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This move to Texas has been tough. But I’m sure you already know that, if you talk to me at all. I mention it once every 30 seconds or so. There are days when things are peachy-keen. But sometimes there are days like today. Days when I feel like there’s a hole where something important used to sit. And that hole feels different on different days. Some days I miss my family. Some days it’s my friends. Today that hole is huge. But I don’t miss people. Today I just miss home. Does that make sense? I miss the house I grew up in, the one my parents moved from 2 years ago. I miss New England and all its beauty. I miss a place where I’m so comfortable driving, walking, running, biking. I know how to get around down here. But it’s not home; it’s my home, yes, but it’s not that place where I feel most comfortable.

So today, when it’s “cold” here at 32 degrees and home is heading into a massive cold front, I thought I’d share some pictures of places I consider home. I’ll be crying by the end of this one, I’m sure!

Baby Girl sitting on the steps of the house where I grew up.

Streets covered in snow, even though they just plowed.

Gorgeous views, with water and mountains

The ocean

Churches like this…white, high steeples, in the center of town

Or this church where I grew up, got married, and dedicated my children to God
and the flowers…oh, the springtime flowers!

And more flowers.
I’m convinced Texas wouldn’t be so bad if they had forsythia!

Home. I can’t wait to get back to my roots one of these days!

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  1. Awww, I feel you {in reverse!} I am ever so grateful to be back here – I don’t ever take it for granted! Hoping you find that peaceful feeling of “home” soon in Texas.

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