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When we left Vermont we sold most of our furniture. Most of it was stuff we bought when we got married 7 years ago, and it wasn’t quality. We bought a nice couch, but it turned out to be uncomfortable, huge, and heavy. We sold that, too. All of our bookshelves were from IKEA, and we loved them, but after 3 moves, we knew they wouldn’t make a fourth, especially a move to Texas. So, we sold everything.

When we got down here we prioritized what we wanted to buy first. For obvious reasons, we chose the couch. We’ve been waiting for some other things to happen before we bought the shelves. We realized that it could be months (or longer…ugh, such a frustrating thing!), so instead of having boxes everywhere for even longer, we made a trip to IKEA. Last time I went to IKEA was four years ago, which means without children. Let me tell you, children change the experience a little bit. There was no dawdling, no slow perusals of interesting items. No, it’s go in, walk quickly, eat food, get what you need, get out. Fun, but different.

We ended up with bookshelves for our living room and the playroom. I feel so much better now! Our books our out, our toys are put away, the boxes are gone! Yay!

Here are the before and afters:

Living Room before. See those boxes in the corner behind the couch? Time to go!

I’m still working on arranging them and finding some neat pieces to put on them.

Playroom before (the unorganized toys were driving me crazy!)

I think we’re going to get another one of these and put it on its end. Then we’ll use the top shelves as bookshelves for all of the chapter books I have from teaching. I’m so excited to have a place for everything now!

So, a very profitable trip to IKEA! (And my man and the kids got a $.99 breakfast, so they were pretty happy, too.)

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