13 Best Baby Gadgets to Make Life Easier

Best Baby Gadgets

Parenting is a tough job and every parent wants to give their best to it. Unlike our parent’s era, we are in an era full of technology-based. These days there are many baby gadgets to make life easier. These gadgets are safe and easy to use and help to make parents’ life go easy. From … Read more

When does Newborn’s Vision Become clear?

Newborn's Vision

When your baby is born, they leave their comfort zone of your womb and enter the real, noisy world. You are full excited and starts talking to your baby. But what does your baby see when they are born? When does a newborn’s vision become clear? These are the questions you might want to know … Read more

Essential Baby Items List: Baby Things to Buy Before Birth

Baby Things to Buy Before Birth

Your nine-month amazing journey is about to be over and now you are preparing yourself for the new motherhood phase. The arrival of your little one will bring immense joy and happiness to your life. It is a totally life-changing experience for you and your partner. But it is better to be prepared beforehand, Baby … Read more

How To Potty Train A Boy In 3 Days

how to potty train a boy

Handling a child and making them learn all the basic etiquettes is one big task. As your baby grows into a toddler, it is necessary that they become more and more independent. How to potty train a boy is one of the tasks, which takes time and patience to achieve. It hinges on physical, developmental … Read more

Newborn Diarrhea Treatment At Home: Cause, Symptoms

Newborn Diarrhea Treatment

Diarrhea is something that no parents want to deal with in their baby. It makes the baby weak and dehydrated. But diarrhea is common in babies. So, newborn diarrhea treatment? Well, there are some ways through which you can treat diarrhea in your baby. But before that you need to understand, what does newborn diarrhea … Read more

15 Homemade Baby Food Recipes for 6-8 Months Old

baby food recipes 6-8 months

Your baby has grown to 6 months, if you feel that the last 6 months were tough, you don’t have an idea what’s coming next. Up until now, your baby was breastfed, now is the time to start solid food. Yes, homemade baby food. Don’t worry making baby food is not a big task, but … Read more

8 Safest Ways to Handle a Newborn Baby

How to handle baby

Having a newborn baby calls for a different level of specialization, which you can’t learn until done practically. Today, we have brought 8 safest ways to handle a newborn baby. If you are thinking that what’s the big deal in this? Well, it is newborn babies are very delicate and sensitive. They do not have … Read more