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Unique Baby Shower Themes Ideas For Girl 2023

Baby shower ideas for girl

Congratulations! You are going to be parents of a very beautiful and amazing girl child. Girl child fills the house with laughter and love. So, why not welcome the second love of your life with an incredible and different party style. Best Baby Shower Ideas for Girl. Many parents, when it comes to baby shower theme party, does not think of any creative idea and goes with the old pink and blue theme. Let’s break this culture where pink is for girl and blue is for boys. Today, the market is filled with many unbelievable ideas for baby shower.

If you want to have a feminine baby shower for your baby girl, we have got options for that too. We have shortlisted some remarkable baby shower ideas for girl 2022, you just need to add your imagination and creativity in it. If still you want to have a simple baby shower with pink color, there’s no harm in doing so, you can have different colors of pink in the backdrop and frills to modernize the party.

Check out the party for the most trending baby shower ideas for girl 2023-

1. Everything Pink Color

Image Credit: Pinterest

Pink is for girl and it is accepted universally. You can have different shades of pink all over the venue, also with Pink colored baby shower theme you won’t need to tell anyone about the gender, it will be obvious. Have BABY written in the transparent box filled with pink colored balloon.

2. Princess Baby Shower Idea

Image Credit: Pinterest

Daddy’s little girl and Mommy’s princess is on its way, let’s welcome her with the princess theme. You can choose any color combination for this party, be it pink and golden or blue and white. Have the crown at the head of the cake. And let there be tiaras, castle, thrones and bow all over the party to make it look like full magical. A baby shower theme which will never go out of style.

3. SuperGirl Baby Shower Theme

Image Credit: Pinterest

This will help the mom-to-be to relive her childhood days. Powerpuff Girls used to be every girl’s favorite cartoon, and now since you are going to have a girl child, why not have a Powerpuff Girl packed baby shower. This theme, will give you to style your creativity with many colors. For the backdrop, you can have the hanging of all the three Powerpuff Girls.

4. Fairy Baby Shower Idea

Image Credit: Pinterest

Girls seem to be protected by their fairy angel. So, lets have a Fairy Themed Baby Shower to give your little one all the fairy blessings. Make it look like a Magical baby shower, with glitters in the tube and cotton candy in the jar. You can also have fairy wand cake popers. For the backdrop you can have it written,” Welcome Fairy Princess”.

5. Mermaid Baby Shower Ideas

Image Credit: Pinterest

Mermaid Baby Shower Theme can help you get colourful and creative with the underwater sea creature and symbols to play with. You can have crab shaped croissants, and wave shaped tablecloth. For the party color it can be a mixture of blue, purple, green and aqua. Mom-to-be can also dress in the mermaid style.

6. Sunshine Baby Shower Idea

Image Credit: Pinterest

The moment you came to know that you are going to be blessed with the little girl, she already became your sunshine. So, why not let the world know that your life’s sunshine is on its way to brighten up your life with her smile and giggles. You can try having the balloon color of sun’s different colour and sun shaped cookies.

7. LadyBug Baby Shower Idea

Image Credit: Pinterest

Picking up the ladybug theme for your little angel is one lovely choice. You can have red and black colored Sticky notes for guests to write down their blessings for the baby. For food choices try to have red and black colored bowl and for cake ladybug can be the centerpiece. A different and lovable theme for baby girl.

8. White and Gold Baby Shower Ideas

Image Credit: Pinterest

White and Golden color are the epitome of royalty and elegance. Have this colored setup everywhere, and people will love the beauty it will add to your party. You can have a golden room divider and a sequin drape as the backdrop. For the food, have white colored cupcake wrapped in golden. Also, you and your partner can match in white and golden outfit.

9. Purple Theme Baby Shower

Image Credit: Pinterest

Pink is the obvious of color of girl, so why not, try Purple this time. It looks both different and royal too. You can have varying shades of purple all over the party and create a regal paradise for both mom-to-be and baby.

10. Rustic Floral Baby Shower

Image Credit: Pinterest

Rustic baby shower theme looks both unique and classy too. It shows that in the world of colors, you like to stay with white, yellow and wood color. I really love the beautiful mason jar and the wooden table. A pure show of elegance.

11. Unicorn Baby Shower Theme

Image Credit: Pinterest

Unicorns are every girl and every woman’s love. So, since you know that you are expecting a girl, why not start giving her the best party from now on. Unicorn Baby Shower Idea may be old but still rules the chart and every girls’ heart too.

So, above are some of the best baby shower ideas for girl child 2023 which are trending, unique and beautiful too. You can obviously add your own creativity with the above themes. Just try to make it magical and gorgeous, just as your daughter is going to be for you.

Which Baby Shower Theme you liked the best?


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