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Road Trip Solution for Kids
The day before we left for our 11+ hour drive to Florida, a friend told me about an idea someone else told her. She suggested we wrap a gift for each kid to be opened once an hour on the trip. Even though I was busy that day, I decided to try to get 12 presents wrapped for each kid. I took both kids to the dollar store and started shopping. …
My Crafty Side Returns
Somewhere on the World Wide Web (don’t hear that much anymore, do ya?) I saw someone using a cake plate to hold their “stuff” from their sink. You know the stuff, sponges, steel wool, soap, etc. In our last house it would’ve just taken up counter space, which made no sense to me. However, in this house our sink is on the corner of the house, so we have quite …
My Pantry
When we moved in I had big dreams about my BIG pantry. Maybe it isn’t big to some, but to this girl, it’s huge! Now, let me start by saying that in an ideal world I would go to the store and buy some fantastic and matching containers. I love the OXO pop canisters. However, they are a little (okay, a lot) out of my budget. So my man and …
Dear Baby Girl,
Sweet Baby Girl. I love you so much! You are thoughtful, sweet, funny, and so much more! This move has been hard on you (side note: thanks to Mama’s friends for the good advice. Even if she’s still struggling, I feel much better about how I’m handling it! Thank you!) You are overwhelmed. Almost every day you ask if the truck is coming today. I know you’re excited and nervous. …
I Hate Packing
Today I have three friends coming over to help me pack. I think we’re going to pack up my kitchen. But then I wonder if it’s too soon to be packing. I mean, we still have to live here. So, what should we pack? I just don’t have any idea! But I hate packing. I actually look forward to unpacking. I love putting things into their places. I love organizing! Just …
Quick Cleaning #3
Remember the first two Quick Cleaning posts? We talked about hidden storage and out-in-the-open storage. It’s been awhile, but I have one more favorite that I use when I need my house to be clean (or at least look clean). 1. Vacuum. Even if you just run the vacuum around the well-trafficked areas, it makes it look like you cleaned really well. The only problem I have with this is that …
Quick Cleaning #2
I’m back with more tips for keeping a clean-looking house. This house might not pass a White Glove inspection, but it will work for company coming over or even just to make you feel better. I don’t know about you, but it stresses me out to see clutter and dirt. Read here to see my previous post. We talked about hidden storage. Today, it’s all about out-in-the-open storage. This stand sits right by …
Quick Fixes
This morning I realized that I have a talent. Ready for this? Making things (or people) look good quickly. At least, I think I do well. I don’t wear make up in the summer…too much work, but I think I’ve figured out how to go out looking like I haven’t let myself go. :) I never think my house is clean, but I think I’ve figured out how to make …