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15 Cute Baby Girl Names With J for Your Darling Daughter

baby girl names with j

Selecting a unique name for your child can make her more likeable and establish her identity. There are so many people having common names and so, something different will make your amazing daughter stand out. Moreover, a nice name gives a person a sense of confidence and individuality. Even if you must choose a name starting with a specific letter like J, you should research well and pick a name that’s meaningful and soothing to the ears. In case you are looking for baby girl names with J, we have compiled a list of wonderful names for your baby.

Trending baby Girl Names That Start with J

baby girl names with j

1. Josie

Looking for a cool name for your kiddo that will reflect her bubbly personality? Then you may consider Josie which is a shortened form of Josephine. While Josephine is also a fantastic name, it is lengthy and can be difficult to spell.

2. Julia

Julia is the feminine version of Julius, and the name is of Roman origin. Its meaning is youthful, and every parent wants their daughter to grow up to be a glamorous and sprightly woman. Need more reasons to name your daughter Julia? Julia Roberts is one of the most beautiful actresses and there is hardly a person who isn’t her fan.

3. Juliet

Who isn’t familiar with the love story of Romeo and Juliet? This Shakespearean tragedy made all appreciate Juliet’s innocence, devotion, and righteousness. So, this romantic baby name will enhance the cuteness of your precious girl.

4. Jasmine

Jasmine is a beautiful name that dates back to the Persians. The name has been derived from a climbing plant which has aromatic flowers that are used to make perfume. Aladdin, the iconic Disney movie, had a charming character named Jasmine and the release of the film in the 1990s popularized the name.

5. Jocelyn

Unisex names are trending these days and picking a unisex name for your baby will be a sensible decision. It is of Germanic origin and was a common name among the Germanic tribes like Goths and Geats. The name entered England in the 14th century with the arrival of the Normans.

6. Jessica

If you want your daughter to be an avid reader, what are your thoughts on choosing a name of a strong female character in one of Shakespeare’s plays? In The Merchant of Venice, Jessica was the daughter of Shylock and so, literature lovers have a soft corner for this name.

7. Joy

Now here’s a name that has the potential of cheering up any sad person. In the 19th century, people started using Joy as a name which was originally a Norman term meaning ‘happiness’. Your bundle of joy always makes you happy and hence, this name will suit her.

Some More Popular Baby Girl Names with J

8. June

Simple names that start with J are always more appealing than names that are hard to pronounce and remember. June is one such pleasant name for a pretty child. However, this J name makes more sense for individuals born in the month of June.

9. Jennifer

Guinevere was an ancient Welsh name and Jennifer is its Cornish variation. It came into the limelight in the 20th century after a pretty character named Jennifer appeared in G.B.Shaw’s The Doctor’s Dilemma. There are also many leading celebs like Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Aniston, and Jennifer Lawrence.

10. Jayla

Jayla is a harmonious blend of two phonetic sounds, namely, ‘la’ and ‘jay’. It is among the top 20 names for girls with J as it is short and is believed to have a positive meaning. Girls named Jayla are witty, confident, independent, light-hearted, and adventurous.

11. Jane

We all have at least one acquaintance named John and Jane is its feminine form. Both names belong to the English-speaking population. But why should you opt for this name for your baby girl? The name has a timeless allure, thanks to famous personalities like Jane Birkin, Jane Austen, and Jane Fonda.

12. Journee

Thinking of giving your only daughter a cool name with a twist? Then Journee is a chic name which earlier functioned as a middle name. Its roots can be traced in ancient France, and it means the same as ‘journey’. Although a little unusual, you won’t regret selecting this name.

13. Jordan

Naming children after natural elements is a great way to encourage them to connect with nature. Jordan is a perfect name from that perspective as there is a river named Jordan in the heart of Israel. So, the name will motivate your daughter to move forward like a river, despite all adversities.

14. Janice

Many modern girl names begin with J and Janice is one such popular name for your little girl. Like Jane, Janice too is a feminine form of John. It possibly came from the Hebrew word Yohanan which means ‘graced by the Almighty’. Undoubtedly, this is a perfect name for your baby.

15. Jey

Could there be a girl’s name shorter and simpler than Jey? There is a blue-chested bird names Jeh, and the name is apt for someone who is expected to be a healer. As Jey is a gender-neutral name, don’t get surprised when your girl says there’s a boy in her class named Jey.

To Sum Up

So, which one of the baby girl names with J has won your heart? All the J names for girls recommended by us are replete with symbolism. From Biblical girl names to Greek names – we tried to suggest the best J girl names to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the best J name for girl?

A: Jamila, Jordyn, Jade, Jonica. Jodella, Juleen, and Jey top the list of baby girl names that have J as the initial letter.

Q. What name starts with J for Hindu girl?

A: Janvi, Jasodhara, Jagruti, Jaylalita, Janaki, and Jayashree are some excellent Hindu names with J for a new baby. 

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