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Creative and Adorable Baby Monthly Photo Ideas at Home

baby monthly photo ideas at home

Monthly milestone photoshoot is a recent baby trend, and it has taken mommyverse and social media by storm. But hiring professional photographers every month is extremely expensive. Moreover, they all have the same kind of ideas and so your baby’s photos won’t stand out. So, why not invent some fun ways to capture the memorable moments with your little one? Looking for baby monthly photo ideas at home? Then we’ve got you covered!

Scroll down to explore some simple yet beautiful baby photo shoot ideas for the first 12 months of your journey as a new mom.

‘Baby in Arms’ Milestone Photo

What Should Baby Wear for Family Pictures
Image Source: Neyssa Lee Photography

Remember how special it felt holding your baby in your arms for the first time. In their first month, babies are so tiny and delicate! So, wear a flowy gown, select a nice background in your living room or terrace, and click some newborn photos at home with the wee tot in your arms.

Repeat this every month wearing the same dress and using the same background. At the end of 12 months, you can frame all the baby milestone photos together, and you will be amazed by the result.

Monthly Baby Pictures with Doughnuts

DIY Halfway to One Donut Photoshoot at Home - Everyday She Moms
Image Source: Everyday She Moms

Doughnuts are yummy desserts loved by kids and adults alike. But who would have thought that this delicious treat can be used to commemorate how your baby grows little by little? All you have to do is make your baby lie comfortably on bed. Then place a doughnut next to the baby and keep adding more of them every month.  And just like that, your DIY baby photography is ready to be shared on your Instagram feed.

Use a Photo Editing App

Baby Pics App
Image Source: www.babypicsapp.com

Are you a working mom who does not have time for elaborate photoshoots? Then you can make your darling babe lie on the same blanket every month and click a photo that shows the baby’s charming smile. After that, you can use a photo editing app like Canva to add labels highlighting the age. Then create a collage and it will be perfect. Instead of putting labels virtually, milestone markers can also come in handy.

Monthly Baby Pictures with Pizza

Milestone Photos: Genius Mom Uses Pizza To Mark Baby's, 48% OFF
Image Source: Ekos Play

If nothing makes you happier than having pizzas, we have an amazing and unique monthly baby photo suggestion for you. The next time you order pizza at home, use a slice to click the first month photo. Now this is one of the monthly baby photo props that will make everyone laugh.

As the baby grows, keep including more slices. This does not mean you have to devour a giant-sized pizza in the 12th month. You can order one with 8 slices and cut some more slices with the help of a knife. Imagine how thrilled your foodie baby will be when they see these pizza-inspired photos!

Baby Growth Pictures with Floral Decorations

baby monthly photo ideas at home
Image Source: Pinterest

Using flowers to reveal the age of your baby is among the most aesthetic at-home newborn photography ideas. It will give you an opportunity to unleash your creativity and you can use a variety of ferns and petals from your garden. Seashells, postcards, blocks, toy cars, and marbles, are some other items you can use if flowers are not available.

Erasable Board for Baby Milestone Photos

baby monthly photo ideas at home
Image Source: Photo Retouching Services

A large erasable board can immensely contribute to the art of taking baby photos. You just have to place the baby in a moses basket or a bucket. Then keep the board next to the baby and write the age and a nice message with the help of colorful chalks. You can write something about your child or fill the space with positive quotes/ good phrases.

Is your child too eager to jump out of the basket while you are struggling to take an adorable shot? Offer the baby something to munch on and play a soothing song in the background to calm down the baby and capture its bright emotions and radiant smile.

Different Theme for Every Month

baby monthly photo ideas at home
Image Source: Pottery Barn Kids

As your baby thrives, you will notice that every month is full of surprises. Also, there are so many special occasions like Halloween and Christmas, and you’d like to dress up your baby accordingly. So, an easy monthly photo idea is to pick a new theme per month.

For example, if it is December, your baby will require a Santa hat for that month’s photoshoot. The venue can be adorned with a Christmas tree, fairy lights, pumpkin pie, and gifts.

To execute this idea, you can use autumn leaves in November, roses in February, and so on. When your baby is big enough to see these pictures in the baby book, they will be overjoyed to take a trip down memory lane.

Baby with the Dad

baby monthly photo ideas at home
Image Source: ClickMeMom

Nothing is more satisfying that to watch your baby with their dad. So, taking monthly baby photos with the Dad is one of the unique ideas that you might like.

Moreover, making your partner participate in the photography sessions is not just budget-friendly but also a great tactic to deepen the bond between the infant and its father. If you want the pictures to be bright and the small details to be prominent, always use a white background for these types of pics. Hanging a white bedsheet will do if you don’t have a white wall.

Parting Thoughts

So, what are you waiting for? Keep in mind our home photography tips for babies and bookmark these cool monthly baby picture ideas.

Q. What are some creative ideas for taking monthly photos of my baby at home?

Some creative monthly baby photo ideas include beach photos, photos with plushy letters showing the age, and milestone blanket pictures. You can also choose one theme per month for the baby photoshoot.

Q. How can I make DIY props for my baby’s monthly photo shoots at home?

With a little bit of creativity, you can use items already available at your home as props. You will find many such picture ideas online for taking monthly baby pictures with a pet, edibles, teddies of different sizes, etc.

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