in design but it helps to ease the discomfort done during pregnancy and also helps to improve the posture.


  • It lifts pressure from the pelvis.
  • It helps in increasing the blood circulation and also helps to reduce the leg swelling
  • The V2 portion is removable
  • It helps prevent excessive swelling of a vulvar vein
  • You can also use the belt while using the restroom.


17. La-Reve Maternity Belly Band:-

La-Reve Maternity Belly Band

This maternity band can be worn before and after pregnancy. It is best for the women who went through C-section. It remains soft on the stitches and makes you comfortable. It helps to reduce the irritation and allows you to comfortably wear the maternity clothes.


  • Easy on your waistline
  • It is Affordable
  • It also expands as baby grows
  • It provides full coverage to your tummy
  • It is lightweight and keeps you cool and non-sticky.
  • Its fabric is soft, breathable, and elastic. 


How to choose a maternity belt?

After seeing the above Best Maternity Belts. Before buying the maternity belt, look for following features-

  • Comfort- The belt should not be tricky to wear, it should be comfortable, should fit you properly and also support the abdomen.
  • Easy to Clean- Look for the maternity belt which is easily machine washable, as you would need it to clean every week.
  • Budget- Obviously, this comes in the most priority, no one would like to spend a fortune on buying a maternity belt. But make sure you do not miss the above two points while ordering for the maternity belt.

How to Wear a Maternity Belt?

Wearing a maternity belt is not a very difficult task. Here are the following steps to follow-

  1. Rest the maternity belt right under your tummy, just above the pelvic area.
  2. Wrap the strap of the belt around the body till it reaches the back.
  3. You can adjust the maternity belt as required for your comfort.

Bonus Tips For Pregnancy Belts

  • Before buying a maternity belt, remember the following things-
  • Do not just buy a maternity belt, out of fashion. Always consult the doctor before buying the belt. The doctor will tell you which type of belt to buy.
  • Every pregnancy is different. So, do not ask recommendations from others on the maternity belt. Chose the one yourself.
  • If you feel any discomfort sleeping at night, you can wear the maternity belt. It will help you sleep properly.
  • It is not mandatory to wear a belt daily. You can go belt-free for some days.
  • So, above are the things to take care of before buying the best maternity belt for yourself. Remember, the maternity support belt has both pros and cons.
  • It may cause skin irritation, discomfort, and also increase your pain. So, always buy the best maternity accessories, as pregnancy is to enjoy despite the body changes.

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