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Before we left Vermont, we sold our sofa. I loved the look of it, but it wasn’t comfortable. We bought a sleeper sofa because we didn’t have a guest room in our condo. It met our needs, but we definitely weren’t paying to move it to Texas. The living room here is big, so I set my sights on a sectional. I wanted leather or microfiber. I drooled over one of Pottery Barn’s gorgeous sofas! However, I just couldn’t see spending over $5,000 when I have little kids who spill, drool, spit, etc.
We shopped around some and then went to an outlet store. We found one piece of a sectional we had seen in a store and liked. We ended up buying the one piece from the outlet and they ordered the other two pieces for us. It worked out really well. We also spent considerably less! So the kids can play on this and I won’t worry about it nearly as much. And we got the 5 year warranty, so if they do spill someone will come out and clean it any time for the next 5 years!
Once we got the couch we needed to decide on some colors to go with it. Someone suggested orange. I agreed that orange and brown would look great. Once I started shopping for pillows, though, I didn’t love it as much. There are so many different shades and I had one or two particular ones I wanted. Every time I went shopping for throw pillows I felt overwhelmed at the choices. This morning my man and I went with the kids so I would have another opinion.
Only another opinion might have made it worse. Are you ready to hear what we bought?
Well, let me start by saying that I bought this pillow last week:

I know what you’re saying. “There’s no orange in that!” I know! But I kept getting pulled back to this pillow. I feel calm when I look at it. I bought this but didn’t know what other colors to add to it. My man still wanted orange.

Back to today’s trip:

We bought an orange pillow with a circular pattern.
We bought a big orange pillow with bright flowers.
We bought two orange pillows to match the above orange pillow.
We went home, put the orange ones on the couch and decided we liked the above pillow better. We went out again.
We bought two green pillows to match the above picture.
We bought a light blue pillow to match the above picture.

Once we brought the orange ones home we both decided that we really liked the blue/green one better. The worst part? We asked for some opinions on Twitter and we were told to get the orange ones! Oops. You know what? It’s our house. We feel comfortable with blues and greens. I tried to step out of my comfort zone and I ended up rushing back in!

So here’s what we’ve got now. Hopefully this is final. I am tired of returning pillows!

It’s not the greatest lighting because I took this at night. I decided not to show you the orange ones, because I don’t want to hear that you like them better! :) The two on the ends are the same green, but it definitely doesn’t look it in the picture.

We’re going to get some big bookshelves for behind the couch and a t.v. stand. Then the living room will be basically done. Some day we’ll replace the ottoman with a real coffee table. But I feel more comfortable knowing that if one of my kids dives off the couch they’ll hit a soft ottoman rather than a wood coffee table.

One room done? No. But we’re getting there!

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  1. Tasha says:

    The orange were fun but if they greens and blues feel right, they feel right! I like that floral one very much! I’ve yet to find any throw pillows or curtains. I think I’ll wait for my Mom to visit and have her sew some for me!

  2. Blessed Mom says:

    I considered making some, but then decided that at least for the couch I’ll just buy them. Maybe I’ll make some for the beds.

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