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5th Month Of Pregnancy: Symptoms, Bodily changes, and Baby Development

5th Month Of Pregnancy

You know Mom-to-be 5th month is very important in pregnancy. As it marks that you are halfway through your pregnancy. Yes, time to celebrate and relax a bit, you have completed your 20 weeks of pregnancy and now just 20 more weeks left. In the 5th month, you start to feel your baby’s kick for the first time, your baby bump is more visible and now you also can know the gender of your baby (if you and your partner are interested). So, there’s a lot which the 5th Month Of Pregnancy brings with it.

Theblessedmom has brought to you some of the bodily changes and baby development which you can see in this 5th month. Check out the blog-

Symptoms you will face in 5th Month Of Pregnancy

  • Heartburn- You will feel more heartburn compared to previous months. As your baby is growing.
  • Skin Pigmentation- You may see your skin changing and becoming dark. The pregnancy hormone increases melanin production which results in the darkening of the skin at some places. Read about prevention tips for pigmentation.
  • Increase in Appetite- As you reach the 5th month you will feel hungrier and you will develop food aversions and food cravings.
  • High BP- The problem of high BP is not faced by every pregnant woman. But some women may develop gestational hypertension while they are pregnant, resulting in high BP.
  • Constipation- This is one of the common problems which you face since the third month.
  • Bleeding gums- Many women develop gingivitis, due to the increased estrogen level which results in bleeding gums.
  • Change in vision- The pregnancy hormone also sometimes affects your vision.
  • Stretch Marks- During the 5th month, your baby bump starts to get noticed, and as the baby bump increases it results in stretch marks. Read about How to get rid of stretch marks.
  • Darkening of Nipples- This symptom starts in the 4th month, you will notice your breasts becoming large and the area around it getting dark.
  • Shortness of Breath- The increasing size of the uterus puts pressure on the diaphragm, resulting in shortness of breath.
  • Frequent urination- As a baby grows it leaves very little space in your abdomen and also the pressure on the bladder increases, which makes you feel like peeing many times.

What body changes you will see in the 5th month?

Some of the body changes which you may feel during 5th month of pregnancy are as follows-

  • Abdominal Pain- These are normal pain which becomes a little frequent and intense during 5th As the baby is growing, he takes most of the space in your stomach which results in the gas problem, and also at this time baby can move and also kick, which the first time mothers often confuse as pain.
  • Leg cramps- This gets very frequent as you proceed in pregnancy. It is caused due to vitamin deficiency, and extra weight on your legs.
  • Swollen ankles and feet- Growing baby starting to put pressure on your ankle and feet
  • Increase in pulse rate- Since carrying the weight of you and your baby takes a lot out of you. You may feel an increased pulse rate as you get tired very soon.
  • Low hemoglobin- It is possible that in the 5th month you start feeling some nutrient deficiency, as your baby is growing and he takes up the nutrients he needs for himself.
  • Varicose veins- Standing for long time results in varicose veins.
  • Increase in vaginal discharge- You will notice that the white sticky substance discharge has increased since 4th
  • Pregnancy Dreams- You might be hearing this for the first time. But you might be facing this. Pregnancy dreams are the dreams which a mom or you get thinking about your baby and pregnancy. These dreams are basically the fears and worries about your pregnancy.

What to expect in 5th-month medical visits?

The medical visit during the 5th month won’t be very different from the 4th month, except the Anomaly Ultrasound which happens around the 20th week.

Physical examination- In this examination, the following things will be checked up:

  • Blood pressure check
  • Weight check
  • Urine test for protein and sugar level
  • Measurement of fundal height

Other tests –

  • Ultrasound to check the heart rate and growth of your baby.
  • Check the position of your baby and placenta condition

AFP test to check any abnormalities in your baby

hCG test- A hormone produced by the placenta

Baby Development in 5th Month Of Pregnancy

The baby has grown and become the size of a carrot. He is now 21 weeks old and weighs around 360 grams.

Baby’s Position- Your baby has grown now, and your womb gives him plenty of space to move around. So, he won’t stay in one particular position.

Movement- You can feel your baby moving slightly, if you are a first-time mother you may sometimes confuse it with a gas problem.

  • Your baby’s skin is now coated with a thick covering called vernix. This is necessary as it protects the baby’s fragile skin.
  • Your baby can now twist and turn around
  • You can talk to your baby now; he can hear sounds also outside noises can disturb him.
  • Till 5th month, your baby has gained an individual identity as his fingerprints are formed.
  • Your baby has grown enough to make facial expressions now.
  • Your baby has grown enough to make facial expressions now.
  • He can stretch, open his eyes a little bit, and can also yawn.
  • Your baby has developed genitals at this stage.
  • 5th month stays from 18-21 weeks. By the end of the 20th week, your baby’s nervous system starts to function.
  • Your baby might also have developed an immune system
  • He will develop a sensitivity to light now. 

Diet for 5th Month

Some of the things which you should include in your diet are-

  • Add a lot of green leafy vegetables, bread, milk to your diet. Increase the intake of calcium to promote healthy bones and teeth in your baby.
  • Iron is needed for the production of RBCs. Fish, dried fruits, lean pork, and beef are some good sources of Iron.
  • Your daily intake of folic acid should be 600mcg/day. It helps to prevent any disabilities related to the brain and spine.
  • Vitamin D helps to promote good vision and strengthens bones and teeth.
  • Also, add Vitamin A to your diet. Orange and yellow color fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamin A.
  • Vitamin C is needed to increase your immunity. Fruits like citrus fruit, strawberries, broccoli, and tomatoes should be added to your diet.

So, these are some of the bodily changes you can face in the 5th Month of Pregnancy. But the good news is your baby can listen to you now. Talk to your baby, sing for him, read for him to enjoy your precious quality time with your baby.


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