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I said goodbye to my parents today. They’ve been visiting for the last week. A whole, wonderful week. I hate goodbyes. Hate them! I always cry. And when my parents leave I spend the rest of the day close to tears; today is no exception.

I love hosting family and friends. I enjoy having company during the day when my man is at work. My kids love having Nani and Papa around! This morning when my dad went to pack the car, Buddy grabbed his shoes, started toward the door, and said “bye-bye” to me. Poor boy thought he was going with them.

Looking around I tend to see the people who have family members nearby. I know not everyone is that lucky, but sometimes that all I see. Even today, after a mishap while cleaning (which resulted in me crawling on the floor with a wet rag, then again with a dry towel) I thought, “if I had family nearby I’d call them up, and we’d head over there for the afternoon.” Silly, right?
Anyway, I know there are other people who live somewhere without any family nearby. I know we’re not alone in this. So, today I’m choosing to be thankful that my parents got to visit. I’m thankful that my kids love to spend time with them. I’m thankful that they are willing to drive twelve hours just to see us.

But still, I hate goodbyes! Christmas can’t come soon enough for me!


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  1. kirsten says:

    I’m glad you got to see your parents! I wish my parents were nearby too. We don’t see them often enough (once a year) I see others that have parents, etc. near them and it makes me sad (and a tad jealous…hehe)

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