Little Projects
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Last week I completed several projects. None of them were big enough for a full post, so you get one post full of ideas! Aren’t you the lucky reader?

I found a pin on Pinterest about cleaning my top loading washing machine. I’ve never once thought about cleaning the washer. I mean, isn’t it cleaned every time you do laundry? Then I thought about the fact that it was here when we moved here, so the previous owner used it too. I’m kind of weird about things like that. Once I read the process I realized that I could definitely clean my washer without too much trouble. The hardest part? Well, two hard things…one: remembering to start the washer after letting the water sit for an hour, and two: using a whole bottle of vinegar when I had just bought it for cleaning the floors. Now I have to go to the store again! Hard life, right?

Check out the link. Try it. I noticed a difference.

What do you mean you can’t see how clean it is in this picture? My photography skills are top-notch! :)

For home group I volunteered to bring dessert. (I much prefer baking to putting together a salad!) I decided to make a sopapilla cheesecake…recipe to come later. But I didn’t think the adults would want to share a cheesecake with the kids. While walking through Walmart I discovered these delicious beauties.

I almost bought large orange marshmallows with vanilla flavoring, but decided to try the pumpkin spice variety. The kids helped me make rice krispy treats. I gotta admit; they were delicious!

Remember the frames I got at the Goodwill sale? I painted them bright pink for Baby Girl’s room. They look fabulous! Now to get them up on the walls…hopefully that doesn’t take long!



Sorry I don’t have an after photo yet. I want to get them hung and then take it. I used the pink spray paint. Trust me, they look great!


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