Why do babies stare at nothing and smile?

It’s not just us elders that are mysterious, even babies are a whole mystery in themselves. Remember, when someone comes over to your house, or you go to someone’s house and your baby just keep staring at one place and smile. Yes, and we keep thinking about what does the baby see there that we cannot. Why do babies stare at nothing and smile? The thing is staring at something is considered as the right brain development of the baby. Keep reading the blog, to understand more about how the babies brain work and who do they stare at.

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How a Baby’s Vision Work?

Before we understand why babies stare and what do they stare at? Let’s understand how a baby’s vision work

  • New-born babies are very sensitive to light. Just like elder’s pupils become small when exposed to light, similarly babies’ pupils also become small when exposed to light.
  • Babies side vision works best, so the objects located towards baby’s side are more visible to them. It is difficult for them to see far away objects.
  • In the starting two months, baby’s eyes appear crossed or they may wander from side to side.
  • Till the baby reach third month, they can clearly see the objects that are 8-12 inches away from you. They can see and recognize you, only if you are close to them.
  • At around five months, babies vision starts getting clear. They can even see the far away objects. Also, there colour vision starts developing.

Why Do Babies Stare?

Now, we have understood that when babies stare, it is not necessary that they are looking at you. Their vision is not fully developed and they can be staring at a ceiling fan, a moving object or objects having contrasting colour etc. Babies are very curious about the world, they are attracted to every new and unique thing. Later, when they have reached the age of 3-8 months, their vision starts getting clear and they look at human face.

What do Babies Stare at?

We know, why babies stare. Let’s understand what do they stare at-

1. Attractive People-

If the baby is staring at you, be sure that you are beautiful or attractive. According to research, babies are more drawn towards people that are attractive. Infants with 3-4 months old prefer staring at attractive people, although the definition of attractive people may differ from child to child. Someone who has got some striking features holds the baby’s attention.

2.You look Different-

If you have specs or a beard on you, that you will catch the baby’s attention. Babies are new to the world. They get attracted by every other thing which they don’t see often. They are at a learning phase, and they learn very quickly. So, if you have got some different thing like coloured hair, specs, beard, nose pin or any other different thing, baby’s eyes will stick on you.

3. Moving Object-

Do you notice, whenever you go outside, baby keep staring at moving vehicle. Yes, whatever is moving catches baby’s attention like ceiling fans, a moving toy, vehicles etc. all these things make baby smile.

And if you see that your baby has turned away her face from that moving object, that’s because it is new to her and she is processing it and needs to regroup. If your baby does that, do not force her to see that object, let the baby have her own time.

4. Contrasting Colours-

If you wear black, blue or any dark colour, the baby will stare. Also, if there are two objects with contrasting colours, the baby’s eyes will draw towards them. The objects need not be very special, they can a piece of furniture, a wall, or any toy. Baby’s brain is always developing; they are attracted to many things. Therefore, any simple thing can fascinate your infant.

Why Babies stare at nothing/space?

You won’t believe but your little one’s brain develops 64% in the first ninety days. That cute little bundle of joy is curious to know everything. Every day they develop themselves and try to understand a lot of things. When baby stare in space, many parents get worried. But it is a positive sign, staring into space means your baby is working overtime on developing his/her brain. 

When to worry about baby’s staring?

You should not overlook anything you find strange in your baby’s behaviour. Like if you see following things, you should consult a paediatrician.

  • Baby’s eyes seem to wander very quickly.
  • The pupils appear white.
  • If by two months also, your baby does not look towards you.
  • Baby does not look at the moving objects.

So, now you know why babies stare at space/walls. Each day you will notice a different thing about your baby, don’t worry your baby is developing. There are different ways how a baby’ brain develop or how they respond to any thing.

Until and unless you feel something strange in your baby’s eyes, you do not need to panic.

Enjoy this beautiful phase, it will pass soon.

Did you also worry about your baby’s little things?

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