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Stitch Fix #2
Remember my first fix from Stitch Fix? I loved it. What I didn’t love was deciding what I would keep because I’m a cheapskate. In the end I kept only the jeans and I wore them at least 3 times a week all winter. Money well spent. I finally ordered my second fix. I knew it would cost me, so I waited several months. I requested light and airy, cool, and …
We have a huge tree in our front yard. I mean, huge. We had it trimmed this year; they spent 3+ hours in our tree and we still have a ton of tree left. I love it, though. It provides shade, which keeps the house cooler. And it just looks cool. Last year I spent a lot of time raking up acorns so that we wouldn’t have a bunch of baby …
This Mama’s Thoughts
December 14, 2012. This will be one of those dates that sticks in our minds, like the day in mid-April when there was a school shooting in Columbine, Colorado. When I first heard the news I was shocked. I grew up in Connecticut. This sort of thing doesn’t happen. Is there crime? Yes. Are there shootings? Yes. But most small towns in Connecticut are just that…small towns. I remember when I …
Little Projects
Last week I completed several projects. None of them were big enough for a full post, so you get one post full of ideas! Aren’t you the lucky reader? I found a pin on Pinterest about cleaning my top loading washing machine. I’ve never once thought about cleaning the washer. I mean, isn’t it cleaned every time you do laundry? Then I thought about the fact that it was here when …
Total Randomness
All morning I’ve been saying, “Oh, that would be a good blog post.” Now it’s quiet time in our house and I can’t remember one thing I was going to write about. Doesn’t that figure? So, I’m gonna write my randoms and go from there. * I went running yesterday morning! Not really a big deal, except that I ran outside, in July, in Texas! I figured I wouldn’t run outside …
Here we go!
Tomorrow is THE day! The day we’ve talked about, planned for, dreaded, and anxiously awaited; we’re leaving New England for Texas! Everyone up here is preparing for a few days of scorching heat. I’m preparing for a few months of it. :) We have two 2 1/2 hour flights tomorrow, so if you happen to see a plane flying, think of us, say a prayer. I have very well-behaved kids …
Our Memory Book
My mom gave me a code for a free Shutterfly book several weeks ago. I wasn’t sure what kind of book to make. At that point we were pretty certain we were moving, but my man hadn’t officially been offered a job. I decided to go out on a limb and make a book of our time in Vermont. (Please pardon the pictures. I had to dig the book out of …
Digging out
I’m digging out to type this short post. Digging out from under the boxes. We are in full-steam-ahead packing mode now. I’m learning to live in a continual disaster zone. It’s fun. Really. We have seen several friends who refused to say good bye to us, which will actually make it easier in the long run. About once a day Baby Girl tells me, “I don’t want to move to …
* I spent almost $20 for lunch at the airport yesterday. Highway robbery! But when you’ve been up since 4:30, you gotta eat. * At this point, my kids have flown several times each, so I feel that I have it down to a science now. I know what foods I can bring for them, what foods they need to see at security, what outfits are easiest for us to wear. …
8 Months
Buddy Boy is 8 months old today! 8 months! Yesterday at his doctor’s visit, I scheduled his next appointment. For June. His one year visit. How did we get to that already? Unbelievable! Buddy is a sweet as ever! Everyone he meets comments on “what a happy baby he is”. And he really is. He seldom cries, only if I leave the room when he feels that he NEEDS me, or …